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  1. Hello, I was there on Vic Day. It would be awesome to have a more frequent event. I don't really get to play this game otherwise, and I've grown tired of playing against myself
  2. I am in. Saturday or Sunday is okay with me (slight preference to Sunday). 401 games is good for me too.
  3. Yo, count me in. Picked up my first core set at 401 Games, but still haven't managed to play a game (against myself) yet. I live in Scarborough but I can definitely commute downtown.
  4. Toronto, ON. I am close to both 401 Games and Heroes (Hero's?) World. Hope that the old Toronto SWCCG community adopts this LCG, I think there is a pretty substantial community in Toronto.
  5. Hallo, I might be interested in AGoT, but mostly replying here for Star Wars LCG (or LOTR LCG) and see if a playgroup evolves in Toronto. Thanks.
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