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  1. Oh, it was just a lot of bad luck all at once, lol. But we normally stick to Kobol for our destination.
  2. For Sharon, you still deal her loyalty cards, then she gives them to a player of her choice at the Sleeper phase. In doing this you can sow further dissent among the remaining humans. If all Cylons are revealed before the sleeper phase my group just doesn't deal loyalty cards.
  3. I remember it being #1 as well, but like Holy Outlaw I am far too lazy to look it up.
  4. Honestly I'd like to see more resource adding cards. It really seems like the humans get screwed sometimes on things like food (not all the time, but sometimes). Also, more Cylon leaders/agenda deck cards would be nice .
  5. Thanks for the information! I was looking into Arkham Horror as well, it seems to be universally loved . Death Angel would be good for my group, too, we are all WH40k fans. Good to know.
  6. Sorry for the third post, but the FAQ (found on the Support page from the Game page) answers these in much the same way .
  7. Sorry I should clarify, Zarek's "Friend in Low Places" skill. I would also assume Tigh, Cain, and Starbuck's applicable skills/detriments work on New Caprica, but they didn't come up for us yet.
  8. Camacho said: My group just had our first Pegasus game, and after playing the game we have a few questions as to how the rules should be understood. 1 - Is it correct that revealed cylons dont draw any crisis cards before the New Caprica phase? 2 - Is it correct that an infiltrating cylon does draw a crisis card? 3 - Is it correct that after the NC phase begins all players (meaning everyone) on their turn draw a crisis card - even humans in detention -, unless they get sent to the brig after Galactica's return? (not that i think we will ever have to bring anyone that late in the game) 4 - After landing on NC, is the rest of the game (Pegasus expansion) rulewise considered the New Caprica phase? 5 - After Galactica's return in the NC phase, if a human is executed, where does his new character start - Resistance HQ or accordingly to his character sheet? 6 - Does the quorum card "Presidential Pardon" work on both the brig and detention? 7 - After playing "Presidential Pardon" a player "can be moved to any location on Galactica". Should this quorum card be read as: "If a player is in the brig he can be moved to any location on Galactica - If a player is in detention he can be move to any location on NC", or how should it be read? 8 - If 6 is answered true and 7 false, then where do you move a character who is in detention before the return of galactica when playing the presidential pardon? All thoughts on the above is welcome 1- I am fairly sure they can still draw them if they are on the Caprica space. 2- Yes, I think so. 3- Yes, and the jump thing happens for both, but Cylon ships don't activate on Cylon draws still. 4- Yes. 5- Resistance HQ is how we played it. 6- We made it so. We also made Zarek's skill work on both. 7- I would say the latter one, especially if you can't move to Galactica at the time. 8- We just move them to Resistance HQ. Hope this helps .
  9. Because I am. Something about it just seems like it is going to be great, and I can tell you I am not the biggest fan of the game series. The idea that it is everyone versus the game intrigues me, I think. I can't think of another board game where all the players are working together for a common goal, though I am relatively new to "real" board games so feel free to tell me about others !
  10. ...and from what I can see, it seems like it would be one of the best games ever, and something I can get the more innocent members of my gaming group into (as in, the ones who hate the backstabbing to be found in BSG or AGoT). So, I have a couple questions: Is my initial feel wrong? It seems like people are all in it for themselves from the get-go, though as is true of most other FFG games alliances can probably be made and broken on a whim. But I know at least one of my friends hates the "surprise" dickery that the Cylons offer in BSG. Would he hate this too? And, how are the rules for it? It didn't seem too complicated from the promo video, but I know there is probably more to it. Is this something people can learn relatively quickly? Or is it going to be a struggle through pages and pages of exceptions? Thanks for the answers RW folks .
  11. I know, right? Making them available online to people after the fact/people who are new to the game would be nice...
  12. My group and I tried this option the last time we played and the humans didn't even make it to the second jump. It was kind of brutal.
  13. Luckily some places online still have copies (in theory). I just snagged one off Amazon from some seller; hoping it turns out to actually be the game and not a mistake on their part in the form of the LCG starter .
  14. Its possible, but you would think we would have heard something about it by now, or that it would have been out in time for the show if that were the case.
  15. RedMike said: I don't know if anyone has already considered this on either site - but how good would a marriage of these two games be(that is, Battles of Westeros and A Game of Thrones)? You would use Game of Thrones as a campaign map, jockeying for position with your units, and then, dependent on the amount of forces fielded, play a Battles of Westeros set-up to resolve the outcome. I imagine you would need some means of working out the lay-out of the terrain thatwould be equitable, and a suitable set-up to enable the game to be played out as a straightforward skirmish battle, an ambush perhaps or some other situation that would suit with the location and predominant terrain. The Storm of Swords expansion for A Game of thrones would be even better suited because of its focus on the area around the Riverlands, and its specific focus (or at least closer focus) on Lannister and Stark. The significant problem is that BoW does not provide models for Baratheon, Greyjoy, Tyrell, Frey, Martell, Arryn etc... - and so this is not something that you could do immediately - but the use of these two systems together would seem like a grand project! What do aGoT players think? This sounds a bit like the Total War series of computer games. I would be all for this, but working it out might be tough, especially for newer players of either/both games.
  16. I'm really hoping they do reprint the entire run. Finding the expansions seems to be nigh-impossible for a reasonable amount of money these days.
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