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  1. Extra activations are an issue, but the biggest issue I have with the idea of "pass" activations on a turn by turn basis comes when you realize that it will penalize players who take advantage of their opponent's error(s) and gotten a couple of kills ahead. That is a valid tactical advantage. I lean more towards having to buy "units" similar to what is apparently in DW, although that would take a lot more variety than DW seems to give. It would take more room that I want to take up laying it out here, but IMO it would provide a lot of flexibility while limiting the chances to pile on a bunch of cheap units. Another solution might be to give a bonus for kills, say 2-3 points, which wouldn't be a big deal for having a 40 point walker, but will be prohibitive for a bunch of 5 point observer squads. The second option retains the advantage of extra activations while rewarding the lower unit count side with extra potential points at the end of the game. Hopefully if we do get some redoing of the units, hopefully it is just points costs adjustments.
  2. BigDogg said: Groon001 said: My whole family plays tactics. They have an allied and 2 axis armies. I play the SSU and its made all in legos. I found that the Lex Luther battle robot works great as the babushka and matroshka. Wolverines helicopter makes a great SSU chopper too. And I use the galaxy squad's mounted robot as Nadya. The rest of my army of minifigs are oufitted in halo armor from Brickforge. I am pretty sure I wouldnt use these guys in a tournament but its still fun to mod a walker till I get it just the way I want. So far they have won most of their battles. Have fun with it. I know I do. let's see some photos +1 Pics please
  3. The problem is marketing and availability of manufacturing capability. We can have Vrill or Japanise or Brits or Aussis or Italians or Eskimos, but we aren't going to get them any faster than about one box per month. FFG/Dust Models did a good job IMO on the SSU, but at the price of sticking the Axis and Allies with dregs for a while. Of course, they needed to when they chose not to give up a starter set to let the SSU get a big lump up front. At the current pace of release, I've been perfectly comfortable with slowly collecting everything released and sometimes two of it, although I admit I haven't done much for a while now. (I put most of my buying on hold until I get around to fixing the "banana peel" models, those stupid poses are embarrassing to look at…on top of the SSU delays.) Suppose they suddenly dumped enough Vrill on the market to make a valid faction without spamming a bunch of units like the SSU had to for a long time until they got enough variety? Oops, some would buy a bunch, but it wouldn't sell as well. What I'm hoping for (as I did for the SSU), is for an "Operation" style update with a full Vrill force in the box. Pricey, yes, but I'd prefer to have a compact starter force rather than waiting like we had to for the SSU. Yes, I know there were playable SSU lists when the faction was just three squads, one hero and one walker, but a bit more variety would be nice. WTF? WHY ARE MY PARAGRAPHS BEING TAKEN OUT?!?!?!
  4. the_red_eye said: Yes it must be hard to "hide" every units at the 1st-2nd turn but strategy is simple : 13 activations (vs 8 for a "simple" list !) From my playing of games (nothing in the last…. nine months), reading battle reports and watching them, that still seems to me to be a key issue in a game of DT, who has the most activations. NOTE: just having more activations won't make you win, but it gives a potential edge if you have the hitters to make up for the cheap units.One thing I think that will change tournaments will be when instead of the players setting up the board & choosing victory conditions, it comes to the TO deciding board (size, buildings, impassable squares, etc.; but not cover) and victory conditions. Why? To promote all-comers lists that can handle tight city fights and wide open long range killing fields. Right now you play two games, first to set up a favorable board and then play the game on it.
  5. Mattador Actual said: If they had MOTHERFUCKING BEAR CAVALRY! I would be in trouble, cause I can't afford an SSU army too. That said, gimme some MOTHERFUCKING BEAR CAVALRY! Dig up some Arcane Legions Roman Cav boxes, they are pretty cheap. Get rid of the Roman rider and put on a Soviet conversion. Yeah, they'd be a bit big, but they are bear cavalry….
  6. Miah999 said: Had the flu or something all weekend, so I've been unable to work much. I'm only awake now (2am) because i'm coughing too much to sleep. Careful with this one, easy to get a relapse after you feel better. I'm having a minor relapse now, broke the fever in one day, but it refilled my lungs with crap again.
  7. The funny bit? I actually buy stuff often enough from Europe and Australia to ship here to the States because it is cheaper and the shipping isn't outrageous at all. As far as the plane goes, I plan on getting one just to build a better looking Storm Talon C:SM flyer.
  8. And it might be fixing an unacceptable level of breakage. The tail fins on the infantry transport helicopters seems to be weak and/or prone to pouring errors that make them weak.
  9. If I could clear it off, I'd take some pictures. I'm thinking more about something you could put your boxes or carry bags of minis in then shut the lid on it, which is what I thought you were looking for. Display, ummm, a bit more complicated. Hmmm, my wife used to have a couple of old trunks that she would put stuff in then cover with a bit of cloth to match her decor and use as a table for a phone & lamp.
  10. IOW, please don't go down the GW route. Top of the line models with intensive details that are wonderful for people who love to spend hours painting every little widget. When what will do the job is models with 10% less detail that cost half the price.
  11. Agreed, from the looks of it, the units had some quality control issues at the factory because they've been stuck "at the factory" for some time. The biggest problem? No announcement from FFG that they had been delayed. Oh, it probably won't cost FFG anything in the long run, but I've noticed that the longer I wait after release before buying, the cheaper it all gets from retailers. Of course, if something else comes up, then my gaming budget will go elsewhere. While I love the game, the long lag time for the SSU, the lack of a SSU army box (which they actually have enough of now to push) and general lack of communication has cost and will continue to cost FFG some short term money.
  12. You know, you can build a nice storage bench using plywood and if SWMBO doesn't like it, you can panel it or stain it. Just make sure you use a piano hinge if it is top loading.
  13. Hey, I have these models where it looks like the guy is slipping on a banana peel…
  14. Miah999 said: Algesan said: The interesting part is I cannot see any reference to the status of the attack chopper, walker transport chopper and a couple of other SSU units. Did the boat sink? I don't think it would matter if the boat sinks, as both are still "at the factory" according to the Upcoming page. Nope, those two chopper kits aren't anywhere on the upcoming page under "board games" or "miniatures". Not under "All types" in any category on the Upcoming page. In fact, all but one of the SSU expansions (tanks & infantry) are "On the boat". The last is at the printer. Oh, how amusing, if you simply check the availability directly, they don't show up, but if you check through the DT products page they show up. By that measure, it seems we are going to get SSU tanks and RG infantry before we get any more helicopter kits.
  15. The interesting part is I cannot see any reference to the status of the attack chopper, walker transport chopper and a couple of other SSU units. Did the boat sink?
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