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  1. Sense. Useful in normal live, and **** useful in combat... upgrade enemies checks twice?
  2. I should be on one floor with TeeNine. And I still love to post here but I had the problem that the weekend was full of work. Ishould have made that clear on friday,but it looked like I would have been done with it on Saturday. Did not work as expected. Ialso have a little bit of problem with keeping the overview, so quick posting does not work well...
  3. I am sorry, but it seems I will not be able to post until tomorrow. Got a little bit to much work left from the weekend.
  4. The trooper on his floor seems nothing more than a smoking pile of dead flesh- so he takes the shortcut down again, jumps down- and looks directly into the barrels of too many blaster rifles... Coordination: 3eA+2eD 3 successes, 2 threat I would use the threats to give the troooers a boost when they attack me.
  5. I am sorry will post in a few minutes. Last time I looked it was the npcs turn.
  6. A few last steps- and the Chance to strike is there. With a humming noise, the blade of his lightsaber moves into the direction of the Troopers- a deadly, blue ray of deadly light, striking like a rancor on his worst day. And it will not be stopped by a single foe... Making minced meat out of them: 1eP+3eA+1eD 3 successes I guess that might be more than one Minion that falls- I am ignoring 10 points of soak, because of sunder. Maneuver: Move to short range Action: Attack (6 Damage +3 Success = 9 damage)
  7. We are one farer- Dag had the last one, then I "skipped" the NPC and took the one the arrow is pointing- so wie are at PC 2 in that group.
  8. I havr the impression that you still do not upgrade my enemies difficulty- I have still sense with control upgrade active Edit: never mind got already attacked this round. Play by post sometimes is confusing
  9. I am very sorry, but I would not have the chance to post today otherwise- so I prepone my post, although there is a NPC turn first. Running the stairs takes to long for the Knight- and he already can hear the enemy reinforcements assaulting their position. So he decides to take a shortcut- over the banister into the deep. I flipped a destiny point to upgrade my pool once. Coordination: 2eA+1eP+2eD 2 successes Edit: I just saw, I got a boost from Khesh: Boost Die: 1eB 0 successes Not helpful, but thanks anyway. With wafting robes, he lands one floor deeper- ready to engage any enemy that comes his way, to demonstrate why the jedi were feared as the elite of the Republic. Using: Maneuver to move (before or after my jump- I just try to get as near to the trooper as possible). Action: Coordination Check to jump.
  10. I guess I would need the Action for a Athletics or Coordination Skill Test. I do not even know if thats enough.
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