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  1. What are the odds of a visit from the local Inquisitor after this incident. I'm pretty sure if that does happen, I'm screwed...
  2. Alox said: Immortal people must have lost a lot, for instance people they loved. Maybe its an artifact that will let them bring back some of their lost loves. You forget that this is the 40K universe. People don't give a **** about death anymore, they have been at war for so long that a graphic demise of his most trusted and loyal friends is just another day. I'm assuming that if you are immortal, you aren't sitting on your ass all day eating cheese buffs. You are using that immortality to accomplish something, and see far more than any normal man.
  3. I'm currently Working on getting a group of people who have never played 40k or rpg involving the 40k universe. They are just a group of D&D players, however I knew just how to reel 'em in. I showed them pictures of Tyrannids, Orks, Heritics, Space Marines, Psykers, Mutants, and Xenos. This group loves how brutal the 40K universe is. After showing them all these things, I simple said. SPACE PIRATES.
  4. Well any ork character is immortal, and they already have rules for that. If you read into the storm it touches up on the subject saying if orks don't die from foolhardy, battle, or some other event, then they will continue to grow and grow. Though the chances of an ork actually living for a long time, are like .0005% and it has yet to be done. That does leave the Xeno Hybrid approach, but who wants to be half Ork?
  5. Well the Chaos world spawning was more of me exaggeration the horrible events of warp entes being released. Also, I'm not sure where this was inspired from. I do know he is very adept at being original, and it is always challenging, sometimes i disagree with what is in our character's level. For instance, three of us died in that campaign, I think it was just too advanced for us. My GM's response to that was simply put "Your ork tried to charge 5 warp predators, and the tech-priest's leg was broken. How was I supposed to know the ork would be stupid... ok you have a point there, but the tech-preist's leg was beyond my controll."
  6. Ok so I might not have been the GM of this session, but I thought some might find this quite... interesting to say the least. I was the groups Rogue trader, I created our ship and everything. When I rolled for past history I got "Temperamental Warp Engine" Temperamental Warp Engine: The ship suffers a flutter in its Warp Engines, an inconsistency that no amount of maintenance or supplication can eliminate. Whenever the ship travels through the immaterium, the GM should roll 1d10. On a 6 or lower, the journey takes an additional 1d5 weeks, on a 7 or higher, the travel time is reduced 1d5 weeks instead (potentially causing the ship to arrive before it left!). However, once in a great while, the ship will leave the warp to unexpectedly find itself someplace other than its intended destination. (This is at the GM’s discretion, but should not happen on a regular basis.) Most of my group brought our profit factor down, and we didn't have much of a profit factor to begin with, so we were taking any job we could to try to get some cash. We ended up doing a supply run for some lowly noble. Now before I go any farther, our GM was making the Warp Engine rolls in secret for a few sessions and I had forgotten we had the possibility to go back in time. Basically we rolled really well for the time it took to get to the next star system and back. To our characters the time elasped from travel to the planet, and a little combat, back to the nobels place was 3 weeks. Apparently one of the warp travels took us back in time and we ended up seeing ourselfs leaving the nobles house... The group, having forgotten we could travel back in time, decided to approach these strange look alikes. In the end we ended up creating a paradox and had to fight our way back to the ship. Avoiding many a warp hassards, due to our "meddleing with the fabric of the universe, with our careless time travel". The past us kinda just dissapeared, and three of our group died to warp predators. We created a chaos world and drew the attention of a Imperial cruiser carring Astarties. I couldn't believe our GM would do that to us. In the end we convinced the Space Marines we were free of taint and they should be occuping their time on purging the warp entites running free on the planet. Over view of what happened, 1. We killed ourselfs, but still lived??? 2. We created a warp portal, because of the instability of the situtation 3. Our Ork, Arch-millitant, and Tech-Priest died 4. We created a chaos world 5. We had the Space Marines ignore us and purge the taint of chaos 6. We still got paid, so I think it was worth it. Oh yeah, one more thing. I was given 2d10 corruption and insanity becuase I was responisble for an entire planets descruction...
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