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  1. For me this article leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The current situation forced my gaming group (among which we own every Arkham LCG product multiple times) to play the game online only. Having the mod on TTS was a sanity and life saver for us. While the removal of the mod might have been legal, it certainly does not feel just, especially with the terrible timing of it. (Although I assume Asmodee is mostly to blame for this.) This article doesn't make the situation any better and is only poking at the sore spot the sucker punch of removal left behind.
  2. Sorry guys. I posted the "Good news" right when I got the pack (27th of March). Back then we weren't sure (as far as I know) whether the pack would be delayed at all, somewhere, or everywhere. And then my post got stuck in limbo for weeks...
  3. Good news everyone! Weaver of the Cosmos is indeed available and not lost in Corona limbo. I just received my (English) copy through my local games store here in Germany. Have fun and stay healthy!
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