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  1. I don't have the adventure immediately to hand, but I believe it is an Iconoclast class ship, originally Imperial but used in a rebellion that was reclaimed and given to the Inquisition since it was too small to make an effective warship. The Inquisition named it the Chains of Judgement and it served as a prison barge for tens of thousands. Then it gets lost in the warp for two centuries...
  2. While this book itself does look interesting, I am interested to read it is the first of four support books for BC. One for each chaos power, with new archetypes for each no doubt, all of which sounds very cool.
  3. Some Space Marines do have relations, I believe the White Scars are fond of harems, but this seems to somewhat the exception and I don't know if it produces offspring of any kind. Power armour collects and recycles all bodily waste, dumping what cannot be reclaimed for nutrients. Both of these may have been changed in more recent canonical fiction that I'm not aware of, but they were true at one point at least.
  4. Reverend mort said: K0balt said: If Matt Ward decreed Space Marines were all midgets in an official codex, would you believe it? No, because I have a 1+ Ward Save against Ward. Ah, I see you took the "some common bloody sense" wargear.
  5. Gurkhal has it right. The Alpha Legion are secretive, and misinformation about them seems more common than any verifiable facts even now. Unless you care to scrabble and claw through every bit of GW official fiction to try and pluck out some truths, I'd say you're safe to just go with whatever works for you. The chances are that no other player at your table will know any more about the legion than you do. As for playing the character, I don't think you need to continuously act duplicitous or sneaky. Maybe ask the GM if from time to time during lulls in adventures your character can slip off to meet with contacts, exchange seemingly meaningless tokens with apparent strangers or give odd nods to random passersby. If the GM is agreeable and the campaign style allows, you could make some rolls rolls to gather information/use infamy prior to play and have knowledge and resources at hand later to impress or worry your fellows.
  6. Thanks folks, these a some good suggestions so far. My players' heretic haven't picked chaos dedications yet, the campaign was on pause because two of the players had their first baby (aw!) but we're looking to start it up again soon and I wanted to pitch a few cool names for the vessel in case they didn't have anything for it. The I think it is going to be split-loyalties anyway, with all but Tzeentch being represented, though this may change. My best idea so far was to call the falling apart, Nurgle-infested floating rust-bucket "The Beautiful".
  7. My players successfully claimed the vessel "Chains of Judgement" at the end of the Broken Chains adventure. It will take a while to restore fully, but they intend to keep it and use it as their mobile base of operation rather than choosing a world or the like. I'm cool with this, but it needs renaming. So, I'm looking for suggestions... What have you named your vessels in Black Crusade? What cool chaos heretic names have you come up with?
  8. Decessor said: The Deathwatch core book has VII armour and an armour history table. The Rites of Battle books adds rules for armours from II-VIII and three more armour history tables. Some of the results would be fine for a renegade marine (to do with battle damage and enhanced systems), others are tied to loyalty and honour and not so appropriate. I think we have a winner.
  9. I think the table in BC is for old legion armour, pre Mk. VII stuff that has been worn by one or more chaos space marine for some (warp variable) time. Whether to apply the table to loyalist astartes Mk. VII armour is your call, if you like the table stick with it and ignore the obviously inappropriate results or replace them. Maybe Deathwatch has some features for this kind of thing? I don't have that line but I suspect if it is anywhere it'd be in those books.
  10. I see your point here, I suspect a living body weapon could be injured, rendered inoperative for a while or made unreliable until the effects have been properly healed. Since there are no set rules for this situation, you've got free reign to decide on the effect. Personally, I'd make the gun innaccurate and unreliable, also it might inflict injury on the CSM when it is used.
  11. The Nu-crons and their Tomb King-mimicry is not a change I'm very keen on either. However, I'm confident there isn't anything in the scenario that we can't just overrule and the adventures will hold together just fine. My preferred version of Warhammer 40,000 is the one presented in the classic Rogue Trader book. I've liked some of the changes to come since and thought a fair few have been quite bad ideas, but the joy of the role-playing games is that the universe is the one you want to play in and not the one Granda Wendy's insist on selling this edition. So don't fret it, I'm sure at of us will be looking for ways to use classic 'crons too.
  12. No matter how powerful Abaddon is, he is still just one guy. If he dies, Chaos loses nothing... The Black Legion will either splinter into other warbands again or fall behind a new chaos lord with the might and charisma to lead them. No big deal to Chaos, in fact the radical changes probably suit the ruinous powers.
  13. I also decided against using the mutant scavenger queen since it seemed a bit of a time-sink and my players wanted to get on with murdering the interrogator. By the adventure end, Zul had been suitably impressed with the apostate that he did not betray the heretics, though they had been really afraid and mistrustful of him all the way through I am happy it turned out that way. They kept Bore, the sample heretek, alive and I suggested they might be able to keep him on if properly motivated. They did keep the ship, but like others I ruled it to be too badly damaged to do more than limp into the Screaming Vortex, requiring considerable repairs before it will be capable of warp travel again. I haven't decided which planet they are going to arrive at yet though.
  14. As has been mentioned, a lot of Chaos Space Marines WILL make a total mockery of the combat encounters in Broken Chains. Fully equipped, they are incredibly powerful and even if they are not totally kitted out or have to find their gear bit-by-bit, they are still vastly superior to most foes in the adventure. Now, I've got to admit, I don't really think this is a bad thing. It is an introductory adventure, not the climactic battle... I was happy to let the players lord it over their foes and get a feel for how adeptus astartes compare to "mere humans" after playing Dark Heresy. The murder servitors are the only real threat, mostly through numbers and their ability to double damage occasionally, which certainly gives them a chance to score some serious wounds against power armour-wearers. As I say, this level of power isn't a problem in my eyes, but it is something to be aware of.
  15. I'm confident you can make the game your own. Take the focus away from having your son performing evil and put him (and his daemonic powers) up against foes we all know to be evil. Dark Eldar feature a lot and they always come across as being more twisted and messed up than almost anyone else. To be fair, he'll be fighting the other powers of chaos and traitor legions plenty as well. Not all Chaos Space Marines are baby-eaters, not all Khornite followers are blood-thirsty slaughtering fiends, etc. Chaos does have degrees that allow him to stay at least in the morally grey rather than descending into the black. Just brush over anything you're not keen with.
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