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  1. 1. can Wintertime Marauders discard duplicate? 2. who dicide the card order into discard pile when use Raiding the Reach? 3. can Rhymes with Meek save a char who killed by Dragon Skull ? 4. can someone trigger Vhagar after he put a no-attatchment char into play?
  2. ktom said: db123456 said: if I play this card and under the bridge of dream in the used pile of all players ,I will get 4gold? No. You choose and trigger an individual plot card, not all plot cards in all discard piles with the same name. sorry,I mean that there is only one rivers plot in all used pile and its under the bridge of dream
  3. if I play this card and under the bridge of dream in the used pile of all players ,I will get 4gold?
  4. Sulpures said: I still have a question: can little and less be played during the save/cancel response window? all response window
  5. I think it means all response from hand
  6. its an event and has an ability: response: save a crest H char from being killed. then, that char claim a power. can someone play it to save a char from being killed to win the game(kill effect from flame-kissed) because claim a power(he has 14 powers)?
  7. do player must decide which char he will put into play before his opponent has chance to cancel the event?
  8. with this,do you think link on wendamyr can trigger after he kneel to save himself and stand?
  9. a char(only one) stands with vengeful ,and before I have the chance to draw card,the first player kneel it ,can I draw?
  10. how about Red Vengeance and Hugor Hill?
  11. is it remove keywords like Condemned remove trait?
  12. lose all keywards on pentoshi manor means the char lose 1 renown of 2 that it always take a power after win a chall? or it just lose the renown twice?
  13. base on the art of playmat of 3rd game night kit, will house florent return?
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