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  1. atlantis

    BSG and all expansions - reprint?

    I have all expansions in spanish, it is a great game. I hope this reprint. I do not like the 2nd market. People that just bought copies to sell them at hundreds of dollars.
  2. atlantis

    Interdictor on Sale!

    I just bought one. I do want to buy another destroyer, the Chimaera. But I saw that the price of the interdictor was half of the normal price, so...
  3. atlantis

    Battlestar Galactica armada

    I don't need 30 different ships, just 4 good are enough, when did you used more than 4 ships in a 100 points x-wing game?
  4. atlantis

    Battlestar Galactica armada

    Battlestar galactica board game :)
  5. atlantis

    Wave 14 Wish List

    I wish a green x-wing like the one in Rebels with Rebels characters.
  6. atlantis

    Battlestar Galactica spinoff expansions?

    A crossover between Galactica, Buck Rogers and SW is possible: see my minis
  7. atlantis

    Battlestar Galactica spinoff expansions?

    I will love also a battlestar armada!!!
  8. atlantis

    Battlestar Galactica spinoff expansions?

    I will love this game!!
  9. atlantis

    FFG bring Jedi Starfighter to X-Wing.

    Frankly, their existing BSG game (and its endless expansions) provides a reasonable approximation of the title you're requesting. I doesn't at all. It's great but it's not in any way like a 2 player capital ship battle game. Can be a good game. In BSG you have a lot of ships, in Blood and Chrome they introduced some more. FFG can do a game with painted ships, to do missions similar to armada. They can introduce something similar to the jumps, put your fleet in a space area near to the enemy and do the mission. Mechworld did something god to start with a new game.
  10. atlantis

    Wave 11 predictions

    If we're going here, I want Colonial Viper Mk I, II, and IV. It's in universe: E.T.'s race is seen in the Galactic Senate in Ep I. E.T. has been to Earth. The Battlestar Galactica is been to Earth. Therefore, the Battlestar Galactica can fly to a galaxy far, far away! I vote for vipers and riders!!
  11. I know that I tried to share an idea of Battlestar galactica X-wing with vipers. I know that I have no success... I want to share the photos of the blog of Sr. Dies. macellumeventus A great dream come true.
  12. atlantis

    Forces of the Ceknell Subsector

    Where did you bought the base?
  13. atlantis

    fighter sizes

    The size of star destroyers looks like the micro machines of Star Wars. So It can be possible that the x-wings and Tie fighters have more or less the same size as armada. In the photo with all the pieces you see: 1 Super Star Destroyer 1 Death Star (2 if you consider the other photo) 4 Star destroyers 4 Imperial carriers 16 Tie fighters 6 AT-ST 3 AT-AT 12 ground troops? 1 Calamari cruiser 1 Tantive 1 Rebel Transport 2 x-wing 2 Y-wing 2 Snowspeeder 12 ground troops?
  14. atlantis

    Modified YT2400 for Scum & Villainy......New Member.

    Awesome, I do want the big one!
  15. atlantis

    Modified Z95's, Winged Y Wing and Scum Tie "Fanged" Fighter.

    Do you sell this model?