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  1. I lose the competition. Thanks to all that voted me!
  2. Hi!, Ares Games did a photo contest, Eaglemoss is doing a photo contest, Will FFG do an x-wing photo contest? I have participated in Ares photo Contest, you can vote the photo that you like more here in the "I like" button, choose 😱 for the spaceship photo or 💙 for the other. Thanks!
  3. I have all expansions in spanish, it is a great game. I hope this reprint. I do not like the 2nd market. People that just bought copies to sell them at hundreds of dollars.
  4. I just bought one. I do want to buy another destroyer, the Chimaera. But I saw that the price of the interdictor was half of the normal price, so...
  5. I don't need 30 different ships, just 4 good are enough, when did you used more than 4 ships in a 100 points x-wing game?
  6. atlantis

    Wave 14 Wish List

    I wish a green x-wing like the one in Rebels with Rebels characters.
  7. A crossover between Galactica, Buck Rogers and SW is possible: see my minis
  8. I will love also a battlestar armada!!!
  9. Frankly, their existing BSG game (and its endless expansions) provides a reasonable approximation of the title you're requesting. I doesn't at all. It's great but it's not in any way like a 2 player capital ship battle game. Can be a good game. In BSG you have a lot of ships, in Blood and Chrome they introduced some more. FFG can do a game with painted ships, to do missions similar to armada. They can introduce something similar to the jumps, put your fleet in a space area near to the enemy and do the mission. Mechworld did something god to start with a new game.
  10. If we're going here, I want Colonial Viper Mk I, II, and IV. It's in universe: E.T.'s race is seen in the Galactic Senate in Ep I. E.T. has been to Earth. The Battlestar Galactica is been to Earth. Therefore, the Battlestar Galactica can fly to a galaxy far, far away! I vote for vipers and riders!!
  11. I know that I tried to share an idea of Battlestar galactica X-wing with vipers. I know that I have no success... I want to share the photos of the blog of Sr. Dies. macellumeventus A great dream come true.
  12. The size of star destroyers looks like the micro machines of Star Wars. So It can be possible that the x-wings and Tie fighters have more or less the same size as armada. In the photo with all the pieces you see: 1 Super Star Destroyer 1 Death Star (2 if you consider the other photo) 4 Star destroyers 4 Imperial carriers 16 Tie fighters 6 AT-ST 3 AT-AT 12 ground troops? 1 Calamari cruiser 1 Tantive 1 Rebel Transport 2 x-wing 2 Y-wing 2 Snowspeeder 12 ground troops?
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