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  1. I guess the Nephilim concept wouldn't really work if they didn't have souls, anyway.
  2. Wait, what's the problem with them? Is it that they're not inherently evil? I don't have a copy of Those Who Walked Amongst Us yet, so I don't really get what's un-vampire-like about them.
  3. I love these books and all, but I find that no one (at least in my area) ever seems to carry them, which only leaves me ordering from Amazon, or any other location I can find that happens to carry it beforehand. I live in Alabama and we don't have any REAL game shops in our city, and the few that are close have a whole one shelf of pen and paper RPGs, which means I'm never going to find something like Anima just sitting on the shelf without a special order.
  4. Wait.. is the moral of this thread that magic is underpowered if you don't choose the Path of Creation? Because it seems like any other specialization without Chimera isn't doing much for them.
  5. Speaking of some strange Wizard math, I was thinking about the Magic Projection as an Attack/Defense modules and how they affect DP expenses. Here's some examples. Level 15 Warlock (w/ Atk/Def mods): 2000 DP 50% Supernatural | 50% Other 1000 DP | 1000 DP -150 for Atk/Def mods | 500 DP in Atk/Def (each) This leaves 850 DP for MA/Zeon/ML with a Magic Projection of 250 (base) in both Attack and Defense. Level 15 Wizard (no mods): 2000 DP 60% Supernatural | 40% Other 1200 DP | 800 DP 500 for Mag. Proj. | Only used for secondary abilities This leaves only 700 DP for MA/Zeon/ML with the same Magic Projection value as the Warlock. Given, the Wizard will have some secondary abilities, but combat-wise, the Warlock is looking more effective. But then I thought of another possibility. Level 15 Wizard (w/ Atk/Def mods): 2000 DP 60% Supernatural | 40% Other 1200 DP | 800 DP -150 for Atk/Def mods | 400 DP in Atk/Def (each) This leaves 1050 DP for MA/Zeon/ML with a total Magic Projection of 200, given a good bit less, but with a substantially higher remaining DP. Even if you wanted to push Magic Projection above 250, the only class that can even do it is the Wizard, but he'll be pulling from his MA/Zeon/ML pool to do it. Another thing I might have missed, is there any other way to raise your projection? A Warrior at the same level could spend 50% DP in Atk/Def and have 250 Atk/Dodge, but would also be getting a +50 class bonus and likely a higher Dex bonus, since the Wizard is already splitting stats between Int/Pow its hard to drop much into Dex, not to mention +20 or even +25 weapons by now, putting a Warrior at 325 before Dex against a max 250 Mag. Proj. Hell, a Warrior could even take the Combat Senses advantage for another 50 Atk or Defense, putting him up to a 375 before Dex. This is making Wizards seem a little pitiful, given if they wanted to match that they would need 700 DP in Projection to get 350 before Dex, leaving only 500 DP for MA/Zeon/ML.
  6. Thanks so much for translating all of these! I think the Sheela are very interesting. I'm excited to toy around with them some more.
  7. Drive-Thru RPG. Fantasy Flight sells a lot of the books through PDFs with them.
  8. Another idea to help get around the low MA is the 1CP Elemental Compatibility advantage, since it sounds like you're going for a focus in Creation anyway. This gives a natural +20 MA to any path you choose, but a -20 MA to the opposed path. It certainly gives you the extra oomph you need to get Royal Shield off more easily.
  9. Maybe somewhat unrelated, but is there some place in Dominus Exxet that lists the Reload/Rate of Fire of the new weapons and I just didn't see it? Also, in the Weapons In Martial Arts on page 43 of Dominus Exxet it lists the Sanjiegun (Three Sectional Staff) as a weapon associated with a couple of Martial Arts and I have no idea where this weapon is located, as I haven't seen it in DE or the core book. Did they mean to reference the Haru no Okina (Three Sectional Glaive)? I guess they're roughly the same, and I noticed they say Blocking Dagger instead of Parrying Dagger and Tiger Claws instead of just Claws. I wasn't sure if I just missed the Sanjiegun somewhere.
  10. I really like this method. I hope you don't mind me trying it out during my next game. I come from a long line of D&D, so I was going crazy trying to translate everything into 5-foot squares, so you kinda just blew my mind making them 3 foot hexes. I'm too set in my old ways, I suppose. I'll definitely post back after trying this out. Thanks for the suggestion!
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