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  1. Professor, Please reread my original comment above. I think you may have misread so I added emphasis to the pertinent bit. AH with expansions, especially all of the expansions, has an amazing amount of replayability and variety. EDIT: How do I get Julia's quote box from my original post out of my current quote? Nevermind, I'm an idiot.
  2. The AH base game leaves a bit to be desired after you figure out all you need to do is seal the Big Four and rest on your laurels until you get another two seals so saying that EH needs and expansion to "fix" it is a bit misleading. Both EH and AH (without expansions) are fun but lacking in long term replayability.
  3. Why is there this huge rift between people that like EH and people that like AH? Between here and BGG a good portion of the posts I see are "AH is better than EH for these reasons" or vice versa. Why do people feel the need to choose one over the other and enforce their opinions?
  4. This http://www.planomolding.com/product.php?PID=935 holds all the cardboard bits (and you can keep the investigators on the stands) with some room to spare.
  5. Tbla said: John Bua said: That is what I do. The investigator destablises it when he passes through it, I figure. What do you do with devouring gates and the ones that add doom tokens (the name just fell out of my mind)? The gate's ability on triggers if it opens on an investigator and since when a gate opens on an investigator they immediately go through it there's no issue. The only problem you run into with playing LatT gates face down is the movers don't move until they're flipped over.
  6. Second turn loss due to the Deep Ones Rising track filling after a few monster surges. I really wish whoever invented that mechanic had thought of a different penalty.
  7. onverra said: Hi all, I noticed some discrepancies between French edition and wiki. Could you please confirm that wiki is right for: Plague of Locusts: Is it exhaust or discard? Denying the Ancient One: Is it exhaust or discard? Feeding the Mind: Is it exhaust or discard? The Messenger: Is it "All Skill checks" or "All Combat checks"? Thanks for your help, Onverra The wiki is correct on all accounts. FFG really needs to get some new translators. Or maybe this is just a plot by the Illuminati to force everyone to learn English so it will be easier for them to control us once they institute the NWO and have us under a global government.
  8. Tibs said: The second rule is "forget the other rules." You did well. His name is Robert Paulson. Wait, what were we talking about?
  9. Razieloveless1 said: Oh and the second game is tomorrow night. I guess I will post the results the next day Yes, please tell us all the gory details.
  10. Speculative post incoming. It's not that we can't discuss the rules it's that anyone who has seen the nigh legendary Arkham Horror FAQ have apparently been told they can't say anything else pertaining to it. Basically they can't answer any rules questions without being 100% sure they don't include any info from the FAQ That Shall Not Be Named or they'll get spanked or whatnot. NDAs are a *****.
  11. subochre said: Good point…Here's the new plan: we stick a bunch of zombie-slave spines into people, and then write up their glimpses of blasphemous knowledge as The Revelations of FAAQi Ooooh, we can use all the folks I have locked in my basement! Wait, no… staying in my basement of their own free will. Yep.
  12. Julia said: Oh, well, maybe there is a reason: they don't spend enough time working on them because they have other things to do. As a customer, I feel offended by this: I (and all people on this forum, and in general all people owning Arkham) have paid a lot of money for a product, and a certain service should be provided by the company. If you don't care of your customers, they'll simply stop buying your products It's not like AH isn't still selling. How many new people have we seen come here and on BGG asking questions lately?
  13. Razieloveless1 said: Is this the Dark Carnival of the Immaculate? Um… yes?
  14. Julia said: arkhamresident said: So where exactly does it say anything about not discussing rules? Sorry, we are not allowed to talk about this either (more seriously, I guess everything started with the "you cannot say things that should be revealed in the upcoming FAQ" thing "Upcoming" needs a stricter definition which includes a concrete time frame. This is quite ridiculous.
  15. If you can use a spell to help another investigator it will state that explicitly in the spell's text so your wife can't cast it on your weapons. The "Any Phase" text is there because combat can occur during movement, Arkham encounter and Other World encounter phases.
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