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  1. According to FFG's categories (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/#/category/board-card-games) they both are Board games. Or whose categorization are you referring to?
  2. http://disk.online.ua/ajax/get_file/?id=176319 http://disk.online.ua/ajax/get_file/?id=176320 http://disk.online.ua/ajax/get_file/?id=176321
  3. Cards' description found at http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/1362711#1362711. Scans would be much better.
  4. Rules p.16: The amount of influence that Sauron may have in the Shadow Pool is equal to four times the current game stage. So Sauron may not have more influence in Shadow Pool then specified in rule above. At least we played that way. I think that it'll give too more power for Sauron on early stages.
  5. I have boards and tokens, but cards have been lost. So I want to find at least scans to print for myself.
  6. Still searching. Please share if some one have it.
  7. Wrapped said: Carnagecjb said: I don't have the rules /cards in front of me at the moment, so I'm quoting from memory, but… IIRC, to apply status effects, attacks (usually) have to deal at least 1 heart of damage… That part has allready been established =) 1. Please read the whole topic and not only the question - there are an argument with reference to rule book about spending surges on not conditions. I hope you'll understand. 2. If not, please provide references to rule book/FAQ/official developer's answer, but not only your thoughts.
  8. Dam said: Except (has to be an exception somewhere), Stun from Knight's Shield Slam: www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/863073/adam-sez-thread-potentially-official-not-yet-faq Nice Thank you, Dam.
  9. Thanks for answers. Second is clear. First - as I understand - you may spend surges on any abilities (e.g. Move target, Mend, Fire breath, Draw OL card etc.) even if there is no damage would be dealt by attack, except conditions (there are only 4: Stun, Poison, Disease and Immobilized). Condition-surges require at least 1 damage to be dealt by attack.
  10. Hi all. E.g you rolled 3 surges during attack. And you have a weapon with 1 surge: Stun or Move target 1 space. Questions: 1. You stun (or move 1 space) target and then calculate and deal damage? What if you do not deal any damage? The target is still stunned (moved)? We played like you can't spend surges if you deal no damage, but I don't see such rule in rules. 2. Can you spend more than 1 surge to recover fatigue? It seems in rules specified "up to 1 fatigue", am I right? Thank you.
  11. Rules (p.23 Relics): The overlord version of a relic may be wielded by any lieutenant, and this is the only way the relic’s abilities can be used by the overlord. If the overlord has no lieutenant in a given quest, or if he opts to leave his relic behind (see below), he receives no benefit for the relic’s abilities. Each lieutenant can wield only one relic. During the setup step of each quest, the overlord chooses which relic (if any) each of his lieutenants wields during the quest. Place the chosen Relic card next to the Lieutenant card. If the relic is not wielded by a lieutenant, the overlord keeps the card near his Overlord deck and its abilities are ignored during this quest. If a lieutenant wielding a relic is defeated during a quest, the abilities of that relic are ignored for the remainder of the quest but the overlord keeps the relic. But I don't know if lieutenant wielding a relic was defeated and then reinforced does he returns wielding his relic?
  12. As I thought, but want to be sure. Thanks Dam!
  13. Wildlander's ability Black Arrow: [Action]: Perform an attack with a Bow. This attack gains +2 range. If you deal less than 3 [damage] (after rolling defense dice), deal 3 [damage] instead (unless this attack misses). When attack misses? 1) Miss icon on blue attack dice; 2) No enough range; 3) Defense exceeds or equal to damage on dice. Does 3) considered as miss? Or this ability always deals at least 3 damage if there is enough range and no miss icon on attack dice?
  14. Thanks everyone for reply. Flatusjae said: If the hand would be always left as it is between campaign quests, it would create very unbalanced situations where overlord could stack all cards in one quest, and then unleash everything in one go in the next quest to completly decimate heroes. Just think how easy it would be for OL to get all draw cards to his/her hand in campaign. If some crazy OL would want to powergame like this, he could just stack all the cards untill the Final quest, and unleash everything there, winning the game even though he probably lost every other quest. And I quess everyone can agree how incredibly boring that would be. I think that this point of view is that I wanted to hear.Robin said: A rules interpretation principle is COWTRA: concentrate on what the rules allow. Otherwise, you could ask if the OL can burn his cards or eat his monsters between quests… Triu said: Do travel events only affect the starting hand, and the current hand is immune? Are these two hands combined at some point? The rules don't say, although it does say on page 11 that "Heroes have two hands." If not, I guess you end up with a current hand from each previous quest. By the time you reach the Finale, the OL will have 8 current hands -- maybe it should be changed to Octopus-lord. What a nonsense. Drawing cards was always just drawing cards to your hand(s ). Robin said: BTW, note that there are no scenarios in Descent. Only encounters and quests. So the OP wording is already wrong in itself. You've caught me!
  15. Triu said: Page 20, The Campaign Phase: "7. Set Up Quest: The players begin setting up the next quest following the standard rules for setting up a quest. The overlord player should remember to shuffle his Overlord deck, including any new cards just purchased, to create a new deck before drawing his starting hand." You left part out. I would say that standard rules for setting up a quest & drawing his starting hand mean that the OL gets a new hand of cards. It doesn't tell you to "add to (or discard from) your hand, drawing up to the number of heroes". [You could house rule something like that to carry over cards, but you start with "a number of Overlord cards equal to the number of heroes".] At the end of the quest you can return the cards in your hand to the face-down deck (so the heroes don't see what wasn't played & second guess you), add them to the discard pile (so you can taunt the heroes with the mayhem you didn't unleash), or burn them (use it or lose it house rule), but you start with a new hand when starting a new quest, IMO. 1. Standard rules says that OL creates his deck and draw a number of cards equal to the number of heroes (draw = take/get). No "up to" wording. 2. There are always draw pile, discard pile and hand. "The overlord combines his draw and discard pile into one deck." (p.20) Nothing about hand in rules.
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