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  1. Thank you much for your reply. I am new to Role playing games (having played D&D once as a hero). I have chosen to try my hand at Grimm being attracted to the streamlined ability system of Grimm. My background is in boardgames so I am used to more "rigid" story-telling and mechanics. I can see that a malleable time system empowers the narrator to design the narrative. Not to mention that the whole system is malleable overall. I am looking forward to finding and making use of this freedom as a narrator. If one were to set a round to a specific length, 3 seconds seemed right to me. Actually I wondered if I had read that in the rulebook and just could not find it again (I was looking for that before I posted here). and, Yep, that was what I was thinking concerning the imaginings, although I had forgotten the difference between environmental and item imaginings. It is good to here my understanding confirmed. Thanks.
  2. I have looked and looked for how many rounds there are in a minute but just can't find it. I began wondering while reading the pages on the levels of Imaginings (how long they last). I am also wondering how many minutes are in a scene. I only ask this question to make certain I have a proper feel for how time works. My assumption is that scenes are any number of minutes based on the situation and the narrator's discretion. I am however convinced that there must be a specific number of rounds in a minute. Also level 4+ imaginings must last only for one scene, which is possibly less than how long a level 3 imagining could last (probably would with a 5/6 chance of such). The level 4+ imaginings are however so powerful that they strictly effect only the scene? (of course everything comes down to the narrator's choice.
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