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  1. I'd like to thank all the people who travelled so far for this event. We had people from Florida, Dallas, Nebraska and all over California. Thanks for making this event so epic.
  2. John Bruno's winning deck. John Bruno (2014 Kublacon Regional Winner) House Martell (63) Agenda: Knights of the Hollow Hill Restricted: Viper’s Bannerman Character (30) Bastard of Godsgrace (EB) x1 Harmen Uller x1 Dayne Spearman x3 Quentyn Martell (TGF) x1 Ser Arys Oakheart (PotS) x1 Dornish Paramour x2 House Messenger x3 Ser Preston Greenfield (KotS) x1 Viper’s Bannerman x3 Lost Spearman x2 Varys (SaS) x1 Red Viper (PotS) x3 Arianne Martell (TK) x3 Darkstar (PotS) x1 Ser Jaime Lannister (TK) x1 Starfall Cavalry x1 Ellaria Sand x1 Coldhands (THtW) x1 Attachment (1) Milk of the Poppy x1 Location (12) Summer Sea x3 Vale Rookery x2 The Scourge x1 Dornish Fiefdoms x3 Palace Fountains x3 Event (20) Parting Blow x2 Favorable Ground x2 Judged by the Father x2 Paper Shield x2 Hand’s Judgement x1 Blessed by the Maiden x2 Doran’s Game x1 He Calls It Thinking x3 Much and More x2 Red Vengeance x3 Plot (7) Valar Morghulis Crossing the Ruby Ford Crossing the Mummer’s Ford Marched to the Wall Shores of Ny Sar At the Palace of Sorrows Under the Bridge of Dreams
  3. Hello all, You might have heard that John Bruno won it all this weekend but let's get some stats. Here is the official breakdown of placement and the decks they played. Place 1 John Bruno Martell Knights of the Hollow Hill Viper's Bannerman 2 Michael Hackman Martell Bloodthirst Prince's Plans 3 Chris Schoenthal Targaryen Song of Fire Hatchling's Feast 4 David Hopper Martell Conquest Fear of Winter 5 Brooks Mitchell Martell Knights of the Hollow Hill Viper's Bannerman 6 Alex Pantoja Martell No Agenda Orphan of the Greenblood 7 Matt Ley Stark House of Dreams Fear of Winter 8 Garrett Greene Stark House of Dreams Negotiations at the Great Sept 9 Brandon Griffin Lannister House of Dreams Pyromancer's Cache 10 Mike Biles Lannister Power Behind the Throne Fear of Winter 11 Lucas Sydlaske Stark No Agenda Negotiations at the Great Sept 12 Angela Steele Targaryen Maester's Path Maester's Path 13 Tiny Grimes Targaryen Knights of the Hollow Hill Hatchling's Feast 14 Colby Cram Lannister City of Shadows Ser Preston Greenfield 15 Alex Esposito Stark No Agenda Meera Reed 16 Jeff Lebow Martell No Agenda Ser Preston Greenfield 17 Kevin Greene Greyjoy Black Sails Maiden's Bane 18 Ronnie Rivas Lannister No Agenda Narrow Escape 19 Joey Kreins Targaryen Kings of Summer Hatchling's Feast 20 Jon Bond Martell Conquest Orphan of the Greenblood 21 Kory Goolsby Martell No Agenda Venomous Blade 22 Kaley Huber Greyjoy No Agenda Asha Greyjoy 23 Matt Rogers Greyjoy Old Way Maiden's Bane 24 Jesse Mariona Stark White Book Meera Reed 25 John Barber Martell Knights of the Hollow Hill Viper's Bannerman 26 Wolf Snyder Lannister House of Dreams Pentoshi Manor 27 Bryan Balzell Lannister No Agenda Ser Preston Greenfield 28 Michael Schatz Targaryen House of Dreams Long Lances 29 Ryan Jones Targaryen Maester's Path Maester's Path 30 John Kraus Stark No Agenda Meera Reed 31 Phillip Sexton Baratheon Noble Cause Negotiations at the Great Sept 32 Shelby Anderson Greyjoy Old Way Asha Greyjoy 33 Margo Franks Martell No Agenda (Quentin) Burning on the Sands 34 Jaclyn Wilson Lannister No Agenda Castellan of the Rock 35 Eric Fleisig-Greene Stark House of Dreams Fear of Winter 36 Brian Moreno Targaryen Maester's Path Maester's Path 37 Jen Wolchick Greyjoy No Agenda Maiden's Bane 38 Ryan Wilborn Greyjoy House of Dreams Maiden's Bane The House Factions broke down as such: 7 Stark 7 Lannister 1 Baratheon 6 Greyjoy 7 Targaryen 10 Martell 0 Neutral The Agenda breakdown. 12 No Agenda 4 Knights of the Hollow Hill 7 House of Dreams 3 Maester's Path 1 Bloodthirst 1 Song of Fire 2 Conquest 1 Noble Cause 2 Old Way 1 Black Sails 1 White Book 1 City of Shadows 1 Kings of Summer 1 Power Behind the Throne Perhaps, Lucas Sydlaske can give a draft report here and John Deatrick a melee report. I will post John's deck later.
  4. As I thought Ktom and doulos2k. Couldn't remember the actual rule, thanks for pointing it out ktom.
  5. If I have three Asshai in play and Intolerant Priest in my dead pile can I use Melisandre's ability to put him back into play? His ability is passive and with three Asshai under my control he gains the holy crest. My thought is that he then can be put into play from the dead pile with Mel's abilty. Thoughts anyone? My belief why this can happen. Cards in the dead and discard pile don't turn off their passive abilities. Look at Theon or even the Knight of Summerhall. So, with this in mind the Intolerant Priest is gaining a Holy crest.
  6. This is of course assuming your opponent doesn't have more power than you because they would win as well and then it comes down to first player to decide who wins.
  7. Thanks! As I thought!
  8. If Randyll Tarly and Willas Tyrell are both in the same challenge together (on the same side), would Randyll count his strength?
  9. Yes, yes, I know it was a month ago. Here are the results for the Kublacon Game of Thrones Regional. We had 38 players, played six rounds and cut to top eight. After the six rounds, the top eight were: 1. Brooks Mitchell 2. John Barber 3. John Bruno 4. Matt Ley 5. James Speck 6. Alex Esposito 7. David Hopper 8. Tracy Wilson The cut to eight went like this, winners in bold. Brooks Mitchell (Martell KotHH) vs. Tracy Wilson (Lannister PBtT) John Barber (Martell KotHH) vs. David Hopper (Baratheon TLV) John Bruno (Targaryen KotHH) vs. Alex Esposito (Stark no agenda) Matt Ley (Lannister PBtT) vs. James Speck (Greyjoy no agenda) Brooks Mitchell (Martell KotHH) vs. James Speck (Greyjoy no agenda) John Bruno (Targaryen KotHH) vs. David Hopper (Baratheon TLV) Brooks Mitchell (Martell KotHH) vs. David Hopper (Baratheon TLV) David Hopper wins the Kublacon Regional. Stats for the tourney. Houses 8 - Starks 4 - Lannister 6 - Baratheons 7 - Greyjoy 5 - Targaryen 8 - Martell Agendas 8 - Knights of the Hollow Hill 2 - Knights of the Realm 11 - The Long Voyage 2 - Maester 2 - Power Behind the Throne 5 - House of Dreams 1 - Brotherhood 1 - Winter 1 - Shadows 1 - Siege of Winterfell 4 - None Top 15 Final Standings 1 - David Hopper 2 - Brooks Mitchell 3 - John Bruno 4 - James Speck 5 - John Barber 6 - Matt Ley 7 - Alex Esposito 8 - Tracy Wilson 9 - Ben Tully 10 - Lucas Sydlaske 11 - Ryan Jones 12 - Ramses DeLeon 13 - Jeremy Forbing 14 - Angela Steele 15 - Mike Biles It was a great turnout with an endless supply of top shelf players. Talk about fierce competition. It was epic and so was my megaphone. A huge thanks to Kublacon for putting out for the Regional kit. It was a fine day and a fine group of players.
  10. Howdy all! Here are the results for the Sacramento Game of Thrones Regional. We had 12 players, played four rounds and cut to top four. After the four rounds, the top four were: 1. Brooks Mitchell (undefeated) 2. David Hopper 3. Jeff Lebow 4. Eric Wood The final four went like this, winners in bold. Brooks Mitchell (Martell KotHH) vs. Eric Wood (Lannister TLV) David Hopper (Baratheon Wilding Agendas) vs. Jeff Lebow (Martell Knights) Brooks Mitchell (Martell KotHH) vs. Jeff Lebow (Martell Knights) Brooks Mitchell was the winner going undefeated for the tourney. Stats for the tourney. Houses 2 - Starks 1 - Lannister 3 - Baratheons 1 - Greyjoy 2 - Targaryen 3 - Martell Agendas 3 - Knights of the Hollow Hill 2 - Knights of the Realm 2 - The Long Voyage 1 - Maester 1 - Brotherhood 1 - All Wildling Agendas 2 - None Final Standings 1 - Brooks Mitchell 2 - Jeff Lebow 3 - David Hopper 4 - Eric Wood 5 - Michael Hackman 6 - John Bruno 7 - Angela Steele 8 - Jen Lebow 9 - Mark Kalashian 10 - Jesse Mariona 11 - Matt Rogers 12 - Ronnie Rivas For a small field it was very competitive, with three previous regional wins in the pool of players and several top eight players. A thanks to Mage's Realm for putting up the show and the indomitable John Bruno for making the journey up north.
  11. I still think that a draw should be 2 points for both players. I understand this was probably put into place for two maester decks playing each other but as I stated on my thread about this particular issue, that if time is called why on earth would I try to get power that would bring me to a draw when I could take a mod loss get the same point (one) and my opponent would get four. This would increase my strength of schedule in the long run and keep one of us from being destroyed in the rankings for the next round. Making no difference between a draw and a mod loss is frankly ridiculous. A mod win has a range of 14-0 power to 14-13 power. That is a large range for change. But if I match my opponents power, let's say 14-14, I get the same points for a draw. This only hurts good players trying to win the game. They want to diminish collusion, but this scoring idea of one point for each player on a draw will only lead to more collusion. Just make it two points and move on. The total points for the match is less then the five for a full match and so each player has been "punished" for the non-win but rewards both players for playing for the win. Two points helps no one in the greater scope of tourney points and still has the negative effects of a draw. Two points in comparison to the Five for a win is mediocre. Please FFG realize this mistake is easily rectified.
  12. They want to stop collusion and not playing the game through but this punishes players for trying their hardest. If at time, why would I do challenges to get a draw when I would get the same amount of points for a mod loss and actually help my strength of schedule for losing. Seems silly.
  13. Seems more reasonable to give each player two points. That is such a big differential between the mods and the draw. It really punishes the players for getting a draw. And you get the same points for a mod loss so why even get a draw.
  14. In the new tournament rules it states that a draw is only one point for each player. This is the same as a Modified loss. Is this a typo or is this legitimate?
  15. Yes that is the one I'm looking for.