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  1. Community Theme Ideas

    I would like to see usable content for a Dieselpunk/Crimson Skies setting. I'll pay close attention to Genesys's steampunk and Weird War settings. EoE's vehicular combat rules were not well suited for for aircraft dogfight. It's a shame that the licence holders are letting this very original franchise gather dust.
  2. Identification checks

    The Ambassador and Force Sensitive Emergent have access to the Indistinguishable talent, which upgrades the difficulty of any checks made to identify the target. Are there any rules regarding which skill is used to identify a character or is this left to the GM?
  3. Error On Pregen Duros Commando

    For what it's worth, so far, I don't think any of the pre-generated characters follow the character creation rules exactly.
  4. Missing Weapon Mod

    Disassemblable doesn't sound like a Mod but rather a planned feature. Jegergryte already pointed out the Weapon Quality "Prepare". Not sure if you had noticed it since it's a new quality that is being added to Age of Rebellion. It's pretty much all you need. Make it at least Prepare 3 so it can't be assembled and fired in the same round. Maybe FFG could also add Sporting blasters to the book. Some extracts from wookieepedia: The reason for the nobility carrying sporting blasters lay in the fact that most models could be quickly and easily broken down into three parts and then put back together for transport. The X-45 sniper rifle, manufactured by the SoroSuub Corporation, was a medium-sized sporting blaster rifle noted for its high accuracy, especially if the target was within a fifty-meter range and the shooter fired in controlled single shots. The energy beam it fired was overfocused in the barrel, which resulted in a thinner but much more lethal blaster bolt. Using the X-45 allowed the shooter to pick off his target without drawing too much attention. The rifle had a long computerized targeting scope that was nearly the same length as the X-45's body, a stock, and a clip capacity of twenty-five shots. The X-45 weighed four kilograms and had a maximum range of 500 meters. The rifle could be disassembled and put into a specially made case. The X-45's major drawback was its extreme fragility, so the rifle was normally carried in the case until it was needed. The entire process of unpackaging and assembling the rifle took some time. The X-45 cost between 750[3] and 1,000 credits. The Merr-Sonn LD-1 target blaster rifle was technically a sporting blaster, but in actuality it was nearly as powerful as a military-grade blaster rifle like the E-11. This was intentional - the goal of the project was to create a weapon that approaches the damage of a blaster rifle without the pesky legal restrictions that come with such weapons. The LD-1, with its long barrel, was quite useful as a sniper rifle, and could be disassembled into a carrying case like most such weapons. Additionally, the weapon featured an integrated macroscope and autosteady gyro-gimbals that drastically helped with balance and sighting.
  5. Species

    Cunning is part deceptiveness but also par ingenuity. Cunning skills: Deceit, Perception, Skulduggery, Streetwise and Survival.
  6. The X-Wing and other Rebel Fighters

    The beta testing… we're doing it wrong Feedback has been submitted. Why not let FFG take it into consideration while we move to the next issue. Back to your books gentlemen. There's work to be done.
  7. Specializations/Talents Thematics

    The Infiltrator seems a little too combat oriented. I can't help to think it could have benefited from a few non combat talents such as Bypass Security or Convincing Demeanor.
  8. Specializations/Talents Thematics

    The Saboteur specialization doesn't have access to the Bad Motivator talent. Seemed like a good fit.
  9. I wouldn't file the following under mistakes but rather "missed opportunities" or "thematic inconsistencies". Gunner's description : For the Gunner, the output of a vehicle or ship weapon is the ultimate expression of projected power… He also sees his role as being a defender of all who ride with him in whatever vehicle he is crewing. Yet, most of his talents don't work with vehicle weapons. Also from the Gunner's description: Gunners are often faced with terrifying odds or unknown threats requiring nerves of steel and when their positions are overrun, hand to hand fighting is often the only choice they have. Nerves of steel = Discipline as a class skill. Check. Not sure why hand to hand is mentioned as the gunner doesn't have brawl as a class skill.
  10. AOR Final product requests

    Im right there with ya but please try to make your requests specific. More Mods as in Customization and Modifications (Attachments) that can be installed in weapons, armors and ships Hard Points. (?)
  11. Species

    I'd like to hear opinions on this Sullustan. Sullustan start with rank 3 in agility and rank 1 in cunning. They're natural pilots so high agility make sense, but I'm curious as why they gave them low cunning rather than Brawn. (Small build).
  12. Know (Galactic Civil War) change to Know (Warfare) instead?

    I like it. It would also answer the question of what skill is used for tactics. (Asked in the EotE forum)
  13. Chapter II: Character Creation

    Post deleted. (I moved this post to a more appropriate forum.)
  14. Chapter II: Character Creation

    Pages 42, 43, 44, 45 Range (Light) should be Ranged (Light)
  15. AOR Final product requests

    More Mods please! (Weapon, Armor and Starship)