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  1. The confusion is coming from wondering whether or not Witten can ignore the focus token even if he's not damaged.
  2. Posted this on the general forum, but I think it will have more of an effect here. Currently, my girlfriend and I seem to be the only players at our LGS, and we're wondering if anybody else in the area plays.
  3. Usually Wednesday or Thursday nights are the best for us since those are the nights the store has set aside for LCGS, but really anytime we're not working we play.
  4. Wondering if anybody is playing SW in the north bay. Right now, my girlfriend and I play at Gamescape North, but we're looking to expand our play group. We would love to hear if there's any life in the game here.
  5. Honestly, I wouldn't suggest flipping Luke that early on. It could be that your opponent had decided on an entirely different direction, and now they know exactky where to go. Plus, there's his unfortunate lack of milling capabilities, like you said. With that being said, card games are filled with random situations that might cause this scenario to become a viable one. I would suggest play test it in perhaps every third game and see what you find.
  6. Can a player activate Darth Vader for two attacks (say from Cluster Missle), even if Darth Vader's ability caused enough damage to destroy the ship after the first attack? Or, to put it another way, can a player voluntarily suffer damage after it's already suffered enough damage to be destroyed?
  7. Oh, it DOES say that. Seems like it's fair, though not in my favor. Thanks for the clarification!
  8. Outstanding! Thank you!
  9. Do bombs and mines count as obstacles for the purpose of boosting? If not, am I correct in assuming that a ship can boost through a bomb/mine without detonating it?
  10. I love articles like this. It highlights the brilliant subtly of the game's chess-like depth. More often than not, a game hinges on the moves that AREN'T made. All of this revolves around knowing a certain deck and how you/your opponent plays it. Again, great article. I hope to see many more like it.
  11. I've also had success with this set. I've been able to drop some incredible resource generating cards on turn one, then, on turn two, rush heavy with tons of big units.
  12. Sleuths are tricky, but they're never commtied to the force. That means they're vulnerable to Shock Wave, which can wipe away a lot of the tricky attackers.Coupling this with Vader's reaction can wipe one out each turn. Not ideal, but possible. It also leaves your entire spread of units free to attack/defend elsewhere. Tactics icons are also your best friend.
  13. What I've found with this card is that players, more often than not, want to use this cards on the game winning cards that cost 3+, but those aren't always the cards you get. I've had the holocron sit on my table for round after round while I waited for a useful 3+ card to come up because I didn't want to waste the available resources. It's a powerful card, yes, but it forces play errors and causes a rush of big units that even a poor LS deck could counter with some well placed tactics icons. And, you can only have 2 in a 50 card deck. Seems okay to me.
  14. Thanks! Tha really makes those cards incredible!
  15. When a card effect references "friendly players," does this include the player who played the card? The instance in particula that im referring to is the BotF Obi-Wan, who let's "each friendly player" put a card from his discard pile into his hand?
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