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  1. I don’t think that banning 4 figures is too much. 4 bans would be 1 figure for each side or 1 figure for 3 sides and 1 mercenary. When playing the UMTOMA against Nippon you’re right. You could even consider banning 6 figures in that chase. Having last ban and first pick would be even worse. You could ban a figure that would counter your game plan and just pick the team you want. Remember if you lost the first pan / pick at the figures you still are the first one to first ban / pick the special objects. The last ban is kind of a pressure ban. If it’s your turn to last ban and there are 2 very good heroes on different teams still available you can leave them both open for pick and have a challenging match. If you use that last ban on one of the strong heroes, well, guess what your opponent’s going pick . You force your opponent to pick something he maybe doesn’t even want to play with your last ban and if he doesn’t pick it – then you’re in good shape. But this way you’d have an advantage in the game because you out-mind-dueled your opponent in the pick and ban phase of the game and not because you just picked Hoss, Heizinger and Zermann and rofl-stomped your enemy. It takes time to get used to such a system but I think it’s better than just playing with house rules that nerf certain figures or combos. Because this way it’s your or the opponents choice to play against certain figures / combos.
  2. You're right about the way the Shogunate could have still won but the Reich got a very good position in the first turn where they could not have been hit with grenades without moving by a Shocktruppen in overwatch or have to take a mental duel against Heizinger. Bypassing the Reichs fortress to get to the capture points could have been a possible choice but if you don’t attack them in your turn you will just get out of path attacked in the Reichs turn. And the “other” patch was still guarded from the other Schocktruppen while Zermann was securing the points for the Reich. It was kind of a not-possible to beat scenario for the Shogunate. They would have needed a lucky roll on a mental duel but if you would have tried and failed you would have lost that hero because of the bad position you got yourself into. Of course you are limiting the choices but from the experience I have in MOBA games i can tell you that every game plays out different. Of course if your opponent hates a certain faction he’ll always ban in a way to hurt them. But when he won the first pick he’ll maybe try them himself. Lets say you go in the game with the Intention to play the Reich because you got the first pick, you’ll try to help yourself by limiting your opponents in his “counterpicks” (i. e. Zorkah and Oksana so he won’t pick the Matriarchy (who are very good against the Reich imho). But the other player could see because of your bans that you intent to play the Reich and ban Heizinger and Hoss which in return would leave for example Asteros for you to firstpick. Or you could choose the Union and your opponent is stuck with picking the Shogunate. To understand this system you have to think about how you could maybe “fake” your opponent in banning heroes you don’t even want to play. Its kind of a mind game before the game. This Ban/Pick system only works if you got like every Expansion for Tannhäuser. Banning the troopers should also not be a problem considering the troop packs. If you would ban Heizinger and Harbringer you could still run a Zermann, Yula, Eva team which could turn out pretty interesting . And that’s kind of the point behind this system because it could result in some interesting teams. Shogunate should be excluded from the Ban phase due to their limitation.
  3. Hi guys! I played a round of Tannhäuser last week with my friends and the outcome of the game was not what I would call a success. The setup was domination on the backside of the Daedalus map (not the labyrinth) and we put the Reich vs. the Shogunate. The Shogunate conceded the game after the 2nd round because they couldn’t think of any possible way to win the game. The Reich team consisted of: Hoss (combat), Heizinger (command), Zermann (command) and two Schocktruppen (1 command, 1 combat). Hoss got the “Helm of Diomedes”, Heizinger the “Eye of Horus” and Zermann the “Obscura Corps Band” as bonus tokens and I can’t remember the bonus tokes of the Shogunate. The Shogunate had absolutely no chance to even come close enough to one of the Reichs team members to try an attack because of the mental tests and duels they had to take. And even if they would have gotten close enough there was always a Schocktruppen in overwatch to protect them. But the Reich was still able to wear the Shogunate down with their ridiculous out of path attacks. So I came up for an idea (or rather stole it ) to kind of balance the game before it even starts and I want to share it with you and get your opinions on it. The way we play it now is what I’d call “banning pick”. This is a gamestyle that is used in MOBA games like Dota 1 / 2, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth etc. So people who know these kinds of games are familiar with the pick and ban system. Basically each team (consisting of 5 players ergo 5 heroes) has a captain who chooses which heroes are available for the game. To translate the rules to Tannhäuser I thought it should work like this: Choose map, choose game mode. Roll D10 for first pick = first ban. Each team bans 1 hero/trooper alternating to a maximum of 4(?) bans. (1-1-1-1) Then you pick your team alternating where the winner of the roll picks 1, the other team 2, the winning team 2, the other 2 … etc. (1-2-2-2-2-1) Picking the first Hero/Trooper also determines which side you play (Reich, Shogunate, Union, Matriarchy) Choosing the special objects should work the same way except for just banning 2(?) in total and the team who lost the first pick should start this time. As long as the Shogunate team consists of the basic 5 they shouldn’t be able to get banned. We tried this way of picking this week and I want to give you an example on how it turned out. We choose the Labyrinth as our map and wanted to play Deathmatch on it. Team A won the first ban = first pick. Team A banned Asteros, team B banned Hoss, A banned Heizinger, B banned McNeal. A picked Iroh, B picked Zorkah and Voivodes, A picked both Shogunate troopers, B picked Irishka and Natalya, A picked Mizu and Itami, B couldn’t last pick anything because of Natalya. Special objects went something like this. B banned the kill one heal full item (can’t remember the name), A banned the X-5 Stabilizer, B picked the free reinforcement token (can’t remember the name either ), B picked the Mask and Helmet, A picked 3-damage bull rush item (can’t remember), B picked something I can’t remember either (sorry!) Game turned out pretty balanced. Matriarchy won but that’s because the Shogunate tried to force the Zorkah (stamina pack) down and couldn’t do it (should have gone for the others first). So that’s a lot of text and I’m looking forward on your thoughts.
  4. Thanks Lska! Its part the light and part painting that makes them shiny. I washed the metal parts down and that helped a lot and i think they look better that way! Ordered the decals today in the dust store, guess you're right. If they deliver to poland the'll certainly deliver them to me . I'm looking forward to putting them on the Walker!
  5. Hi, appreciate the comment! Which colours do you mean by saying you don’t like the colour choices I made? The bronze and lime green you pointed out or the whole green Allies – grey Axis I used? I see the point in washing down the metal. I’m going to do this with the next walker and see how it turns out The bronze parts are something I really like about my minis. I’m not going for a super realistic style and am also kind of a steam punk fan Again – thanks for the input.
  6. So I got Dust Tactics for Christmas. Love this game so far and wanted to share the work I’ve put into painting the minis so far to get some useful feedback. I started painting miniatures with games like Mansions of Madness and Descent so this was my first attempt on Tanks/Walkers/non-monster-stuff. Suggestions and critique are desired so I can learn some new painting techniques to make them even prettier. Also please bear in mind that english is not my native language. I apologize if you can find some mayor spelling/grammar mistakes First I gave the “Heavy Flak Grenadiers” a try and think they turned out pretty nice. But painting guys in heavy armor and flashy weapons is something I’ve been doing in the past so I gave some of the bigger guys the brush. The “Hans” was the first walker I painted and – of course – went crazy on the battle damage. He just looks like he’s seen and survived a few battles! After painting 2 Axis troops I thought I should give the Allies some love. “The Hammers” were the first one’s I tried and the left one was my first attempt on something you could call camouflage. I thought it looked like crap so I gave the other two another look and think it turned out quite nice. “Wildfire” was next in line and this time I tried not to completely wreck him with battle damage and was proud of my self-control. I started to alternate between Axis and Allies so both players can have some pretty miniatures on the board. The “Sturmpioniere” I kind of rushed but still liked the outcome at the end. “Heinrich” was the next walker I tried and the second time I tried camouflage. I also wanted to give him some kind of rusty look but not completely wasted and used. I like how the camouflage turned out but am not really happy with the rust. So if you guys like my Dust Tactics miniatures I’m going to keep them updated. And like I said give me some tips on how to improve my painting technique. Also does someone know how to get some Dust decals in Europe? I could order them in the US but would prefer if there would be an European distributer.
  7. Well okay, thats just how i thought the card is supposed to work. u got the passive (spawn a corps where a humanoid dies) that u can use always and the active where u can choose 1 of these 2 options once per turn. and it worked well in the game we played (at least it wasnt a 6 turns instant win for the keeper)
  8. on the card it says perform 1 (one) of the following, not both, not as much as u want .... one - why would they write one if you could still do it as often as you want? and as i played it i didnt have that big of a problem with the "unuesed" thread - you can still set the whole place on fire or use it on mythos cards.
  9. if i remeber correct you need at least 2 turns as a keeper to spawn 1 zombie. the first turn u spawn the corps and the 2nd to turn the corps into a zombie, u can only do one of these 2 actions once per turn! so it would take you at least 6 turns to spawn the 3 zombies and another 5 to move them to the altar.
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