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  1. I'm hoping the Kolat are still around! I have this notion they engineered the company change as a way to promote Men over Gods. And power, always power...
  2. Stars have cycles, and lifetimes... just not in a way that matters to anything else...
  3. I don't think we can get na accurate account of the communities of dead CCGs... I think we all agree that MtG is still #1 by a large margin. We can also agree that while L5R may not have been as large as other games in their respective golden ages it stayed alive while all others died. I won't make long time predictions not because I think the L5R fans will go away but because FFG seems to have no policy for long term, except to kill a game and reboot it. The only reason I don't play Netrunner is because there is not entry package. If I want to play I have to go around looking for who knows how many data packs sold who-knows-where. Their policy of no block cycling, and endless adding of cards means the community will bleed players because it's too hard/expensive to get into the game. Given this, I expect a huge sucess for a while and, assuming most mechanics stay the same, problem cards to appear in increasing volume. L5R goes from balanced to OP with 1GC diference. AEG worked the cycle of imbalances. No idea how to deal with it without cycles... I'll buy, I'll play. I may even go to Gen Com 2017...
  4. Coming in fresh at this topic after 7 pages... but here goes... I'm not a big fan of most of the L5R story. It started with Clan Wars and never came down, it's gods after gods after armageddons with an apocalypse in between... However, the fact that players made choices and those choices were reflected in cards WAS a good thing. I liked that. The story gave life to characters. Characters with clans, clans who you fight against and for. Clan loyalty was is BIG in L5R. It's a great thing IMO to see a prize card and reading who/where that story prize was won. Without the story and the story prizes you have a semi-oriental flavoured CCG with too many factions to balance and nightmarish base mechaniqs. I'm not saying everyone who played it was an l5r story buff or only played because of the story prizes... but it is unique and creates clan loyalty and clan loyalty was is a BIG part of L5R. So, keep the clans (If possible), keep the story going (you must), keep story prizes (In some fashion) and you'll have a community who loves L5R beyond game balance and tournament results.
  5. I don't agree with a lot of what Dave said but I do subscribe this: "At the same time, however, I want it to still be a game wherein it is my world, my stories, my Empire. And I, as always with L5R, am not alone in that." L5R is a lot more personal than other CCGs where, clan loyalties are a big part of the community. Story interaction with all it's problems and quirks is powerful. FFG took on a big task, good work and I'll most likely be around to see it in 2017.
  6. Play mechanics aside, I liked the Horde much better than Spider Clan. It was truly outside the Rokugani Social Order, no Imperial Favor, no honor gain/loss, only 1 way to win. Spider feels like a solution to difficulties in game design more than a story feel. OFC now that Spider has been around for more than half of L5R's history it's hard to go back... Much like it's hard to say Mantis is not a great clan. Favorite Shadowlands antagonist: Iuchiban. He had to be taken out by Rokugan's dark hero Hida Kisada.
  7. Hey guys, Check out the link for my Haves/Wants list: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_bMIc ... sp=sharing Wants - Priority : what I need to complete my definition of colection. Wants : What I don't have. Haves : This is my checklist, I'm willing to trade anything I have more than 1 of. In the case of unique cards send me a message, I have a ot of spares to add to this list. Hope we can help each other finish colections, Isidro _________________ Isidro Portuguese L5R collector and fan.
  8. Adeptus-B said: ... where all-powerful Space Marines automatically win just by showing up? That definition of "awesome" sounds deadly dull to me... Here are my 2 cents on this... Ignoring the TT necessity that all armies are balanced within a very small context and large situations are just colour/fluff and usually not even that. My view on SMs within the 40K universe is this: - They are the best of the best. Anything short of super-specialized troops should be cannon-fodder. - They should be as strong as the strongest alien, as fast as the fastest alien and as pretty as an Orc cheerleader hitting on pretty-boy Eldar! What I find interesting is playing the odds and making every mission a heroic achievment. Super-special planet overrun with aliens with a ticking time-bomb noone can defuse while going into a black hole? No, sweat. Send in the marines! IMO should be hard, should be gritty, burning fate points left and right because you're up against hordes of opponents and the universe depends on you! Another take on this for the same martyr/dead hero feel is: - You're the best we got but the universe is a cold, hard, place. Every fight is Ragnarok and you're a hero just by staying alive. Both should feel the same, but diff ppl react differently to both scenarios. Isidro
  9. Tarkand said: .... Basically, Deathwatch is everything Shadowrun isn't. ... Kind of disagree here... Shadowrun a game where you play a bad-ass professional good-guy with a hero complex ( check out a lot of published material, especially 1st edition stuff. Maria Mercurial, Bottled Demon, UB adventure ) in DW you ARE a "Street-Samurai" with a genetic hero complex. In wh40K heroes are martyrs and humanity is doomed but somehow a million guys hink otherwise and have the goodies to try and prove it. On to system stuff: - How did players react to mixed combat/other stuff challenges? Was it ok to put challenges on the table that called for other stuff or was it 1 die roll instead of many? - Did you manage to create situations where it was a good idea to do other stuff that shoot 1st? Did players react well and like? How did you do it? Regarding requisition... The game designers tottaly failed on the tech part of the game... they made a marine unit high adaptable and even gave the marines a running credit line on the most advanced stuff the empire has... this is the same empire that is working with a 10Ky-old rulebook ( Codex Astartes for marines ). Perhaps making the players conform to an accepted Codex astartes "aproved" Squad ? 1 special weapon, 1 heavy weapon? Anyway starting a long-term compaign in september and wanted to make sure we follow a good route to fun instead of burning out the game quickly. Isidro
  10. ItsUncertainWho said: Morangias said: ... It's the GM's responsibility to understand what things are and how they will impact their game. If a GM allows a player to take something, a class, weapon, etcetera, that is "broken" in relation to their game, because said GM doesn't know how to deal with it, then it is their fault to begin with. ... This is so wrong it hurts... The GM is another guy around the table doing something for fun. It's a shared responsability amongst all players to make for a fun, entertaining, challenging game. This said, if a group as a clear majority doesn't want anything in the game then it shouldn't be there. Be it an inquisitor, Vindicare or any other class/skill/talent. Stop blaming the GM, if you're a player HELP the GM. It's not a battle of GM vs Players. Isidro
  11. 2 cents: They, FFG, recommends that he may be able to dodge all kinds of attacks... I'd go for it. Temple assassin is super-powerfull combatant and limited. According to almost 100% of the cannon those dudes are used for missions and the rest of the time they are waiting for the next one, doing nothing. I don't see the any of the temple assassins with a family and personal interestes of any kind. If you making an adventure for Rank16 ascention toons... well... Go for Epic stuff, REALLY epic stuff. Think Ravenor/Eisenhorn book stuff... Else call it a night and start over Ideas: - Marine talent killing strike - Feint - Death Cult assassin - Nuke? Isidro
  12. Given that 40k is a blend of hi-tech "wizardry" and low-tech barbarism, I'd say it can be anything... BUT, sorry for this ppl who play psychers, in WH40K beeing a psycher is to be subjected to deeply ingraned "Racism" from almost everybody. And I feel any mark should have this in mind, the imperium is branding a potential gate to the warp it should be an issue. Ofc it's all BS as imperium functions on psychic power, but there it is... most countries that depended on slave labor also ended up with big race issues so I guess it makes "sense". Isidro
  13. Just keep in mind it's not heresy if it's done by an Inquisitor. Remember that when they come for you.
  14. reidchapman said: "I shoot the farseer" "She can into the future" .... .... "How?" "SHE CAN SEE INTO THE FUTURE!" Denial! The emporer's best and most potent tool! Isidro
  15. Polaria said: Ä little side-note: If you are using Rites of Battle allying with xenos of ANY type will result in -2 Renown penalty, even if the Battle-brothers only agreed to this because they were ordered to. Don't forget this! If they group wants some sort of advantage there needs to be a cost! Isidro
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