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  1. This is probably me being dense and not noticing something blatantly obvious. I do that sometimes. However, I have a few rules questions as a soon-to-be new DM that you gentlefolk may be able to help me with. First off, are there any formal rules for generating NPCs? If I'm making a significant NPC or nemesis, I'll use the PC generation system, but that seems a bit too involved for grunt NPCs and bit players who may or may not even appear, and while I appreciate all the premade npcs in the various books, I feel like there should be a framework for making new NPC types to suit the campaign's needs. Have I just overlooked the appropriate sections, or has someone else put something together? Also, are there any rules for expending or burning profit factor? My sense is that, if the PCs go on a sufficient spending spree, say by purchasing and fulling rigging out a light cruiser in the space of a session, there should be a dip in their resources for a while as they liquidate some assets and mortgage others, at least until their new acquisition is out generating revenue rather than consuming it. Maybe too an option where, if players don't want to fail a critical acquisition, they can burn some PF to get a bonus on their role, representing a truly monumental outlay of resources. I even feel like I've seen comments on the forums during previous creeps that referenced something like this, but now I can't find anything for the life of me online or in the books. Am I imagining things? I'm pretty excited about trying out RT and introducing it to my group. Any help you gentlefolk can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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