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  1. D.e.gettle hobby shop has been thinking about turning the extra space into gaming area if people in the shrewsbury interested we could meet there? So any interest in organizing to play some games ? Anyone?
  2. Well just got my third copy if any one or ones wants to get together and play send me your deck build and it can make it for the get together. If you don't have a third copy of coarse , or no cards at all.
  3. Hey I'm actully going to be up by comic store west an Planet X for 10ish days if your interested in some games give me a heads up.
  4. I live closer to the shrewsbury area, what about that new hobby shop by the steam train? I can talk to the owner see what he says about that idea. There also that cafe shop next to the steam train I see people playing board games at. CSW or Planet X comics up in york is alright but for me it's a bit far, I'll go up there if they host some tournaments.
  5. Were is STL is it in Maryland? Or is it in Russia?
  6. If you find them stores can you list them for us?
  7. So when say snotlings attacks warlord zarathur they do 2 damage? Since the interrupt says when damage done to the enemy. So at this point zarathur is the enemy!
  8. Any groups or people looking to make a group? Around the york ,Hanover pa? And northern Maryland area? South east pa ?
  9. What planet, country, state, province, ocien, demention, multiverse or galaxy is Murfreesboro located?
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