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  1. Hi all: Got the revised edition with a pack of other miniatures, love this game! A friend of mine brings this question to me: "Should all miniatures of player A finish their moves/actions before those of player B could take any action?" I just read the rules book and the turn order looks like the following: Player A units ----> Player B units ------> Player A units ... But he insists the above sequence would make the units waiting to take actions too vulnerable to enemy attacks therefore the order should be like: Player A unit 1 ----> Player B unit 1 -----> PlayerA unit 2 ----> Player B unit 2 ----> until all units finish their actions. I believe I am right but I cannot find the right section describing the rules from the book, any help?
  2. Hi all: I have just brought the Warhammer Invasion(WI):Core set,its Dark/High Elf expansion and the first booster pack from the Corruption Cycle last weekend. I am a hardcore board/card game fan but new and really need your help to quickly setup simple decks to experience the duel between the Orcs and the Dark Elves(I prefer to play as Dark Elves and I will leave my fridend with the Orcs). I don't have the cards at my hands right now. Basically I'd like to know the general best practiceof how to build a deck out of the cards available? The size would be 50, I reckon. So, I will start with my Dark Elf deck first. From the booster pack I see three good Dark Pegasus, which have Toughness(3). I found a simple combo based on the walking sacrifice and the building to return card with printed cost lower than 2 to draw one extra card. The tactic cards work pretty well such as the "we need your blood" etc. However, I found some "weakness" like those: Cost 1 units - the preists come to play without a power unless with developments in a section, this wouldn't mean anything at the start of the game; thus makes this unit only for later use? Cost 2 units - the cards with a Scout feature, they are too weak to survive the combat to enable their card discarding ability. Any better use to utilize this feature? Cost 4 units - the card with reduced cost if enemy has more corrupted units; but I can hardly find any card with ability to corrupt enemies. So this would mean to combine with the Chaos faction? Cost 5 units - this would mean the heros: I get one hero to reduce enemy hit points based on the numbers of development in this section. I reckon this is the best of all "big fellas". For a deck of 50, how many cards of this would you include? 2? 3? to maximize the possibility to draw it at an early turn? I have a nearby gamestore that can only provide The Corruption Cycle and The Enemy Cycle, so my choices are not too many... Any good cards for me to collect in those? Or should I just consult the full cardlist and read all of the descriptions from somewhere? ============================================================== So for the Orcs. I got the booster to add three lovely Spider Rider in, they are pretty good cost 1 units. I cannot think of any better strategy to work out the Orcs faction as I feel like this faction is more emphasizing on brutal comabt power. How to improve it I really not sure. ============================================================== For the Quests cards, I can only think them as a way to fetch additional resources to be used in later or when necessary. But which Quest cards to pick? I certainly don't have too many of them. So as a general rule of thumb, how many of Quest cards you would normally have in a deck? Sorry for so many little questions and thanks a lot in advance!
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