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  1. What are the three ways to add her? I assume one way would be to purchase her asset card with earned experience points. Another would be by making the appropriate choice at the end of the scenario (burning your house down), but what's the third way?
  2. But if you don't get Lita in the first scenario, you don't get her for the rest of the campaign. The setup instructions for the other two scenarios don't add her to anyone's deck, which (spoiler alert) can make the third scenario more difficult since no one has her to sacrifice in that scenario to make it easier.
  3. If an effect says you must discard cards off the top of your deck and it's empty, I would treat it the same as if I were instructed to draw a card and the deck is empty, the difference being that the cards drawn are discarded rather than taken into hand.
  4. I did miss that, wasn't paying attention to details. Thanks
  5. It seems to me that Act2b in the Curse of the Rougarou expansion can't be successfully resolved for the following reason: one of the tasks to achieve this resolution ("We must learn more about this curse") states that the investigators need 4 clues per investigator, as a group. However, even if the investigators collect all clues from all locations, they will find at most 3 clues per investigator (total), and that doesn't include the cost to advance from Act 1 to Act 2, nor the clues that must be spent just to engage the Rougarou. So how can this be achieved?
  6. I'd like to see an England side board since Cyaegha and Eihort haven't yet made an appearance in EH, and both are in England. Cthugha and Yibb-Tstll also haven't been introduced into the game yet. I'm not holding out much hope for Cyaegha since that AO hasn't been in any previous Arkham games, but the others have. If Eihort appears as an AO and not an epic monster, I can see him appearing as part of a large expansion with a second AO and an England side board. Cthugha will most likely be an epic monster, and not an AO I believe. As for Yibb-Tstll, if she appears as an AO and not an epic monster, she would be a good second AO to place with Eihort in a large expansion. 1/27/17: I almost forgot about Glaaki, another Ancient One based in England. So, there's the two AOs for an England expansion: Glaaki and Eihort.
  7. Yes, but does revealing a gate mean it is placed back into the stack face up or face down? If multiple gates are revealed, are they placed back in their original position, or is the revealed stack returned to the top of the gate stack (again, face up or face down)? The rules don't specify or make this clear.
  8. I'm unclear as to whether or not gates revealed in the gate stack are returned face up or face down to the stack in their original position. I'm assuming face down, but the rules don't specify.
  9. I was just wondering how to use the Omens of Ice AOs in other game modes, specifically the use of storm tokens. Are the tokens used in other game modes if you are using an Omens AO? I'm assuming so since the expansion rules don't specifically say they aren't used in other game modes.
  10. I received my order shortly after the 14th of January via priority mail (like I requested - never got upgraded due to the delay). I sent two emails to FFG customer support prior to that and at least got a reply. I never intend to order direct from FFG unless I have no other alternatives. Besides, you can often find the same product(s) on other web sites for less, including the cost of shipping. A recent example: I ordered Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham from Amazon for less than $25 (including shipping) and FFG sells it for $25 plus shipping. I also pre-ordered Elder Sign: Omens of Ice from Miniature Market for less than $25 including shipping. Again, FFG is asking $25 plus shipping (once the product is released).
  11. My order finally shipped out the 14th, though FFG refused to upgrade shipping due to the delay. Advice to FFG: it's not that difficult to keep customers up to date on the status of their orders. Keep them advised of delays via email (since delays due to inventory were never posted on FFG's website), otherwise you're just going to get a lot of POed customers wondering what's going on. Besides, it's just plain rude and unprofessional to keep customers in the dark when they're paying for something.
  12. On January 3rd, I placed an order with FFG. I got the standard "order received" email, but no confirmation on shipping. I wrote to their Customer Service department, and found out that their warehouse was closed the first week of January for inventory and that they'd resume shipping on the 11th. It's now the 14th and I still haven't received a confirmation on shipping for my order. So, I wrote another email yesterday (the 13th) asking what's going on with my order and to upgrade my order to overnight or 3-day delivery at no extra charge for the delay. They haven't responded to my email. Since I'm not getting any reply from Customer Service, I thought I'd post here if for no other reason than to let others know of the poor customer service with FFG. If this continues, I'll request a refund for my order and take my business elsewhere.
  13. The rules for ES: Unseen Forces state that blessings and curses are discarded when the AO awakens, but doesn't say anything about items which allow investigators to gain a blessing (such as Holy Water). If an investigator uses such an item during the final battle, does he gain a blessing or is the item useless? And if he can gain a blessing, how does he lose it since he can't fail an adventure to discard it? For my games, I've been allowing players to use items to gain blessings during the final battle, but they must discard the blessing if they don't defeat the AO during their turn (instead of failing an adventure).
  14. Here's a question that I'm still not clear on, even after playing Elder Sign for so long: can a player cast more than one spell to secure dice after rolling? The rulebook and FAQ don't specify. For my personal games, I've been allowing players to cast more than one spell. What's the official ruling on this?
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