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  1. How comparable are the two games? I love Descent but I love the idea of a game about thieves looting from each other. If Cadwallon is half as fun as Descent then I can't wait to get this game.
  2. As the title states I am interested in the game, however, I have one broad question. What games are comparable to Kingsburg?
  3. As for the supply issue I would make that simply a primary objective for the players as an ongoing issue for them. Locating areas with new weapon supplies, armour and even nourishment can be left up the players to worry about. Space Hulks are often asteroids, massive ships, space stations, even parts of planets. One way to have the players find a way to deal with supply is include a section of the Space Hulk that once was a Space Marrine Battle Barge, Watch station or even monastery. This area could be reclaimed and then used as a hub or base that allows players to launch "raids" or missions into the rest of the Hulk. I really like the idea of the Hulk occasionally breaching real space and allowing the players brief contact with Imperial Forces to give them the feeling of hope and then tension when they lose contact.
  4. I think your ideads are fantastic for a campaign. What I immediately thought about is what could happen to a Kill team once they have successfully survived and left the warp. You could have them flung across the galaxy or even through time. What if after the space hulk campaign the players learn they have returned to the Jericho Reach before Watch Fortress Erioch was built or the Achilius Crusade launched. Situations were Kill Teams are cut off completely still adds a lot of tension for players. This is true even when playing mighty space marines in my exepreince. Thank you for the great ideas. I think I know what my second campaign will focus on.
  5. I am a long time tabletop gamer but have only recently encountered the term living card game. As I understand it there are only set expansions in a living card game and the contents of any single set are meant for both players. How does that translate for deck building? My brother and I really enjoy tabletop miniatures and Warhammer but don't always have time for a model based game. A card game in the same setting were we don't have to worry about buying a million cards sounds fantastic.
  6. If it does well I think we can hope to expect expansions based on the newer characters and enemies.
  7. I am also looking forward to the these new rules. Andy Chambers has done some interesting work in the past.
  8. Its meant to be a fun, narrative rule as explained above. The rule satirizes and honors the staple of the action movie genre were the action heroes never look at explosions. There is no reward or penalty other than the group of players laughing, bragging or lamenting the result. When all the players roll and no one "looks" we call that an Epic Win.
  9. Thank you for all the feedback. This has been very helpful. I am going to continue playing Deathwatch with my players because some of them are newer to tabletop RPGs but eventually I want to move them into different settings and game systems so all this advice has been great.
  10. My gaming group loves Deathwatch and Rogue Trader but for a change we are looking at Fantasy. I just have a few questions. If I have a gaming group with more than 4 players what's the best way to make sure more players have all the components? My understanding is also that I don't need the Core Set and I can get the Guide books. Can I begin running a campaign by simply starting with the GM Guide, Player's guide and Creature Guide?
  11. I am so excited about this game! I understand that Dark Eldar are going to be included as adversaries. I wonder how people would be interested in playing as Dark Eldar pirates ascharacters. After the game's release I plan on posting home brew rules for running a raiding party.
  12. It is more likely that the DeathWatch would manipulate Orks into a situation were the Orks begin fighting the tryanids. This could be as simple as feigning a retreat from the Orks to lure them into a trap against the swarm. Ultimately it is up to your imagination. The Deathwatch exists to act independently and at least partially removed from the structure of their parent chapters. Kill Teams can and will take liberties such as siding with certain Xenos to destroy greater threats. This kind of situation is great for determining the beliefs of your player's characters. Puritan versus radicalism is a great plot point.
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