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  1. definitely make them allies!!! it is more fitting to the overall theme and the previous Istari… but cool cards anyway! a tad overpowered ps: I really would have loved Tolkien to write a book of "Eastern-Earth"… I was always kind of fascinated with the Istari, esp. Pallando and Alatar, of whom we know little if nothing… also, I would have loved to read more about Radagast… it's a shame in my opinion, what they have done to poor Radagast in the movie… he's is like a crazy mushroom-eating clown!!! COME ON! A RABBIT SLEIGH!!!!!! REALLY?!?!? To many mainstream-money-grabbing-movies these days anyway… but The Hobbit… all in all it was all "too funny"… I know that it's a child's book, but the movie… I hope the second one gets more "earnest" btw… sorry for the off-topic stuff…
  2. ehm… definitely without deckbuilding…. you are not going to get very far! I am telling you, once you delve into this LCG world of LOTR… you will automatically want to enhance your experience by building your "own" heroes and decks… it is just so much fun, given that the whole concept of a living card game is that you receive new cards, alter your strategy, if your former one did not succeed, etc etc new cards mean new experiences and you really will not want to rob yourself of that! I promise, it is worth the try! cu and good luck, mellón! -varyon
  3. I mean the "threat dial" argument isn't really a strong one… only an indicator - I mean, even these guys cannot fathom everything and are not as long in this particular game as WotC for MtG… they really have a great R&D department, money grab aside… but here, this game is basically in the "beta" or "Revised" stadium!!! idk… and in the core set, it would really have been difficult to get your threat below 0, though possible through extreme-turtling, sneak attack gandalf and other threat reduction… but specifically for the balrog scenario and with elrond's counsel, there is a possibility! also, you can place an infinite amount of quest tokens on a stage card if it has other requirements (yes, I was getting at journey down the anduin), so it is not limited to the amount of progress tokens given to us by ffg in one or two core sets :DDDD also, you can have more resources than the amount of given resource tokens I was just asking, but we really need an official ruling… this only matters for the shadow and flame scenario and mostly for one player who is the "sneaky" guy, but you know, maybe for ultra-secrecy decks, too?!? I am happy, if FFG rules the threat limits to 0-50…. but also, you CAN think about negative threat…. ah, well, thanks for the discussion guys!!! you always are of great help…
  4. given that you can do so many things, which are not explicitly in the rulebook… you can put infinite quest tokens on a stage card… or location for that matter, and draw as many cards as you like and hold as many cards as you like… you know, given the new scoring system and what not, I though it would be able… it does make things more difficult for my deck, but not impossible… I just have to keep then my threat around zero a couple of turns, until I have enough cannonfodder ok, gonna try out again with this deck… thanks
  5. Hey guys, maybe this question was already asked? But, can your threat level ever go below 0? Asking, esp for shadow and flame, where you start with 0 threat - if you manage to lower your threat even lower during the first turn and maintain it in the negative numbers, then the balrog would never attack you, right??? assuming you can… then you'd have to raise it intentionally by not questing to be able to "fight" him later??? thanks guys! varyon
  6. I don't bother scoring… it is pointless and just keeps me calculating while I could be playing another round of the game… without a league or a tournament, it doesn't make any sense! I could see this game as a sort of LEAGUE-style competition, where you regularly play games, establish a win/loss ratio, and then the best play a new custom-designed scenario (later available via POD)… a real one day tournament is just unimaginable for me and pointless… you're kind of playing WITH your friends… idk…
  7. yes, THAT I can live with… so you're assuming that this LCG will in fact cover the "book" part of LOTR? i.e. the war of the ring? that would actually be great to play as a team in a HUGE campaign start from the shire, pass the misty mountains, lorien, the anduin, etc…. all the way to mordor I could imagine wiser and older and mightier versions of the hobbits or other characters… but as this game was originally supposed to cover the 17 years "inbetween"… well… so far, so good, I can't complain!
  8. yeah, because the MAIN REASON why I play this game is the relative adherence to Tolkien's stories and characters… if they start putting in "generic" fantasy features, this will ruin the game! I already don't like the fact that in the future probably, you are going to be able to make a hobbit deck and wander around moria, meet the balrog, say hi, run away, go to osgiliath… WHAT THE ***** the hobbits NEVER would have wandered on their own in middle-earth! that's plain ridiculous! all other characters I could accept, though through our playing the quests and Tolkien's book, Aragorn and Boromir etc. have met the balrog twice (!?!?) and have already been to Moria… but roaming around with three hobbits… think about it: they wouldn't even have the willpower or stamina or strength 17 years ago - just look at frodo, other than his ability… or bilbo. making pippin and sam and merry… it could work but THAT already is a very far-fetched theme in Tolkien's world… MORE freedom - absolutely not stick to the system…
  9. VERY interesting… hmmm… though I can't measure the scope yet… I am just going to have to play the game ;-) Of course, I think that 1st Edition is still better, but this has potential, esp with the conversion kit! THAT I like! As always FFG, you find new ways of draining my bank account… :-S
  10. personally, I think HE IS AWESOME!!!! but the power curve for this game is rising to quickly… compare the first adventure pack where you really had to struggle with the encounter deck… or khazad-dum… with the newest cards, these old quests are not a problem anymore… and the new ones… what do you think people? getting easier? or heavier?
  11. Munich, Germany All expansions Long live the Overlord!
  12. Though I am very eager to see 2e edition, I nevertheless bought D1e recently. Also, I bought all of the expansions (in french and italian mind you, german/english versions are unbelievably expensive nowadays) because my friends and I like this game so much. After reading the rules, I also had to have the expansions. I don't care. My hop is only to be able to convert most of the stuff to 2e edition which another friend of mine is going to buy. We can then combine all of the good of both games… maybe the rules are a bit messy in 1e, but I adore the "old school" look and feel… puts me back into a sort of a 90s RPG (D&D, The Black Eye, Diablo I)… kind of like the difference between Warcraft 2 and 3 or SC 1 and SC 2 graphicwise (and controlwise)… sure, the games last longer but there is such a depth… Remains to see how 2e will compete with game depth with "streamlined", i.e. simplified rules…
  13. I also think that the rules are better this way… the hours we spent measuring the exact angles and arguing… until the online sight checker came out…. I was very frustrated as the Overlord… let's hope that the new rules, which seem good in theory also provide for a little faster line of sight determination….
  14. I also think, that the subtypes will be optional, or they will be available via skill cards which would be awesome as you would know your general direction when you pick your hero, but fate would determine your subclass and other skills... looking forward to the game.... sounds promissing!
  15. lackey is awesome... it even has this lcg. LOL and yes, it would cost a fortune to buy ALL the CCG cards (esp editions 15, 17, 18 - don't get me started...) but the most cards are quite cheap, I assure you! ah well, there's only so much time and money... and I think this game is better, because of the artwork, tokens, co-op... don't get me wrong I also love Lotr CCG...
  16. personally I like the system and FFG is doing a GREAT JOB on the timetable - I mean, I don't know about you guys - but to all people complaining we have too few cards n quests - I've got all the cards and I haven't even played the APs with my group... solo only up to dead marshes! you complaining people have WAY too much time for this game... I can BARELY manage to read all cards and stay up to date with the FAQ etc. the SPEED IS FINE!!! I DO NOT want another MtG or whatever, where 80% of my cards are just useless throwaways, only good for limited. I DO NOT want to spend more money, e.g. 100 $ every 3-4 months for only ONE display and still not have all the cards... I WANT to know all the cards and I WANT to be able to play them all and THEN decide which ones I don't want to use - have you REALLY tried ALL the possible combinations so far? (kudos if you have, but then again - you spend too much time with the game - enjoy it slowly, like a good meal - don't devour it!!!) to each his own, but I am totally content... ... ...
  17. don't worry guys I have the same setup. BUT there are 117 encounter cards when I counted last... just add the numbers of the new enumeration under the icon - should be 117 - somebody counted wrong - the wrote 116 encounter cards and 14 quest, but there are 13 quest and 117 encounter cards... maybe one of the marketing guys screwed up and counted a torch or book of mazarbul as a "quest" card... btw: OMG THIS IS THE BEST COMPONENT OF THE GAME SO FAR!!!! AWESOME QUESTS, COHERENT ATMOSPHERE and COOL PLAYER CARDS::: WWWWWWOW!
  18. words of wisdom, indeed. ffg, take your time... after all, there HAS to be a quality jump now, as we are approaching the second cycle... though I LOVED the last quest... it's soooo hard
  19. this "effect" also occurs when spearman of gondor kills a creature whilst defending, right? because I declare a defender, then spearman's effect kicks in, and if it kills the creature, the shadow card does not resolve, right?
  20. since I NEVER saw ANY staff of ffg post on this forum - I think they won't be hearing any of our partitions, eerrrrrr, petitions ;-) which is a pity... couldn't we get a moderator for this forum, who can delete some threads, close them, reply to rules, etc... I think - which is standard btw in anything produced - that ffg has already finished the deluxe ap and the first 2-3 ap of the dwarrowdelf cycle... after the deluxe ap, we will see a change! and maybe tournaments - ANYONE know SWORD QUEST on ATARI?? if the PRIZES ARE THAT COOL, like a real golden sword with rubies, e.g. narsil, etc - THEN we can talk... anywho, ffg won't certainly ban cards - they simply won't make them if they think they're to powerful... people, the guys at ffg aren't stupid, they do this for a living!!!
  21. and there's still another reason, why some other people find this game too easy... which I also thought the first 2 games and then I reread the rulebook... btw: FAQ this, Mr Pumpkin! Excess progress tokens are placed on the quest card if it cannot be completed due to other requirements - such as Hill Trolls and Emyn Muil Locations... and don't put any more bad ideas into ffg's head remove all progress tokens and reset your quest... how about - double your threat, if it is under 15!!!! that would be a good anti-spirit card
  22. I don't know about you guys: certainly, FFG could make the quests extremely harder - not only by raising the stats - there are enough nasty mechanics to kill a group of travellers... but do you think the big masses would buy this game? I know, some of us want a challenge, some of us don't even abide by the rules and make themselves an easy life... the problem is: in mtg, lotr decipher, etc you had an opponent - and you had the same cards (provided the money...) - so it was deckbuilding against deckbuilding and reacting to specific situations.... with an encounter deck, which DOES NOT change, you only have a limited range of options which you eventually find out and then you can win - but what would you rather have - scenarios, which can be done in a certain amount of time and tries, or totally unbeatable scenarios - you only have these two choices... there is no scenario which will ALWAYS be challenging... at least, let us wait until the Deluxe AP, to see in which direction this game is headed... so far, I LOVE the player cards... and some scenarios are really fun! But of course somehow I can foresee that the very nature of this game could mean its own doom, if not properly handed...
  23. would somebody please tell me why this is still an active thread? the rules are clear, and if you want to play differently, ok, do what you want... as long as there are no organized tournaments - nobody can complain... so what the hell... I play - when I draw the first card, I win automatically
  24. well... still... even with the power creep - I find it hard to imagine that we are ever going to have an easy time with Dol Guldur, or Journey to Rhosghobel or Massing at Osgiliath... speaking solo strictly... the older quests will automatically get easier!!! as we have more possibilities, but the quests stay the same, it will get easier... that's the problem with co-op, or ffg introduces a system where we can effectively try to build or own encounter deck... and challenge ourselves... of course, you can do that already... put in 4 trolls, 2 nazguls, 2 hill trolls, hummerhorns, necromancers reach, exhaustion, rockslide and all other nice cards we love so much... and you have a challenge ok, storywise strange, but... you'll just never have as great a challenge as playing against a human being - ffg may prove me wrong though... waiting for the Deluxe AP... so far, I am very content with the content of this game... lots of combos to try... I just wish there was a way to magnify the intelligence of the evil side... this randomness of the encounter deck is VERY exciting when dealing shadow cards... but else... esp in Rhosghobel, it's just annoying
  25. erikwm said: Some hobbit specific cards... Wonder how Gandalf the White would turn out? Will they ever print a Sauron encounter card? Maybe you can recreate the fight when they defeated him the first time... that would be cool. In my opinion at least. "they" don't have the rights to Silmarillion... and then they could print Feanor, Thorondor, Ungolianth, Morgoth, too... no way!!! That's a WHOLE different time age!!! that would be against all laws of Tolkien's world... at least the cards would not be compatible with the "new" ones... the game is SET BETWEEN Bilbo's Birthday and Frodo's departure! (frodo is 33 on bilbo's 111th birthday...) as to sauron: I see the same problem as with the Balrog - storywise you just CAN'T meet either of them - how about that: The Fellowship: Oh, Caradhras is cruel and blocking the way... where shall we go? Gimli: Moria!!!! My cousin Balin... Gandalf: BUT, the BALROG!!! Aragorn: No problem, Gandi, we already defeated him 17 years ago, you remember that little quest in the Deluxe AP??? Gandi: Oh yeah, sure!!! We'll just march through! Legolas: Yes, and we also killed Sauron! Those were the days... now THAT was a hard quest... Boromir: Anyone know, why we're still bringing the One Ring to Mordor???
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