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  1. Well, I've just downloaded Lackey, and I'm trying to find out how to build a deck. I've downloaded the plugin for the game, but now...? *EDIT* Never mind! Found it! Now, to build...and to get Skype...
  2. I'm so glad that Northblade started this thread. Not only did the thread cement my belief that LotR:TCG players are some of the most amiable, helpful folks around, but it actually gave me ideas for improving my play, being a relatively new player. I've only just experienced my first win against Anduin, and it was in a two-player game. Playing it the right way, without modifications...it was a sweet victory! My friend and I were really, genuinely excited to have beaten it! That being said, I would not alter the game in any way. I win more than I lose against Mirkwood, but have never won solo against Anduin. I'm still learning the deck-building side of things, having just acquired the expansions. GhostWolf69 makes some great points that I will be considering when I go back to the drawing board for my decks. My wife also likes LotR, but isn't much of a gamer. If I can get two well-balanced decks together, I might get her to play on a somewhat regular basis. Oh, and if anyone is interested, I wouldn't mind trying to play long-distance. As a noob, it might not be fun for an experienced player, but I'd be happy to hash things out with another noob...or a vet with patience =)
  3. "You're the closest thing I have to a father!" "What do you think Padme would do were she in your position?" "He is like my brother...I cannot do it!"
  4. I just scrolled thru Cardgamedb.com and didn't see too much in the way of a Lore/Tactics deck built from just one core set. I've tweaked my Leadership/Spirit deck based on an idea listed there, but I am now trying out the infamous Journey Along the Anduin and have gotten bootstomped by a certain Hill Troll in back to back games (thought I had a shot in the second game, but a surging Wolf Rider revealed a second HT and I just scooped). I plan on getting more cards (likely the adventure packs and the big-box expansion, not a second core set) so I know the pool will grow, and along with that, my options. In the meantime, does anyone have a suggestion for a decent Lore/Tactics deck that I could run? And on a side note, a question about Steward of Gondor: Once attached, can I conceivably use it twice in a turn? If I use it at the end of the combat phase, can I use it again after I refresh during the action window at the end of the refresh phase? Dumping four resources onto an Aragorn that has Celebrian's Stone on him seems pretty naughty. Thanks for the help!
  5. Hastur360 said: St. Petersburg, FL We have a decent play group of about 10 players currently and growing. I'm in New Port Richey, Florida, not too far from St. Pete. I play in Dunedin from time to time, but no one plays LotR at the FLGS there that I know of. A buddy of mine lives in Spring Hill, and we play sometimes (he introduced me to the game, and I love it!). Full disclosure - I am a noob, and not megacompetitive. I'd much rather play for fun than play seriously, if you get my meaning =)
  6. This was in a Target in Trinity, Florida, about 15 miles northwest of Tampa. I haven't been to any others in the area to see if they're carrying it. Fingers crossed that they are... I don't read any gaming magazines, or frequent too many gaming-related sites other than Cool Stuff; I wonder if they are, or would consider, advertising the game in some way other than word-of-mouth?
  7. Strolled down the toy and game aisle and what did I see on the bottom shelf of board games, next to Monopoly? Yep! AGoT Core Sets! I was thrilled to see it in a box store...every bit of exposure helps. That being said, I am going to watch those things like a hawk. If they don't sell well and go on clearance, I am TOTALLY buying another one. Of course, I hope it doesn't come to that =) Maybe, FINALLY, someone in the area OTHER THAN ME will pick it up and start playing!
  8. I have mixed feelings. I like the black border as it makes the colors pop a bit more for me. But since the vast majority of LCG cards are white-bordered, I'm just used to it now. It sets it apart from other card games I play, like Magic. And while black can show chips and dings faster, white can show oils and dirt faster. Still, I think I lean toward the white.
  9. Yeah, this is probably the single best thread I've read on this forum. I, like the OP, STILL have a tough time with timing. This explanation, in real-time game terms, is ideal for me. Much appreciated!
  10. fenixink said: 1. Is this game still alive and well? 2. If so, I am friends with a local shop owner who might allow me to run a demo and if there is enough interest stock the game, is there anyone to speak with about obtaining some demo product? 3. As a new player what is the easiest way to get caught up with the game? Do all the core sets contain the same base so that I can simply buy a set of the latest core and then any expansions I might need? This is exciting and the concept of a living card game is something I've never heard of until now but like very much. I asked my local shop about AGoT and they were aware the game existed, but that was it. They did say that if I wanted to, I could schedule a time to go there and offer a demo, but I'd be using my cards. Dunno why that makes me nervous. I wonder if FFG offers any kind of demo kits for any of their games? I know Wizards of the Coast provides free "starter decks" for Magic, one 30-card deck in each color. They are very basic cards with no resale value. Would FFG consider putting together a very basic scaled-down deck in two different houses just to be able to show people the mechanics? I also know that some game stores buy full copies of games then leave them open for demo purposes. Incidentally, I would suggest buying a Core Set just to get acclimated, and get comfortable with the rules and timing. Then use sites like Card Game DB and Dabbler to shop around for cards or decks that fit the house you like, then buy the appropriate expansions or chapter packs. Have fun and welcome!
  11. Here's another thread that might give you some ideas and options: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=16&efcid=4&efidt=498290&efpag=0#528473 My entry has already changed as I am now using two "shoeboxes" for my collection. These things add up FAST.
  12. I just had a game where I had a Robb Stark (KotS) in play with Shaggydog and Nymeria attachments, along with a Ghost (DotN). My Martell opponent attacked with three characters. Using Shaggydog's ability (Challenges: Kneel a Direwolf card to choose 1 attacking character. Until the end of the phase, that character gets -2 STR), I knelt both attachments and Ghost to reduce the strength of each attacker by 2. I then played At Night They Howl (Any Phase: Stand all Creature cards in play). I then re-knelt all three Direwolf cards to give each of the attackers another -2 STR, effectively reducing their total power to 0. The question is - was that a legal play?
  13. Saturnine said: Captain Bulldozer said: If attacking characters are saved from being killed, they would, of course, be still participating, and the challenge goes its usual course. Hey, the search engine for the boards worked! We had a situation tonight where a Red Viper with a dupe on it was attacking when I played Lethal Counterattack. The dupe was discarded to save the Viper and the attack continued. Glad we got the call right =)
  14. Wonderful! Thanks for posting. I still get tripped up with timing, and having this handy (as opposed to using my laptop) should help some.
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