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  1. That wasn't difficult, was it? Yet the tone seems as if he was having his teeth pulled.
  2. Preparations: Immediately end your turn: Every turn you must perform a certain number of actions, so if you 'immediately end your turn' you avoid expending some actions. Sometimes the game becomes a slow bicycle race in which you try to run the other guy out of actions so that you can perform your remaining actions unopposed. Remove one of your Op fire tokens: Placing an Op Fire token prevents that unit from moving or making an attack during your own turn. If your opponent hasn't offered you an Op Fire target or there is a pressing need to react to something, you might want to remove the token and use the unit in other ways. Surprise Assault: You buy it in the Command Phase and place it in your Play Area. Then you 'spend' it at a moment of your choice during the Action Phase. You can shout what you want when you play it.
  3. 1. Normal attacks - no effect. Suppressive attacks - cumulative effect, see p29. Assault attacks - reduced defender's attack strength, see p33. 2. Yes that's how it works. No do not clear the initiative card (though there is a Strategy card which does this). If you cannot compete on initiative, use your command to buy Strategy cards. 3. Objective hexes are owned by the last player to occupy them. See p14. Use the Control Markers provided to remember who owns what. 4. Defense dice against Op Fire are as normal. You only take damage if your opponent rolls more hits than you roll 'saves' with any defense dice you may have. 5. Yes. Though some Artillery Strategy cards stipulate what type of attack they will produce.
  4. I have recently posted a number of messages and a file with answers to BON questions from designer Sergio Guerri over on BoardGameGeek.
  5. Who says that a vehicle figure represents one vehicle? If you assume it represents several then they could be facing in different directions.
  6. The REAL reason that smoke isn't used much is the method of delivery. It requires getting Engineer squads out front into what is usually poor defensive territory. If they get there and a single figure survives the Op Fire unpinned then you can pop smoke. If you could fire smoke using artillery, instead of those useless suppressive barrages, then people would be using smoke all the time regardless of the one Action Phase duration. Smoke is also an attractive use for the Furry Bear optional ammo rules. If I buy a smoke round and fire it in front of your only anti-tank gun, do you really want that gun to be masked for two Action Phases (possibly a quarter of the game)?
  7. Look at Page 47 of your TOI "Rules of Play" soldier, under "Card Errata".
  8. Why would you lay smoke at the end of an Action Phase though? That would be as daft as suppressing an enemy Op Fire MG at the end of the Action Phase. Surely you use it near the START of an Action Phase in order to cover some subsequent action you have planned. Since smoke is Blocking Terrain, wouldn't it become too powerful if it was allowed to hang around for two Action Phases, especially with the Furry Bear optional ammo rules? Just playing the Devil's Advocate......
  9. 1. Rules say "If at any time a concealed squad is within LOS of an enemy unit and is not located in cover-providing terrain", and "any time" clearly includes while it is moving. So you could use Opportunity Fire on it in the clear hex. 2. A disrupted squad does not roll any attack dice in melee (though it might get defense dice for any cover it possesses). Note also that if forced to retreat it is eliminated.
  10. In Status Phase 2 the German is given a Tiger and four loaded half-tracks to place in two hexes. Apart from being a nice target for an immediate artillery stonk, it is not possible to legally place these five vehicles with a stacking limit of 2 vehicles per hex. Does anybody play-test these scenarios?
  11. What I meant is, what happens if I place (say) an AP-B token next to a vehicle but decide during the Action Phase that I want to fire at infantry?. The rules say "The next time the unit attacks, the token must be flipped over, and any effect must be applied to the attack". I suppose you could argue that you do this and there is NO effect (including prohibiting long-range atatcks with HE) because the target is not a vehicle.
  12. Looks like these haven't been thought through (why am I not surprised): 1. There seems to be no prohibition against half-tracks firing all the ammo types. 2. All the ammo types except Smoke are anti-vehicle rounds. What if I decide I want to fire at infantry?
  13. Is there yet ANOTHER typo in that the Russian central CP marker is not in a deployment zone? It seems odd that a Russian unit should have to start the game by going backwards in order to pick up the 2 CPs.
  14. It seems obvious that the Germans should be able to start in the entrenchment since: a) The Command Point marker is there. It would be odd if they chose not to defend an 'important' location (and you don't get the Command Points otherwise). b) Seven trenches plus one entrenchment equals eight squads. i suspect that the "any of the hexes on map 35B" is another typo.
  15. Re Bill's comment, if the Nebelwerfer gets a Normal Attack because it is dumping its payload more accurately then why does it get Wide Blast Radius (5) as well?
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