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  1. You think $75 is high? Heh heh...the other day, it was $115 or something like that for the cheapest used Core rulebook. I like my Warhammer, but.... I
  2. Hey there folks. Has anyone had serious shipping problems recently with buying the Deathwatch Core Rulebook from B&N? I ordered a hardcover way back on November 21st from them. They gave me two or three new delivery dates over the past two months, and now tell me it's on backorder and will ship by February 1st. Have there been delays in shipping, or huge backorders? A friend of mine got one from Amazon (new) and it only took a week or so. I did get this new copy using one of their 40% off coupons, so who knows. It seems like they keep changing their story. They also have it listed right now as shipping in "1-2 business days".... I
  3. The group actually did OK in 'Illumination'. 'Edge of Darkness' resulted in a few killed Acolytes. In 'Illumination' we had one Acolyte that lost three fingers and the use of his primary hand. He retired, so to speak. We do have a few characters with IPs and one or two with CPs IIRC. I
  4. Hey there folks... Tommorow we're going to start 'Illumination' after we finish up 'Edge of Darkness'. What's everyone's thoughts on scaling this around four players at R2? Also, what do folks think are an appropriate amount of XP for each of the five scenes? Thanks! I
  5. Thanks for all the great tips. We played it a couple weeks ago but didn't quite finish. The body snatchers outside of Lilly''s pad really messed them up. The techpriest got the broken rib crit but I failed to kill him on eight successive rolls. He did buy the farm though, an "Arm ripped off" crit I believe. We also lost an arbitor to a blown off leg IIRC. What do people think is a good XP reward for this mod? They will probably finish it up tommorow... I
  6. Hey folks. I'm starting my group out in the premade adventures at Rank 2, and have some questions. How much money should I give them to compensate for start at R2 instead of R1? I may start them a little into R2 instead of at the start of R2, though I haven't completely decided this yet. And how do folks here mark the passage of time outside of the adventures? It appears to make a difference as they can make money through Trades and the like during that time, as well as the Inquisition's padding of their wallets. Ideas? I
  7. Hey there folks... I need some help for fixing up 'Edge of Darkness' for a run this weekend. I will be running it with 4-6 players (so let's say 5) at Rank 2. How would people reccommend I adjust the adventure, & what overall changes do you think best for it overall? Anything you can throw me would be appreciated, as I am still pretty new to running DH and don't really have the encounter difficulty/modification thing down. Thanks! I
  8. Adeptus-B: What ranks would you play that suggested order in? I think between your list and Luthor's, I can probably figure out a good order now, but the whole Ranks thing is what I'm trying to wrap it all around. I might be able to do something in between some of this, but I'll have to wait and see after we finish the first couple adventures. I'm going to do Edge of Darkness first, but I have yet to decide on Illumination or Rejoice as the second. Illumination seems to, at the fluff level, REALLY lead well into Rejoice (the whole harmony meter subplot). I
  9. Thanks Mnesimache. I figured I might drop Shattered, and the next three do seem to fit well. Would you start them at Rank 3 (in Edge)? It might help the whole rank/level issue on my end I suppose... I
  10. The only case like that that I've had thus far was a Commisar executing a psyker that had gone off his nut. The character was completely wiped out bonkers, but the death wasn't THAT bad as it was very low level and the player wanted to go with another character, so it was a good way to segway that character out of the game. Plus he got a chuckle out of it. And the IG unit they were with loved it. Never trust a psyker! j/k I
  11. Thanks for all the help so far! Does anyone have the links for Shattered Hopes & Edge of Darkness? I know Black Industries is kaput but FFG, obviously, is here! But I cannot seem to find the mod... In Rejoice, how did you juice it up? And where do folks think BS might fit in? I know it says all ranks, but some books are better in certain ranks than others I hear. If I pull out the homebrewed/netbook adventures Luthor listed, there are some good sized gaps at the earlier levels. Based on Luthor's suggestions, NOT including BS, this is apparently how it would play out: Shattered Hopes - Free Website Adventure - Black Industries - Rank 1 Edge of Darkness - Free Website Adventure - FFG Rank 2 Illumination - Core Rulebook - Rank 3 Rejoice For You Are True - Purge the Unclean - Rank 3 Maggots of Meat - DM Screen Adventure - Rank 4 Shades of Twilight - Purge the Unclean - Rank 4 House of Dust & Ash - Disciples of the Dark Arts Book - Rank 5 Tattered Fates - Haarlock Heresy Book #1 - Rank 5 Baron Hopes - Purge the Unclean - Rank 5 Damned Cities - Haarlock Heresy Book #2 - Rank 5 Dead Stars - Haarlock Heresy Book #3 - Rank 6 I suppose I COULD play them at these ranks and just let them autorank up, i.e. after Shattered hopes have them auto to R2 and so on. Thoughts? I
  12. Hey everyone. I've been running my own DH campaign, but we're interested in starting the published DH adventures from scratch at this point. What order does everyone think these should be played, and what ranks should I run them at for the best experience? Thanks for any feedback you can swing my way. I
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