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  1. What it says in the title folks. To be precise: I am *not* interested in the PoD packs. I have PayPal, I am based in Greece. Let's talk!
  2. The_Big_Show said: I'm still holding out hope for a Warhammer 40K LCG. Ditto .
  3. weaver95 said: here's another problem I have - when trying to write adventures/plan a campaign for Black Crusade, I hit a wall. let me see if I can explain… when I run Rogue Trader, the party is usually trying to build something. financial endeavors, colonies, trade routes, or what have you. when I run Dark Heresy, the campaign is usually some variant of 'lets protect mankind' (granted they might go about it in some horrific fashion but still…). Death Watch - same deal: find the alien, kill the alien, protect humanity. easy peasy. But when I try to write stuff for black crusade….the only thing I've got is 'lets trash other people's stuff'. chaos should be able to build colonies, run starships, fight Xenos (and steal/use their stuff), do MORE than just 'smash down the imperials'. doesn't chaos at least have SOME plan for what happens after they smash down the servants of the corpse god? the dark mechanicus seem to be the only faction that wants to BUILD something…everyone else seem to just wanna smash things and break stuff ('cept slaanesh, who wanna have sex with everything). I just seem hit a wall when it comes to writing things for black crusade. If I may throw a suggestion : Chaos is all about one's path to Glory through Chaos . It's the journey down the Left Hand Path . You may have company , but , in the end , It's a lonely journey . It is my firm belief that in a successful Black Crusade campaign the first and last ( and therefore greatest ) enemies of your players should be the players themselves . One against the other and everyone against him/herself . The personal struggle of the character as he/she sacrifices increasingly more down the path should offer an interesting roleplaying experience . Chainswords and meltaguns and awesome bikes and the inevitable collection of trampled imperial *spits* standards are only a pleasant bonus . Nope , no measure of power will ever be enough , nor should it . Especially true for the Warriors of the Eternal War . For the Glory of Chaos !
  4. I wonder if there ever would be a better theme ( after the siege of Terra ) for a Horus Heresy expansion or even a stand-alone game than the "Iron Cage incident" . Look it up . It was another golden page in the History of the Iron Warriors Legion .
  5. Gurkhal said: El Cid said: If one takes the time to read about the Word Bearers and Iron Warriors ( haven't read about the Night Lords , yet ) , it will be obvious that a full campaign is possible , without ever getting to meet imperial scum ( well perhaps in the end game , at the head of your Host/Grand Company ) . While I see you overreaching point I think that if you play a Traitor Legionarie in a game focused on the Traitor Legions they you are kind of expecting to see some serious action against the Corpse God's lapdogs, and not wait untill the endgame. Well , I said "possible" not "mandatory" , wanting to emphasize the fact that the Legionnaires could have PLENTY of stuff to do even when they are not butchering imperial scum . A full fledged campaign around Inter-Legion diplomacy and Intra-Legion strife . I have mentioned this idea again in this forum so I will not tire you with it . "Λ for Λegιon"
  6. I wouldn't say that the Legions are only useful as background material . If one takes the time to read about the Word Bearers and Iron Warriors ( haven't read about the Night Lords , yet ) , it will be obvious that a full campaign is possible , without ever getting to meet imperial scum ( well perhaps in the end game , at the head of your Host/Grand Company ) . In a game called Black Crusade it would be a shame if the Legions are absent rules-wise . But the rules is not the main concern here . We want moar background . Moar . Let's start with the cult Legions in each of the God specific books , then .
  7. Doc9 said: Planet_Killah said: So, the idea that FFG might make a LCG set in possibly the richest sci-fi setting ever made (above even...Star Wars), is an absolutely thrilling idea. HOW DARE YOU SIR! It is effortlessly better .
  8. Oh and another thing : I think it would be a poor choice to have a co-op 40k LCG . I think the 40k LCG should be all about the "only war" part of the catch-phrase . Plus the setting and lore of the various races is way more interesting than its fantasy elder brother . Would a "mass combat themed" LCG make any sense ? This is what I would die to see . Heroic units and heroic ... err ... Heroes ( and the Imperial Villains of course ) .
  9. I would support wholeheartedly a good 40k LCG ( I already own LotR and WH: I LCG's and plan to expand and keep up ) , I'm afraid however that with SW LCG coming up , a 40k LCG would not be anywhere on the horizon . Son , I am disappoint .
  10. I sure hope there are some plans towards that direction .
  11. Provided that some Legions would be appropriately covered in the core rulebook here's some ( rather creative and not strictly "fluffy" ) thinking : You could play the new recruits in a Legion ( be creative about it folks ) . You could roleplay the induction in the Legion as a prelude , then jump to some centuries later and move on from there . What then ? Depending on the Legion there are numerous paths to take : You may prepare an invasion for an Iron Warriors fleet scouting ahead the ground defences of an Imperial Planet . Or go archaeotech-hunting with them to gain a significant strategical advantage over said target . You may lead a mission for a vision inspired desecration of a particular shrine world , as the Word Bearers ( which to me they seem the best Legion to play in this RPG , given the fact that they may have other , mysterious , chaotic motives compared to , say , the Iron Warriors ) and "wait for new instructions" from the Gods . Etc . But to actually take on the Imperium I would say that the goal would be one and only , no matter what Legion you'd like to play : To actually organize a Black Crusade , or participate in the events leading to one . A whole campaign set around convincing ( or "convincing" ) other Chaotic Fellas to set aside inter- ( and intra- ) Legion strife and - through diplomacy or force - join under a single banner . Now that would be a glorious campaign . No need to trouble yourselves with corrupting Imperial citizens ( unless of course you play a "heretic cult campaign" - but I doubt that such a cult would bring down the Imperium , this is the unfinished business of the Legions ) , that's a given ! For who does not secretly wishes freedom ? Don't you see how much effort and Imperial resources are spent to keep each and every one of the misguided , enslaved victims in darkness ? Even if they fail ( and unless they come up with a supremely ingenious plan , they should , unless you want to kick off " the End Times" ) , it would still be a rather satisfying experience . Just imagine describing a second "Attack on Terra" to your players . You should however be fair , such an attack would be nigh on impossible to achieve . There are some pretty good reasons that until now that feat was never repeated . The Legions have actually much less bolter rounds available than the number of Imperial Guardsmen . Roleplaying Chaos Legionnaires *edit* in my opinion *edit* can be actually a far better roleplaying experience ( than the Imperial one ) , since an inch under the surface there is no strict hierarchy , no lightly given loyalty , only domination and obedience inspired and enforced by actual physical and mental supremacy . Exclude the surviving Primarchs from the previous statement , who remain - more or less - as demigods to their children . Add in the whims of the Gods and you have some pretty good adventure/ campaign potential right there . *I'm a pretty big supporter of the whole Chaos Legion thing , can't say that I'd be interested in any "renegade adventures" that much . I really , really hope that they'll get some love in the Black Crusade RPG . If not in the core rulebook , in a future release .
  12. To all upstanding Imperial Citizens : Please explain the necessity of the genocidal methods used in welcoming the lost fragments of humanity ( those unwilling to submit ) to the False Imperium . While at it please explain why the lost humanity needed to submit to the Imperial rule in the first place ( after all it did survive and thrived without it for many millenia ). Please explain the shift in the Imperial policies concerning the existence of Gods ( and spirits etc etc ) after the Great Crusade . Please explain the part of the False Emperor in this . Please explain the existence of the Ecclesiarchy and the Inquisition and their role in the False Imperium of Man . The False Imperium of Man , needs Man as its slave and will stop at nothing to achieve it . The truth is there for all to see . Just open your eyes to it . Horus , the only humanitarian , failed and as the proverbial tragic hero sought to destroy what he failed to protect . We need only finish what was left unfinished . We , the enlightened . Yes , we are trembling with anticipation for this new RPG . It's time someone set things straight . Yay .
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