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  1. Inksplat, you are spot on about all this. There is nothing wrong with a board game that requires a free app these days. There really is a lot of design space available there.
  2. I know tribes just released, but since they announced the game the only time they didn't have an release announced was for 2-3 weeks back in December and it seems Tribes was release toward the end of April, putting us at that same 2-3 weeks. Also, I'm an eternal optimist, so my my point of view the next expansion is going to be announce today or at latest on Monday.
  3. Whatever its going to be, it should be soon. Since they first announced the game they have not gone this long without announcing something new for it. Also, they have not gone more than 3 months without releasing something new and the announcement of everything comes 2-4 months before the release. The last release was getting close to a month ago and the last announcement was 3 months ago. The way I see it there are three possibilities: They are going to slow down the release schedule (least favorite option). I'm pretty sure this is selling well enough to keep making expansion at the rate they are, but that is just an educated guess. They are real close to announcing the next expansion. This one is taking a bit longer because its a core game release. (favorite option)
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