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  1. I would be all for player cards only content, with all the errata cards as a bonus of sorts, some of them redesigned: Horn of Gondor, for instance.
  2. PS. I would not be surprised if Amazon had a say in stuff (game, etc.) released around the time of the show, after all they really have paid a lot just for the rights (though they can afford it), and the rumor has it, it is going to be the most expensive tv show to date. Let us hope it is going to be the best as well.
  3. No, it makes perfect sense: they don’t need to wait. I think their idea with Hobbit saga came also because of the (then upcoming) movies even though the art is not based on the movie, and the whole game follows the books only. So yes, they can (if they can, legal-wise) release it before the tv show, perhaps not too long before it, just to sail in the wave. I for one, am really excited about the 2nd Age content, and would be about the game from that era, though most of my favourite characters are either from the 1st or, of course, the 3rd Age.
  4. The Amazon series will be set in the 2nd Age. But it cost them a fortune to get the rights for that so I am not sure the game can simply follow, though I have no legal understanding of such matters. It would be a good idea if they went that way but the release of the show is probably the very late of 2021, so we would have a long wait for that (which we might have for any new content anyway).
  5. Hey, we seemed to have write it simultaneously, ok, so they probably shuffled when the stage was a battle or siege, makes sense. It indeed could leave a few of them at the bottom of the encounter deck and you were stuck.
  6. I believe originally you shuffled them back to the encounter deck right after reveal and now you don’t any longer but I am by no means certain by this. Let us talk some of the heroes as I used to in the past but have not done so in years. I really like the design of Gandalf but I have not built that many good decks with him as others seem to achieve. I do not always shy away from higher threat lineups but the only good decks I ever had with Gandalf ran either Spirit Beregond or Glorfindel. I find it interesting that the original Eowyn and Beregond were both staple heroes already but received new versions (in opposite sphere) in the Flame of the West which are even much better I would say. Yes, perhaps not always that much better but in general definitely more versatile: low threat cost in Tactics with high willpower is amazing and keeping the threat level (as Beregond usually does) is great too. I believe what people dislike about Spirit Glorfindel is the lack of positive ability. And I do agree that such a major character, or such an iconic character, and certainly one of the mightiest of the era, should have a card with a mighty ability (and stats... which seem fine as they are). But as I said earlier, I really enjoy the Spirit version, I just wish we would have another powerful version, and the Lore one is a total miss.
  7. I always found it hard but not as annoying as some. I think Pelargir is easier but can get some really nasty combos. Ithilien basically had the Wargs and the Watcher that could destroy the swarms of the time but I hardly ever swarmed. Then Wargs got the positive errata I believe, and it changed things a little bit.
  8. I really enjoyed the report on Ithilien. It has been years since I played it (in 2013). It wasn’t a nightmare version then, of course, yet I still took great pride in beating it with the cardpool of then. And here you are still using Glorfindel as I did, and I really wonder why some seem to shy away from him because I find him to be among the best heroes in the game, probably my favourite, though I would also like to see another version (Tactics) with a great ability (would be even better now with Thorongil). The ally is also amazing but the Lore version...
  9. They could have printed another word, printed. But it makes more sense that it gains the printed icon just like the Sword-thain, the above logic seems perfectly sound.
  10. I too wondered about that, and guessed right. That seems like a good way, and it certainly is a good read. I did, a long time ago, enjoyed a video or two, but I have to say for every good one there were (are) many unwatchable (for me) ones. But I understand people have different tastes, of course.
  11. Well, you do an amazing job reporting with such clarity, no wonder a mistake might creep in whilst doing that.
  12. These are nice. Just in the beginning, Local Trouble goes on the highest threat cost hero, I believe, so it should not have been Glorfindel.
  13. What universe are you living in that you are able to claim this, based on what? There can be any given person with more decks built. It makes little difference, so it makes very little sense to make such a hollow egocentric claim in the first place.
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