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  1. I agree about the errata on the Brand, by the way.
  2. What universe are you living in that you are able to claim this, based on what? There can be any given person with more decks built. It makes little difference, so it makes very little sense to make such a hollow egocentric claim in the first place.
  3. And Horn of Gondor. For one, the card should mention Boromir in the text. We have Firefoot and Snowmane for Eomer and Theoden respectively and they are not nearly as famous as the Horn and not nearly as connected to Boromir in the legendarium. It was the problem with the core set card because Boromir was not there yet, which was the shame, and I do not see why as he was clearly designed by then (the Mirkwood cycle). So I would like to see a new version of such a famed artifact that is actually well functional and has a bonus when attached to Boromir.
  4. Some great art on these, Reforged, the King’s Return or Gwaihir’s Debt, especially.
  5. Thanks. It is pretty tight with Horn though, and Brand only came two pack after the core. The restricted keyword makes sense, I think that was the reason, it makes more sense than a horse, for instance. But I do agree, it does make all those decks weaker...
  6. By far the most popular? Kidding? I know you are good with numbers at ringsdb but for me it is one of the least popular. But I am guessing there may be many others who like Boromir, Horn, Hama, and even Caldara, at least as much as the Brand.
  7. What I really hate is when they errata Horn of Gondor into oblivion like that. It is hard as it is, you pay quite a bit for your cards, then soon they are meant to do something else than what is written on them. In case of Zigil Miner, at least it makes sense, and the card is actually more fun, but Horn is now just bad, so please, admit, and errata it again to make it better again. And more, errata bad cards, like Taking Initiative if I remember the name, I think no one ever played the card...
  8. I second Courage, somehow limit the use, and Steward, make it Gondor requirement.
  9. Funny I constantly have about eight decks built and I run exactly zero copies of a Burning Brand between them. Always seemed a wrong design compared to the othe shadow cancellation but I also don’t use Lore defenders repeatedly.
  10. Yes, when ally Denethor came out I was just furious. I mean you have got Faramir and Denethor with the same cost and all stats the same, just the latter has one willpower more and totally negative ability, whilst the former has one of the strongest abilities in the game. And the latter comes out two years later when the encounter cards are generally tougher and the player cards generally stronger. What happened there? If the card was like that but also fetched a title attachment, then it would be more thematic and I would be happy though.
  11. But I also thought about it, two unique guys who have it. Well, there is also Prince Imrahil and Emery who don’t. Am I missing others? Anyway, I don’t think we shall see many more Spirit Gondor allies. What are your guesses toward Faramir and other allies in the box, I would like to see Leadership Boromir ally and Tactics Denethor but I doubt both...
  12. I definitely would like to see him become great. That is nothing I want to see less in the game than a card I never play, and especially one with such a nice art like Derufin. As for the ability, at least it seems better than ally Damrod’s, at least he is a guy I never ever play.
  13. I hear you but yet cannot see it. I am not expecting Spirit Aragorn either, I would rather see him as an ally once as well. What I really do not understand is that Derufin is not 2 willpower when he is Spirit.
  14. All good perhaps, yes. I still have a soft spot for Theodred but I may try them all. It is true he would only be adding to Radagast’s resources, thus be a little limited. Both Balin and Gildor are very good, better quester, though slightly more threat costly.
  15. Well, I am almost certain it will be great in coop, as Beorn Eagles deck tends to, but I want to also try it solo, which has always struggled. I expressed myself wrong perhaps, I mostly choose Theodred and Leadership not because of resources but for cards like Tale and Sneak to bring Eagles and even Giant Bears into play easier (the latter is amazing with the Sneak, almost as good as Gandalf with his double action and great stats).
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