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  1. lleimmoen

    The Fate of Wilderland

    I feel, if we are going to get more Istari, it is more likely we get 2 Blue Wizzards as heroes in the next deluxe, though they might have to name them differently due rights, right? Spirit and Tactics would feel natural to them as a pair. That said, now that we have Radagast as a hero, it is hard to imagine not to get Saruman as well, but perhaps he may come as Leadership in the first adventure pack. It would be quite cool to suddenly get 4 Istari heroes in a row, would it not? PS. What is the guess about the creatures, all spheres? And all spheres already in the Fate of Wilderland?
  2. As I said elsewhere, Spirit Beregond goes great with Elrond. He is not a low threat himself but he keeps the threat from not rising and takes care of defense right away, which is usually what you need when starting with a high threat (a good defensive hero). With Gandalf I begin at 37 and sometimes end the game at 36, and usually never reach 40 (without other threat reduction, though I keep a copy of Greeting just in case).
  3. lleimmoen

    Gandalf, Elrond, <defense hero>

    I have been running them together with Spirit Beregond and it is probably the strongest deck that I have ever played, and I have been playing this game since day 1.
  4. Agree with both: in genereal Argalad is the best candidate because it is just so much fun to do the ‘double questing’ with him, but it is certainly useful to have that utility on a defender in need. For that matter, Celeborn is also not a bad candidate, more than he can be flexible with attack. What really helps though, is to have Woodland Archer ready and thanks to Thranduil be able to play him in combat: I just find that combo amazing.
  5. That’s one thing I agree, Elven-king is not so amazing for the readying effect. However, I find you do not want too many attachments in this deck filled with allies, and you already have O Lorien, Mirror of Galadriel and perhaps Nenya, all of which you might want three copies of (I was only playing one of Nenya when I had a Lore hero but now with Thranduil I run three copies). So, I am not particularly bothered that Elven-king is not that essential to the deck, but it can be still nice to have, especially as another utility to return an ally when needed.
  6. lleimmoen

    The Fate of Wilderland

    It would be great if they went with Istari...
  7. Yes, he is good, especially once Silvan Tracker hits the table. But what especially makes things easier for defending with Thranduil, I find, is Quicker than Sight: such a fitting addition to the deck.
  8. Yes, we touched upon it in the other thread. I have tested Elf Guide already and so far it has been gold. I do no go go Sneak Attack any more because of Thranduil and not even core Gandalf, though he seems obvious with Galadriel. I just like to focus on Silvan. I also only run just a single copy of A Very Good Tale and try to time its use really carefully.
  9. ...with the three above though, you want one ally for double duty in planning and another in combat (usually Archer, Marksman, Minstrel or Rumil, or the new Defender perhaps) and return one of them with an event...
  10. I still find Celeborn, Galadriel, Thranduil to be the best Silvan deck, and I have been meddling with this deck more than any other, probably, since early 2014. But as said many times, and this is the beauty of it, there are many good options...
  11. Yes, the delay is a great point, too.
  12. Just have a look at some of those allies and their abilities to find out how amazing Thranduil is. For instance Rumil’s ability is normally wasted as there often is no enemy engaged with a player in planning but during combat there is. Woodland Archer is another great example, normally it is hard to get a good use, with Thranduil he is always useful. And the list will continue, plus, the resource smoothing, obviously...
  13. lleimmoen

    The Fate of Wilderland

    Also, judging by the beautiful art of the white dear (or is it an elk, I am not good at this) next to Radagast in the article, could this be a Spirit Creature ally in this pack? I have a feeling we might get a creature ally in every sphere. I was hoping there could be another Beorning as there were only two in the cycle but as suggested above the Tactics event would hint more toward an Eagle, though a unique one at that, that may be harder to find; then again they may just come up with an original name.
  14. lleimmoen

    The Fate of Wilderland

    I forgot to mention that. If you do not use him in combat, what better than exhaust him for Word of Command (an in sphere 1 cost event). The only little thing is I usually play the event in planning, but here I think it is worth the wait.
  15. lleimmoen

    The Fate of Wilderland

    I also find it so. I usually like to go for songs when I can pack a few advantages together. By the way, the more I think about the Raven, the more I like it. Beorn, are you sure, it has 1 willpower? I know it makes all the sense since it can only quest... then it is really a great card, I believe, especially, once you get the Pipe.