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  1. Hello. I'm the player in Kilcannon's game that posed the question about the chandelier. I think there have been interesting points made in this thread and people have covered what I may have said. I'm just here to fill in how it came up for anyone who may be interested. It was after a game and someone was in XP range of Spitfire, so we started talking about it. It seemed odd that you could pop off relatively easy shots at a nemesis while there were minions around, but as soon as you killed the last one, you'd have to concentrate on the nemesis, which would make for a more difficult shot. Just thinking through, there seemed to be nothing special about shooting at a minion specifically, so why not just shoot at something else first. The difficulty would be the same, roughly. You could even shoot at something within short range, to make the shot easier. When it was noted that just shooting random nearby objects to get a better chance to his was silly, I thought of some "good reasons" to shoot at an object, such as a control panel or radio console or exploding barrel or even a chandelier for the purpose of dropping on an enemy. There seemed to be some continuum ranging from "that's reasonable" to "that's absurd" when picking the target one rolls against. I think we basically agreed to try and stay on the reasonable side, but there wasn't an exact ruling. I was just pushing the thought to see where it would go, not intending to implement the tactic.
  2. I don't think this past session was enough to judge. The droid with True Aim (me) was a gunner on a ship and there really wasn't much else to do but aim and shoot. We haven't tried it in a situation where spending strain for a second maneuver is important. The cantina fight might make for a better situation for considering how the house rule works out. If I can remember, I think it would be interesting to note how often I use all 3 ranks vs. when I use fewer (including none) to save strain, vs. when I don't use True Aim because there is something else to do.
  3. Well, there are more circumstances than I mentioned previously. If you have a quirky war-droid with you, treat him with respect. If he feels you don't, and demands an apology mid-battle, swallow your pride and apologize. You can always retract it later. If it were a "job" the other characters would be "paid." As it is now, from the droid's perspective anyway, it's a squadron leader trying to exert his Resistance authority beyond his jurisdiction. Proper cred-flow would ease that up nicely. When I want to proceed with caution and others decide to be reckless, I see no problem with letting them absorb the first few volleys of blaster fire. I get more mileage out of my medicine skill that way as well. Everyone in the group has some skill at fighting. There's a gunslinger, a cyborg with a light repeating blaster, an assassin with a vibrosword, etc. One round of war-droid doing something else isn't such a big hit on damage output. I didn't intend to be a Gunner at first. I was the co-pilot/engineer on our freighter and there were two others acting as gunners. Then we got a speeder with some weapons and I wound up being the tail-gunner. I thought I'd take the Heavy specialization, but since the Cyborg with the repeater joined, we were doing more space combat than I had expected, there were fewer skill overlaps, and True Aim would stack, it was an easy choice to go with Gunner. At the same time, nobody else improved their mechanics or medicine, so I wear a lot of hats. (I don't know about you, but I'd be honored to call a droid that special a friend, despite his quirks.) As a player, I saw that True Aim was really good, so I try an find other things to do so it doesn't get overpowering. But when a fight is in a corridor with no cover and no way out except past the enemy, True Aim tends to get used a lot, I admit. As it is,the strain-per-rank-used house rule seems specifically for me. (Note: this is whine number one, if anyone is counting.) We are having a lot of fun in the campaign. The GM is swell! Huzzah!
  4. Hi. I'm the player in Kilcannon's game with True Aim. I'm playing a "sniper-bot", essentially. Here are some of my thoughts: Our skills are currently capped in the game, so True Aim is making up the difference a bit in my mind. When interesting things happen in combat, True Aim doesn't get used as often. When my gun was knocked out of position in a hail of droideka fire, for example, I got to "draw" my pistol, use Sniper Shot (finally!) and, well, miss anyway. But that's not the point. If I'm just standing there, aiming, and shooting when it's my turn, It's not as interesting, so It's nice to have the better die pool to help make the fight go faster. If the scenes keep moving instead of being static, I'd constantly be spending strain anyway to keep up while aiming. Ask Kilcannon how often I complain about my weapon. I got one of those pulse rifles with Blast. It seems to overall "suck", But at least I get some extra damage from the better rolls with True Aim. It's also medium range, so I have some reason to use Sniper Shot too. When my droid is petulant, it's more fun not shooting at enemies until I get an apology while being a great shot than it is while being merely a good shot. Related to that, on our ship, it's fun knowing how good I am at shooting but that nobody else (aside from the pilot) is a good mechanic, so I'm the engineer. That's droid-frustration there. I'll probably whine a bit about the change. Definitely some grumbling too. But I suppose I'll live. It's still in the testing phase, right? For me, the phrase "I use True Aim and Shoot" can be like a "battle Geiger counter" - if it clicks every so often, you're safe, but if it's clicking fast, get moving! (Possibly too many smileys, but I wanted to err on the safe side with the person who holds dominion over my XP.)
  5. I just started a game as a techpriest and was thinking of this as well. For my character, with the typical sorts of facial tubes, I figured when he needed to eat, he detached a tube from his chest-box that connected to the respirator and vacuumed up the food, which is shredded and processed and passed through the mouth and down the throat. That way, he could still get 'flavor input'.
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