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  1. Astartes PA advanced in technology up to Mk IV. Mk V armor used less advanced and better understood technology to Equip fresh troops drawn up to replace losses in the early days of the heresy. Mks VI-VIII use the same basic tech with (mostly)minor stylistic differences and the parts are freely interchangeable, and are a mid point between between Mk IV and V. Also, with the exception of the Mk VIII, all were developed during the crusade or heresy, and it was developed shortly after.
  2. I know I'm a little late on this but I use the rules in rites of battle for armor marks but i removed Mk8 armor moved the others up the chart and Mks 2-3 on the same line...sub-systems may be down but that is the basis for the armor...then i allow the players the chance to scavenge parts to get other systems back up to fully functional after they have collected enough pa suits (say 6-8 per system)
  3. thats fine...but here is something else to point out...gw will say imperial tech is on the decline then say that chaos has older les advanced tech...yet they also say that the traitor legions got the most advanced tech due to bad info and logistic errors when the heresy happened and from that point things degraded yet they also try to say that they dont use stuff as advanced and modern marines...its a case of they cant keep their story strait
  4. i understand that...what im saying the weapons have vastly diff stats across game line...astartes bolter and legion bolter for instance(they use the same ammo) have vastly diff damage rates...it causes compatibility issues
  5. is it just me or does it seem like ffg need to standardize the weapon stats across all the games?
  6. DJSunhammer said: The easiest way to make a traitor legionnaire is to use Black Crusade. It is designed with CSMs in mind. the CSMs made in black crusade are to generic for my tastes, and i am using a hybrid of the 2 systems for the game I'm running marines are created as deathwatch and none marines are created as in black crusade and 6000 xp at start i have also up powered the minions rules using deathwatch as a power scale benchmark
  7. a few weeks ago i found some rules to take a traitor legion as your chapter but several things were missing like advancement table trapings and psy powers for the legions. made a copy of the file because it looked interesting, but despite looking sense then for more on it, have come up with a blank(cant even find what i already have), wondering if anyone out there might know who wrote those rules and where i might find more stuff to go with it?
  8. warp smith is perm so it would be a better way to go over the mark because it wouldn't go away if you were no longer dedicated to tzeentch
  9. and for that matter give the character a slayer limb for what ever and be done with it. the armor would be modified to fit the new arm at that point and you can have anything you want in the slayer limb
  10. also you could add a "Crew Reclamation Facility" as "daemon engine manufatorum" or some such. i would also use xenos/archeotech items to represent the warping influence of the daemon and the odd inventions the the dark machanicus that created the thing. an eldar holo field seems to stand out to me as no brainer as i could see the daemon warping reality around itself as a natural effect of its "condition"
  11. coolzyg said: Also remember that daemons don't like to be binded to items. of course This daemon can control the ship so he could be happy with having such power but maybe it is his prison and he want to be free. you are correct with for the most part...but robotic frame, vehicles and starships are a different story. though daemons do not like being bound into in animate objects the freedom of movement destructive capabilities granted by a ship are any other vehicle far out weigh any discomfort cause by the imprisonment to the "average" daemon. MILLANDSON said: Also, Daemon ships are entirely filled with the daemon, to my knowledge, as I don't believe I've ever read of a daemon ship that actually had a crew. horus's flagship was infested with daemons and would by all rights be a daemonship, and if memory serves was stated as such on one of the stories. It would be unusual but not impossible.SneakySly said: One of the big concerns I have is the lack of crew and morale. Any good ways of handling this? I see it as a plus and a minus, since it would make it so that boarding actions are not really doable. actually you would have a crew(the deamon) and it would be more them capable of defending itself from invaders(warping corridors, venting sections to the void, growing arms/tenticles/other oddities from bulkheads...ect, ect,ect) now for making a boarding action add servitor crew and apply the demonic trait to them.
  12. actually, according to the fluff on the terminator armor, weapon systems had to be designed for it, i would allow the use of a bolter but not much else unless someone went through the toruble to have it built in game and that would take a lot of time. the armor has restrictions in what can be carried because of the limitations of range of movementmost man portable weapons can not interface with the terminator armors internal bracing mounts and are not compatible with the internal "cogitator" and targeting systems...the reason i would allow a basic bolter to be used is according to the fluff when the armor was first developed the bolter was the first weapon that was adapted to use with it and some of that modified bolters could still be floating around and still in use by the traitor legions. however i do see that as a waist of the capabilities of the armor.
  13. OK i can get termi armor to a -10 infamy mod needed to take it at start for free as a marine. near-unique(-50), single item(+10), common craftsmanship(+0), Trade in on Extremely Rare Legion Power Armor(+30) equals a -10 mod(-50+10+30=-10). That equals add terminator armor to character sheet at cost of the flexible standard powered armor. What this means for my character is that I would only be viable for frontal assaults. On missions requiring stealth or subtlety I would be forced to sit out or go without any armor other then what I can salvage along the way, I would also have to trade in my legion bolter for a combi-bolter in the same way to have a ranged weapon to use with it. that being said not a good move in general, imho.
  14. MechHaven

    Xenos PCs

    reading through this thread i get the idea that everyone is seeing this game as very two dimensional and black and white. the one thing you are forgetting is that in the warhammer 40k universe there is no such thing as good guys and bad guys only shades of grey. an imperial marine and a chaos marine are not very different when you boil them down to good or evil...only loyalties and motivations differ. some followers of chaos can be nobler then servants of the imperium. the motivations are the key. dark eldar do what they do to save their race and themselves from extinction, humanity would do the same, or worse if it came down to it. the imperial war machine slaughters entire races wholesale just for the crime of being non human....murders its own citizens or turns them into slave labor for having genetic deviation from the norm. and exterminates entire planets because they don't believe the same as 90% of "humanity". Sounds like the imperium has already lost itself to evil to me....and these are the "good guys". now lets look at a chaos follower. this individual could have a family or community they wish to protect from what ever may come to harm them. looking for the power to do that tis individual turns to the dark gods, making a pact. this individual can get along with, and even befriend non humans and mutants as long as they pose no threat the that family or community. he or she may do some vile things over a career but, to me, seems no less honorable then the space marine giving up his humanity to protect the imperium. granted this is only one possible reason that someone might turn to chaos....it is still on the list and there are other equally as noble reasons one may turn. all i'm saying really is "shades of grey" some are just darker then others. when this game releases i intend to include it into my growing tool kit but if we do run this one i personally will reject any character for it that i feel is about as flat as the character sheet it is written up on.
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