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  1. Here is what the card says: "Ambush. Choose a symbol showing on an opponent's die. Then turn any number of your Red dice to sides showing that symbol." My question is about the symbol variants. For example "Ranged Damage" comes in the flavor of plain damage, pay a recource to use, only add to other ranged damage or even pay a recource to add to other damage. And they are further modified by different number values too. Are all of these considered to be the same symbol (ranged damage) or are they different ? So if my oponent has a "pay one recource to cause 2 ranged damage" could I use "It's A Trap" to turn two of my dice to "deal 1 ranged damage" and "add +3 ranged damage" ? Thanks for any answers !
  2. Not sure in which section of the forum I should put a suggestion like this. Anyways: We have a growing list of cards that are restricted (and a banned one). Would be nice if we could have these cards reprinted in a playable way. Up the cost, put a limited on them, make them unique or just add loyalty tokens... whatever. Just tweak them a bit to make them balanced. Buying them again would be much nicer then having a bunch of cards you rarely use. I would actually re-buy those cards. What do other people think ? (And does FFG read these forums ?)
  3. Actually you get to put A UNIT into play. Any unit. Personally I have a few bloodthirsters in my orcdeck for that occasion
  4. Thanks... nobody thought of that idea in our round yet. People are about to get surprised
  5. Is it possible to trigger Eataine Warroom every round ? You remove the last token from the Warroom and deal 10 damage.... then you use Eltharion to put another token on it to be ready for the next turn ?
  6. 1. The card says "OR" so you may choose. 2. To my understanding of the rules their effect works only once they are in play. That means you can't play them on a quest that already has a unit on it, cause when you play them you would NOT be allowed to play a second unit on a quest.
  7. A "total cost gauge" doesn't make much sense in my mind. You want to have enough cheap cards to be able to play something if the opponent "controls" your first card away. Apart from that it very much depends on the deck. Rush decks usually play a great amount of cheap stuff, other decks… not so much. There are quite a few decks where it makes sense to have a bunch of really expensive units.
  8. I'm assuming you don't have all expansions . In any case, it strikes me as a little bit costly. You have (at least for my liking) a low amount of cheap cards in there to get your deck started. If you draw badly and begin play with only one of your cheap cards and your opponent wrecks that… your doomed. I count only 14 cards that you can play in round one that make sense in kingdom- or questzone AND have at least a power of 1. If your building a deck around "reclaiming the fallen" there are many cards that would do better. The trick with such a deck is to be able to kill your own units (preferably with some effect that annoys your opponent) to get a terrifying amount of units into your graveyard. I would also advice to go for a specific goal with a deck. Center it around something. If your going for developments for example (with cards like Dwarf Masons) you could do much more. And include "Innovation" to speed things up. Don't overestimate the "toughness" ability. It was nice a while ago, but nowadays it's not worth that much. Too many cards kill your units instantly, send them back to your hand, reduce their hit points, move them to another zone etc. Against all of those effects "toughness" is (sadly) worthless. Only against an elven indirect damage deck does toughness truly shine… unless the elves include "white tower aspirant" that is.
  9. sherpa74 said: Maybe can destroy shield of gods with this,, and then go for the legend, Nice one ! Like promenade of malice not a direct way, but at least a possibility.
  10. Right now only one thing comes to my mind (Dark Elfves "promenade of malice"). Every other card I can think of targets units and is therefore useless. Of course you can just ignore the legend and kill the capital. But surely there should be some way to get rid of a legend with the Shield of Aeons that I'm not seeing. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. It gains power according to the developments during the activation of the effect (which means at the beginning of the turn). Developments played later during the capital-phase will only help you in your next turn.
  12. Exactly. You may be able to play him twice during the game. But as long as you have him in play any other copy of him you have in your hand is a "dead card".
  13. I AM using cards from the new packs... just not the ones you mentioned Personally I played lot's of TCG's where cards get more powerful with every new expansion. So far Warhammer Invasion hasn't gone down that lane which is a very good thing indeed*. I'm just happy that new packs usually don't mean you HAVE to include them into your deck or be overwhelmed by other players using the newest cards. So if people complain that the new cards are not powerful enough I find that actually a very positive statement. The complaint that the new cards offer nothing new or interesting to the game is of course much more serious. But as always it's all in the eye of the beholder. My friends and myself use some (but not many) cards from that cycle. As it should be. If the new cards are useful to you depends very much on your deck and your way to play the game. And if you still despair: there is always the chance that future cycles will make those "boring" cards way more useful. * Give or take the odd mistakes like "Visit the haunted city" or cards that are now on the "restricted" list
  14. Actually many people will tell you to stick with a small deck. Funny thing is: I can kick ass with my 100 cards "order alliance / control" deck just fine In the end it depends on your playing style. If you have a "winning combo" that you need to pull of it's best to stick with a small deck. But there are (working) strategies for bigger decks as well (as a side effect they also wreak havoc on dark elves trying to exhaust your pile of cards). MOST important things to take into account: Cheap units or buildings: Make sure to have LOT'S of stuff in your deck you can afford with the basic 3 resources / 1 loyalty. At least a third of your cards should be that cheap (if not more). Otherwise you may end up having only ONE affordable card in your starting hand. And if your opponent takes that away (as there are many cheap cards to get rid of stuff) you may end up loosing before the game even begins. Fight the urge to put too many big expensive units in your deck. Yes, they are very impressive, but many cards take out one big unit just as easily as one that only costs 2 resources. Having things that last: When in doubt it's better to go with a unit or a support card instead of a tactic. Many tactics are very powerful especially in the right combination. But remember that for many tactics you have to have targets (like your own units) to begin with. So those should make up only a rather small part of your deck. Quests: Same for quests. A quest alone achieves nothing if there isn't a unit to make it work. They CAN be useful in that there are currently only very limited options to get rid of quests, thus giving you a permanent loyalty symbol. But generally it's best to keep their number down. Playing a lot: Well, duh, obviously. But while playing look out for cards that seem useless to you (at least in that moment of the game) and end up being developed every single time. Take those out. Yes, you probably put them in because in the right moment they might be REALLY useful. But if that only happens in one out of ten games it's better to have a less useful card that can be used in EVERY game.
  15. Right. That might also work with Invasion. While I hope they'll do something in this direction... I think it's unlikely
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