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  1. dacloutier said: ...but I'm thinking that it's not really supported by the rules... What I mean by this is that the rules say something about the raid phase not happenning at all that turn. Also, if a player plays too many special orders, does he choose which one he removes?
  2. Aegon_V said: we have always played that if you put an order that is forbidden by westeros cards, then that order is taken off the board and it is as if you did not put an order there. We did too, but I'm thinking that it's not really supported by the rules, then it happend when someone had the Raven icon so the player argued that he should be allowed to change it... arguments ensued. (probably because it was so late;))
  3. 1) What happens if we drew the westeros card that forbids RAID orders and a player places a raid order? 2) In the example above, if the player has the raven icon, can he change his misplaced icon? 3) In the example above, what happends to the special one-time orders (from Class of Kings expansion) that happen in the raid phase? Thanks
  4. What happens if you draw A Clash of Kings and no one has any power tokens?
  5. I had a question about that. What happens when you get the bid card (a game of thrones I think), and no one has any power to spend? The current Iron Throne owner chooses everyones place?
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