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  1. This game has a passionate fan base, and will surely continue to attract new players. There is also an abiding interest in the IP, which shows no sign of flagging. Yet, despite all its excellence, the second edition game is widely seen as in need of tweaking - Lannisters in the 6 player, some cards here and there - and more fundamental changes for the 4 player version. There have been a couple of expansions addressing this, but with varied success, and in the UK at least they are hard to get. There is a widely played variant - T6 - which reportedly addresses many concerns, and makes for a better experience. All of which leads me to ask: what chance a new definitive edition of this game? Personally, I suspect it's one for the ages, so how much more satisfying would it be to own a complete edition, with balance tweaks, a couple of variants, house Arryn pieces, and a 2 sided board. Have there been any rumblings that this could happen?
  2. I'm beginning to wonder if the game has been delayed… searching google suggested a May release date, but everything has gone completely quiet.
  3. Interesting that a potentially rather interesting new FF Game appears to be generating so little interest. I thought this looked pretty good - I love a crisp, negotiation-heavy, rules-light game - and pre-ordered, but am now feeling information starved. There seems to be rather little of the usual build-up… I wonder if it reflects a sense IN FFG that this will be a niche game at best?
  4. I also saw in one of the threads here that they were reprinting. Are they likely to reprint with corrected cards? It may be worth waiting for me...
  5. Thank you sir. They are very nicely done. What do people do - print them and stick them over the original card?
  6. Bleached Lizard said: There were seven cards that were identified as needing errata before publication. The game came with replacements for these seven cards from the beginning. However, after publication seven more cards were identified as needing errata. There are currently no plans to replace these cards (though you can download a file from BGG that contains the replacements). aha - OK... where is this file? TY!
  7. Bjerlk said: Well I got the reprinted cards in my box to replace the wrong worded ones... Was only about 7 or so cards but anyway... Bjerlk So... I am a little confused. The box contains reprinted corrected cards? Is this in later versions of the game? I see the two page errata - while I imagine it is not as long as some erratas, it does seem some of the changes are fundamental, and I just know that errata list will somehow get lost - and people will get confused. Basically, I was wondering if there were any plans to issue corrected cards etc whatever it is, to replace the bogus ones. Thanks!
  8. I am very tempted to buy this game, but have seen numerous reviews complain at a large number of errata, misprints etc etc I am not too keen on using and printing out long errata lists. Are there any plans to put out a corrected version of the game soon? Thanks!
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