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  1. The Litari Elves unit card reads: When Played: Refresh one city or stronghold you control. If I had 3 elves in my hand and there was nothing on the field for me to attack successfully, but there were some uncaptured neutral cities (with a defense of say 4 or more) could I play the elves as if i were attempting to take control of the city, knowing full well I don't have enough of an army to actually take the city, but just to use the elves for their "When Played" ability. There is no consequence in the book for failing to take control of a neutral city that's still in the central play area, and there is no written word that says i cannot attempt to take said city with too small of an army. So in my mind... as a strategy for the elves... instead of discarding the three elves that i cannot use to take over any thing else, why not just utilize them for their When Played ability by declaring a capture of a neutral city. Yes? No?
  2. I'm located in Yucca Valley CA., 20 min. north of Palm Springs. 100 miles east of Los Angeles. To anyone who reads this with interest in playing, my setup is pretty sweet. All the dungeon maps I build with Dwarven Forge products, and most cardboard props I replace with 3D props.(i.e. bookshelves, tables, beds, tombs etc.) It makes for some pretty awesome gameplay.
  3. Thankyou soo much. it makes so much more sense now. However this clarification does spark a new question or two, and possibly an ignorant one at that. Being that the game week does not resume in this way... 1. Does the overlord get to continue to draw threat, draw cards and spawn creatures during those turns that the party is away recuperating in town? My guess is yes...but I just have to be sure.
  4. Hello, this is my first post. I have a fairly intense misunderstanding of the function of the game week in the RTL expansion. 1. When the party enters a dungeon, does the game week take place? My assumption is no. If so then... 2. Does the "game week" resume when the party warps to town in the middle of exploring the dungeon? The other thing that confuses me about the game week is the time spent in town. Due to the limited number of things a character can do in one game week while in a town, it usually takes several game weeks to complete the Town action. Does this sound accurate? The book also states that a number of cards be drawn for the merchant for the game week to represent the cards available to the players for that week. So my question is... 3. If the characters do spend 2-4 "game weeks" in town, is the merchant deck constantly being cycled? It just seems odd. What would prevent the players from passing time just to wait for the item they want to pop up?
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