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  1. I would be very interest. PST. Schedule is quite flexible. Would much prefer to play.
  2. Unfortunately I have to agree with the prediction stated above regarding torrents. Regardless this coupon for the pdf version has now gotten me on board (though I swear it was not there earlier). I am one of the few who buy the physical and digital copies of a lot of these books, so having a preorder of sorts on the digital copy in return for beta testing is fine by me.
  3. Major lurker here, having to speak up about this. I own roughly every 40k rpg product out thus far. When I saw this update I was so excited, as frankly though I liked the rules changes in Black Crusade I have no interest in playing as a heretic, and would much rather get a chance to be the Imperium's human shield. There is no chance I will pay 20 bucks to be part of a beta test though without some kind of benefit. Something like a 20 dollar discount on the full product when it releases on RPGnow or drivethrurpg would be acceptable. Too bad as I would have loved to test the hell out of this thing.
  4. I'm into it. I wanted a more Strider-like Aragorn anyway. Makes me wonder what other heroes/allies they may give this treatment to. His ability is incredible.
  5. I have to admit that since I collect all 4 lcgs at the moment in varying degrees, this whole cycle still being in the old style has really stopped me from going all out on Call of Cthulhu. Has there been any buzz about Dreamlands getting the Summons of the Deep treatment? Since Defenders of the North and King's Landing are getting similar treatment in Game of Thrones I am hoping this is more probable.
  6. I know there are similar threads out there to this one. I just wanted to bring up that going through the news archives, the last three expansions for AH have all been announced in February. Well, February has come and gone with nothing new on the horizon. I really hope this is the calm before something big (not new edition big).
  7. It is a little sad that this is the first time I am hearing something that makes me excited about this game.
  8. The problem with that idea is that if a gm used the Creature Guide/Vault instead of the Core Set as their entry into the game, there is no mention of actions like Savage Strike being used by all beastmen. All you get is the text on the action card itself which simply has the beastmen trait, the lack of symbols on lower rung creature cards, and the creature's entry in the Creature Guide which makes no mention of actions. I am thinking it is more likely a decision to streamline the rank and file monsters. It just might have been better if the language had been added, stating that if an encounter needs spicing up (something early like a surprise attack by say ungors and a gor) throw a couple of action cards on the big bad.
  9. I was recently comparing the content of the Tome of Adventure, the Creature Guide, and the Creature Vault and noticed that a number of creatures assigned actions in the core set do not have slots for them on the creature cards. A very simple example of this would be that in the Tome of Adventure all beastmen have Savage Strike, including ungors, but on the creature cards ungors and gors cannot have action cards (besides the basic cards). Now I am aware that as a GM if I want them to have special actions for the sake of the game they can, but I am curious if anyone has insight into why this change was made. It seems the design direction intentionally went from all creatures will have special actions, to only powerful creatures will have special actions. Thoughts from the community?
  10. Is there any reason a pc cannot gain a creature's action card (like from the creature vault) as an advancement besides theme and the gm's judgement?
  11. I was hoping someone with a differing perspective could explain to me how Friedrich Hemmler is not easily in the top 3 (possibly number 1) over the top broken cards in the game. There are a variety of ways to potentially get him into play on the second turn. Regardless of where you elect to place him that all but decides the game. You could of course say there are a few cards that could destroy him quickly, but the fact that he only has two loyalty cost practically makes him a rush unit with five life and hammers. His drawback is scarcely even a drawback. The fact that he is not at least on the restricted list is a mystery to me. Someone please enlighten me.
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