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  1. I'm doubting this is still on track for a December release. Anyone know a release date other than Q4 2014.
  2. Very well done! Thanks for sharing this with your fellow fans!
  3. Steward of Gondor should be one for sure. You should probably have to be in Gondor to play that one - maybe even as specific as Minas Tirith. Rather than creating a list of powerful unique cards, perhaps we should just have a few key locations, and think of the unique powerful player card that can only be played there. So Minas Tirith gets Steward of Gondor. Maybe King Under the Mountain should be tied to its location, too. Perhaps there is a unique player card that you could only get played at Edoras, or Lorien, or eastern Mirkwood, etc. I don't want to make too long of a list, since I like to play most of my cards wherever I am. And non-unique cards should be playable wherever you are. But I am OK with requiring certain unique player cards to be played only at their "home" locations.
  4. For hero deck building, I'm going to leave that up to the players to decide. I'm considering giving a start location for a handful of powerful unique cards. What would you say are the 5 most powerful unique player cards in the game (barring Gandalf and Heroes)?
  5. I finished KD and the Dwarrowdelf cycle. I'm planning to make the overland route (Redhorn Gate), appear on the primary map along with other above-ground areas like Road to Rivendell, Misty Mountains, and Watcher in the Water). The underground Moria option will be an inset with a lot of subsections. I've also finished Heirs of Numenor, but I have not yet started the Against the Shadow cycle, so those might force me to modify my HoN map sections. I hope to upload a map soon, so you can see my ideas and give me some suggestions. One thing I've been thinking about is treating each board space as if it is the quest card. That would mean assigning a "progress required" number to each space. So, for example, it will take a LOT of progress to take the Redhorn Gate route, but each of the Moria spaces will have very little progress required. So, even though you the number of spaces required to travel through Moria is greater (roughly 10 spaces, compared to the Redhorn Gate route which is one space), very little progress will be required for each space. That way, the total number of turns to complete each route would be roughly the same, depending on the strengths of your deck. I could also put an asterisk after certain space progress numbers if there is a special rule associated with that space on the board.
  6. Yeah, when assembling the map so far, I've decided that some of the encounter sets will be 'basic,' with no attached quest, while others will need to have their quest (or a shortened version) included. Return to Mirkwood, for example, has numerous references to Gollum, which means that you would have to include that quest (or preferably a shortened one-quest-card version with maybe 12 progress required and directions that you have to guard Gollum). However, I think that many of those special quests could be 'overlays' on the existing map. For example, the entire Mirkwood forest is already covered by these three sets: Passage Through Mirkwood (west portion of Mirkwood), Spiders of Mirkwood (east portion of Mirkwood), and Dol Gulor Orcs (central to south portions of Mirkwood). Return to Mirkwood seems like it would be an add-on quest that you could choose to do instead of one of the others (or in addition to those), for bonus points. Marking up the map has been fun so far. I take a Middle Earth map and draw a shape that encompasses all the locations in an Encounter Set. Then I do it again for the next encounter set, and again for the next, modifying each as I draw them so that they will not overlap. I couldn't get Return to Mirkwood not to overlap with the 3 sets I mentioned above, but I figure that that set needs a quest card anyway, so it can be an overlay. So far I have completed the Core set and the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle. I'm about to venture into Moria. I'm not sure what I will find...
  7. My new goal is to mark each location in the game on a master map of Middle Earth, using the icon from the enounter set as the marker. Then, I'm going to draw regions around larger areas and little shapes around smaller areas, to make an old school gameboard out of it. Then, I'm going to let my team of 3 Heroes walk around in Middle Earth, revealing a card from the encounter deck corresponding to the area my team is in. After playing around in the sandbox for a while, we can come up with point values for different goals.
  8. That online Atlas is just what I was looking for! I own the Atlas that you got your images from, but I was hoping someone had already added the locations to that map. You did that for each set already. Nice! Do you happen to have a master map, with all the locations marked on one map? Thanks again for that help.
  9. Yeah, I know that I'd lose a lot of the designers' intent without the quest cards. Those would have to be replaced by some kind of "goal" cards that tell you what your objectives are in the game. I was thinking that the encounter sets from each Base set/ Deluxe expansion could act as a sort of hub or "first step" in exploring a new region (Mirkwood, the Anduin, Dwarrowdelf, etc.), while the cards from each small expansion encounter set could be offshoots from the appropriate hub. As each deluxe expansion is released, it could create a new hub, with the 6 small expansions as spokes on that wheel. If I want to get super specific, I could break it down to even smaller areas and unique locations, but I don't think I want to lose the ease of sorting by encounter icon.
  10. I'm thinking of making a map of places that my team of heroes could explore, and wondering if you all might have any ideas. My inspiration comes from the old MECCG, which I didn't play but once and only have one small starter deck. But the LCG is really a lot more fun. Anyway, my thought was that each "space" on the map would have its own encounter deck with the specific locations and treacheries and characters that are associated with that area. Each player would explore with his own team, trying to find some hidden objective cards, beating a certain number of orcs, or some other goals. Ideas?
  11. Zartan! Apparently, he was a Spy for Mordor before he was a spy for Cobra Commander! It is shockingly close to Zartan. Hood, shoulder pads, etc.
  12. I like it! You could also make a cheaper/free option for specific heroes. Such as, "If Boromir is in your discard pile and you have less than 3 heroes, make your Faramir ally a hero." Same for a Sam ally (if there ever is one) replacing your Frodo hero.
  13. Yes, I remember when Decipher announced that rule. It made sense. So did giving eratta to Far-Seeing Eyes to make it unique, which I think was announced at about the same time. The "Rule of 4" just felt a little clunky, since you had to keep track of how many cards you had drawn that phase. Thankfully, 4 is a rather small number, so it wasn't that big of a deal. I still prefer a hand cap, since you don't have to keep track of anything in the past. You only have to count the cards in your hand at the exact moment you activate a draw ability and see if you are allowed to draw.
  14. Rather than have a draw limit, which requires keeping track of the number of cards drawn, I think a "hand cap" is better. A limit to the number of cards you can have in your hand keeps you from drawing too many cards all at once. It won't fix everything, but it is a good start, since it makes these combos slower and less reliable. In one game I play, a hard hand cap was recently set at 16. The end-of-turn hand cap has always been 8 for that game. But the end-of-turn hand cap was not effective on its own, as 17 years of draw abilities made it possible for players to draw obscene amounts of cards in one turn. Once they instituted a 16-card hand cap, it GREATLY reduced the number of people attempting broken combos. FFG could easily do something like this in LoTR LCG. Have an end-of-turn hand cap of 6 cards, and a hard hand cap of 12 cards otherwise. Or some other numbers that they thought was fair.
  15. That quote on the newly-spoiled spirit event is absolutely perfect for its card! Well done, FFG! It begs the question, though. Did the line from the book inspire the card idea, or did someone just happen to find that perfect quote for this card? As a card designer for another card game, I sometimes design cards around the quotes, and sometimes I just find a great quote after the card is designed. Which one was it this time? Any fans care to guess? Would the designer care to share?
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