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  1. Saw 47 saw this now. Please email me or leave a message here with your contact info... I'm still looking for Westeros through ROK and promos... Please help... Thx.
  2. Saw 27 looked at this, didn't see any emails, drop a message in the feed if you're kindly digging through the very back of your storage closets to help a guy out... I'd like to answer you promptly and am still hoping to find someone with alot if my needs in sealed or bulk form. Also hoping to find alot of promo cards, stone house cards, crystal house cards, leather deck boxes... The works... Hope to hear from somebody some day! Thx,
  3. Hello, I am trying to put my old CCG collection together... Please contact me at Serlannister@yahoo.com if possible. I will pay for shipping and for depending what you have. I need alot of Westeros - Tourney of Swords. Tyvm, B.
  4. Hello all, A couple years since I split with this game, but several of my friends have moved back into my life, and they are all anxious to play some games like old times. Only problem is, is that I don't have any of my deck building archanix anymore. Anyone have a horde of CCG cards that they either want to get rid of or part with knowing that they will be well taken care of and appriciated? Please email me with your info pertaining to CCG availibility. I am mostly interested in Winter through 5 Kings, I need the "good" rares, and all of the commons and uncommons I can afford to have shipped...lol Please email me at serlannister@yahoo.com, with some contact information, what you have availible, and we can begin negotiating what it will take to remove these cards from your garage or closet and into my happy hands....lol Looking for some love! Serlannister
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