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  1. I find it particularly galling since they do semi-public beta's for things but still miss stuff that's flagged. Two character sheets would indeed be helpful considering all the stuff that humans don't have. I just find it aggravating that they can make these fantastic looking books, but a year after release they're actually quite difficult to use because they didn't proof read properly and I can only assume their in-house testers are...well shall we say lacking. Hell, I'll volunteer to proof read their WH40K stuff for free just to save trouble later on down the line.
  2. I was reading through the errata - as one does - and noticed there were updates to the character sheet. I though Aha! They'll have been cunning and updated the character sheet int he support section, it would be the height of foolishness not to! And lo! I was suprised to see that they had...infact...done no such thing. Why not? This seems a trivial feat to accomplish and having out of date character sheets is an utterly amateurish mistake to make. Given we pay ~£30 per book, it'd be nice to have access to a character sheet that was actually correct instead of constantly having to update it ourselves. Which is difficult for the Space Marine organ alterations. I know this is several years out of date, but it just strikes me as astoundingly odd considering there's a book coming out in the very near future.
  3. I thought I had done Rites of Battle and First Founding. Quite spectacularly sure in fact.
  4. Oh uh hey guys! Yeah I'm still about! My support kinda dropped away as my group decided they weren't terribly interested (or good) at playing Spess Mahrins. But that's ok! It's great to see people are still making use of what I made and given that Lord Master Igneus so kindly pm'd me to ask me to do a bit more, I shall I hope to have Honour the Chapter done by weeks end. No promises, but that's what I'll aim for.
  5. Agreed! Very much agreed! Something I had also noticed was edge cases tend to be substituted for everyday occurrences mechanically. An unhelpful presumption as it (amongst other things) always presumes a power-gaming player and/or an incompetent GM.
  6. This is some pretty cool stuff, I like it a lot Alas it wouldn't fly in my group, I have a 'Keep it Simple' guy who finds the current modifier muckings about irritating enough. May implement them after some further forum hijinks regardless....we shall see....
  7. Well it should be an environmental limit. Unless you're on a very straight street in a city, you aren't going to be able to see more than...oh..500m in any single direction? (I think of Buchanan St in Glasgow for this if you're at the top of it looking down which is a very straight long line). If you're in a packed hive city, again appropriate awareness modifiers apply. Even with a vantage point, picking out a single desired person is going to be nightmarishly difficult and again, simple viewing distance is going to be heavily restricted. Possibly as low as 50m if it's a particularly convoluted layout.
  8. Players should certainly be testing for awareness at ~100m. Made easier if they know the target is going to be there and if they have appropriate telescopic sights. Regarding the difficulty of the actual shot, there are modifiers already for shooting at range and an array of sights that can help you do this. Remember, the sniper rifle is a weapon designed to do single target damage at what might otherwise be considered 'extreme' range. It's appropriate.
  9. The ranges have to do with weapon specific accuracies. In other words, short range is relative to the weapon. Lets take a silly example of weapony goodness. A Stub Automatic and an Earthshaker Cannon (artillery!) These weapons rely on more or less the same principles. Use a small explosion to shoot a thing over there --> Short range on a handgun is ~10m-ish. For artillery it's probably around 750m (I'm not an artillerist so not 100% certain on what counts for short range amongst artillery). Of course this is an extreme example. But my point that short range, whatever that means in context, should be relative to the weapon as it is now and not a factor of user proficiency. For user proficiency, see Characteristic Tests. 100m as 'short' range on a sniper rifle is perfectly reasonable. Saying 50m is short range for lasguns/conventional assault rifle type weapons is also perfectly reasonable.
  10. I point you towards most elective cosmetic surgery. Re: Face-poison smearing. See Botox.
  11. You do know this isn't actually true, right? It is in my experience. Now if you take into account that whilst not every group will have powergamers it's not unreasonable to say that every system will have powergamers (regardless of the effectiveness of such a strategy).
  12. Same! On both counts Good stuff I saw the acronym and immediately thought 'hang on a minute...only the British Army says stuff like that'. And lo. I was right Jolly good. Carry on.
  13. The current caps are...ridiculous. First problem is they are just AG bonus oriented so only relevant for DoS/F. More sensibly to make them flat AG score so as to actually be a more meaningful limit. Second problem is what the limits actually are...Holy crapsticks a max agility of 50 for wearing FULL Guard Flak? Given that ~30 is human average and the average in-setting human is the most likely to be wearing such armour (and thus be encumbered by it) would it not make sense to have a penalty that would affect them? Guard flak is...very powerful as it is. Sure not against your high end stuff, but what is. But against the majority of mundane foes, guard flak will do just fine. This needs lowered to probably around the 35ish mark I'd say. Designed to allow maximum flexibility to the regular average joe, of which the Imperium has billions. Not necessarily ideal for elite Inquisitorial Agents. The carapace values are simply a joke. Watch me cartwheel utterly unimpeded in Storm Trooper carapace! Weeee! Honestly, I'd not suggest any Max Ag over 45ish (what with dodge being a skill to +30 and all). Anything beyond that's not really worth having. Sure it might be worth putting in just for those munchkins who enjoy..well..being munchkins (since it appears GM's here are incapable to saying No) but the current values whilst a good start, fall short of being actually useful.
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