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  1. Sorry, but I can't seem to find this anywhere. Does the N Virus get a tech after a space battle and then another if they defeat a ground force during the same activation? Thanks.
  2. A merc typically looks for his/her own benefit. This makes sense to me, as they are not to be trusted on their own. Why can't you kill them? Well, you have no army to command to take out the order not to mention they're usually pretty elusive. They only thing you can do is stop paying them.
  3. The build limit is crazy. Especially, with their racial tech. The spread like mad. A build limit of 20+ is not that hard to do.
  4. Well, perhaps the less conflict there is, the easy it is to clean up telepathically. Especially, since there is no evidence of destroyed or damaged ships. It would likely be much easier to do this if there is no evidence of battle left behind.
  5. We draw numbers (1-8 depending on # of players). Highest number (1) can either choose the speaker token or draw 3 random race cards and pick 1. If you take the speaker, you pick races last, if you take the races first, you pick strategy cards last. We play 6-8 player games so we found this to help balance the highest number and the worse. If you take the speaker, all races will have likely been drawn at least once leaving you with the leftovers.
  6. This race is telepathic. The reason why they can leave is because the enemy won't even remember they were there. Hence, even to the attacker, the space battle never happened. The memories of their attack are likely erased and no objective could be completed.
  7. I would like to get a feel for who everyone thinks are the best races. When you weigh in special abilities, starting techs and units, homes planets, racial techs, flagships, and reps. Some of the older races seem less obsolete now. I understand style of play is huge, but i would like to hear who and why you think so. Personally, i love the Yssaril Tribes. Unlimited cards, viewing and stealing other peoples best cards. Action cards can do almost anything and give a huge advantage. Skipping is nice too, saving your attack movements for when everyone else is activated. Nice. They did seem to get watered down with the new stuff, but i still think they're a top 3 for sure.
  8. We always limit newbie players to one newbie per game. Having two really sux. I've also printed out and laminated some of the "cheat sheets" that are out there for quick reference.
  9. I play with some hard core gamers and i won't even use my expansion (that I pre-ordered) until a few things are cleared up. We'll just start punching each other over disagreements.
  10. I suggest buying another base set or if any of your buddies have the game also, they can bring a baggy of the needed tokens. I think a special edition would be cool, but i've already purchased all three parts and can't see spending extra coin for a game i already have.
  11. I don't really care if they can build space units or not. To me, the real question is their build limit. Is it 1 build limit for all the gf's or 1 build limit for each? Ex. If I have 5 gf's, do I have a build limit of 1(or 2 with the tech) or 5(and 10 with the tech)? If it's 10, I don't see them being able to build space units. I could have 15 gf's and a build limit of 30. That would be absurd. Imagine the fighter builds!
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