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  1. I think it makes the most sense and is easiest to make them jump to the opposite tile. Too bad they couldn't just put the word opposite in there
  2. Thanks for the input everyone. Steve-O: we have played a fair amount of the originals, we even kept playing quite a few more dungeons after we got road to legend before even opening it up. I would say we have played approximately 12 to 15 of the quests from Journeys in the Dark, Altar of Despair, and Tomb of Ice, we do not own Well of Darkness yet. And we have played at least 2 from each if not more. So we are all fairly well versed, since I have mainly always played overlord and they have always played heroes, we know our sides pretty well. No, the heroes do not make aim and dodge orders, though I like the strategy of dodge with a stealth die. In fact we very severely noticed the imbalance of the Journeys of the Dark because it was obvious to everybody that the heroes had a big upper hand. And we all thoroughly noticed the new balance of treachery cards and new mobs, etc... A typical battle with us starts with the heroes moving forward and guarding as I typically spawn my mobs out of their reach. They will continue to move forward and guard until they can either make multiple attacks or until they realize I have hidden in some trees or behind some ice or whatever there is. Generally I retreat until I see an opportune moment to strike, or until they have exausted their moves and are no longer guarding. While the heroes are advancing in this fashion I typically will have spawned an extra group of mobs, so the 'waiting for the right moment' strategy seems to work even better most times. I don't see anything the heroes could really do different to do better. They usually don't have any problems with a dungeon full of copper mobs. For instance, before all the giving up happened, they had an encounter with bane spiders. I managed to do all of 5 wounds to them. I really don't think the heroes have played poorly in combat, just poorly everywhere else. Like you said, making bad decisions on the world map is what made their campaign die. From what I understand as heroes, you need to make a destination right off the bat, say a city with certain skills, or a secret trainer, or even to go chase a lieutenant. Unfortunately for the heroes, they wasted turns going any direction just to explore dungeons. They bought a couple skills but only because they happened to be at the city they were training in. Spent most xp on dice upgrades (not too horrible) but when it came time to upgrade at the secret area they were running low on xp, though they were all able to upgrade. But now, they have no favorable skills except for spirit walker which they drew in the beginning, but Xyla, the heroe who has spiritwalker, is pretty weak and has never had a good enough weapon to really 1 shot much. Even though she has breath, so perhaps their distribution of weapons could have been better too, because I had been scared of the first spiritwalker attacks but they actually didn't kill much, though with breath she can weaken a lot of mobs. We have been playing it with 5 spaces too, not 10 In the long run it seems they have just made understandable mistakes. Though I would be very curious to hear how other people's combats usually go. Thanks all.
  3. Thanks for you replies James and Veritech. I really like your standpoint, and I agree that they shouldn't just give up. I tried to explain to them over and over again that when I have a silver upgrade right away, then they draw a lot of my silver mobs in dungeons they are going to have a really tough time. On top of them being slitghtly behind the entire campaign, during our last session they finished a dungeon then spent turns training and the turn after they finished that dungeon the campaign went silver and I upgraded the other two of my mobs with my remaining exp. On top of all that, I had 2 cities that were going to be rolled for siege before they could even get there, and then they saw the stats of my lieutenants and just wanted to give up. I really like how you describe the heroes plight and I agree they should at least try. I urged them to push on and at least fight a lieutenant and see how it goes. But now they are opposite of your heroes as well, they are starting to think the game is horribly unbalanced, which it obviously isn't. But if they do get beat badly by my Lt. then I will certainly agree to restart, because they could have done so many things different that it's a fair demand. Good info all, thanks.
  4. I have messed up the conquest totals during our last session and posted the wrong info, because it definitely went silver then there were 3 more weeks. In fact while writing this I realized I didn't add the heroes tokens from this session on to that total. So the campaign went silver and then I spent the next 2 turns upgrading my monsters while the heroes moved and upgraded at the secret area which I let them do 1 week out of copper anyways. So they have certainly made some horrible strategic decisions which is what our conclusion was. I am very grateful to hear your opinion. At the end of the night I strongly urged them to have the fight with the Lt. on our next session just to see what happens and to know how it will go as you have advised as well, so I'm just going to make them do that. They won't mind. I also agree that if they had a handful of good silvers they could potentially kill at least the two of my farrows even if I have the upper hand with upgrades. However Alrick does seem very difficult with his 7 armor 60 wounds and ironskin, on top of the regen. We played out some practice rolls with some of the better silver weapons and it would seem they would need quite a few very good rolls in order to kill him. (maybe 10-15+ nearly max damage rolls) Is Alrick the kind of Lt. that should be picked off early? It seems if he is allowed to become silver and gold he just becomes that much harder to kill? Another thing I failed to mention is that the heroes still only have 1 skill card each. So another bad decision is perhaps that they haven't been seeking out valuable skills. Again, thanks for your input.
  5. I'm not positive about what you mean by jumping around corners but I think it would involve landing on a spot that is not on the opposite side of the spot you jumped from. This, in my opinion, breaks the ruling in the original Journeys In The Dark book: If a hero or monster is aware of a pit, it may jump across the pit for three movement points for each space crossed. Simply place the figure on the other side of the pit after spending the movement points. I understand that as being the opposite side you jumped from, meaning a b c 1 2 3 d e f if you jumped from space 1 over pit space 2, you have no option but to land on space 3, just as if you jumped from space a over pit space 2 you have to land on space f. Would you agree, because it would make a big difference in a lot of dungeons with pits AND ice, which we just played tonight.
  6. Hello, We have invested a few months into this campaign (this is our first run) so far and I would like to share some statistics and see what people think about starting a new campaign vs continuing this one. First of all, the conquest totals are 74 heroes and 128 overlord. We are roughly in game week 10. EDIT: Actually heroes have somewhere around 90, I foolishly messed up the totals this session and had to retrace to count them. The heroes have 17, 3, 7, and 35 exp, they have upgraded mainly dice as well as wounds/fatigue 1 time. I believe they have also purchased 1 tamalir upgrade as well as the staff of the wild and the raft. The overlord (Spider Queen) has 7 xp of the 128 total, and has purchased the three merricks, all of which have never been encountered, which is apparantly a big mistake for the heroes, I will get to that shortly. She has 'into my parlour', all three mob classes are at silver level, 2 trap treachery and that is about it, save the 3 upgrades I originally bought, one for avatar, one for extra dice for encounters, and one to ditch 4 cards from my deck. Now it seems to me (overlord) and the heroes that they are very likely to lose this campaign, possibly in just a few turns if I decide to siege Tamalir. I believe the main reasons the heroes lost are these: 1. They have not encountered a lieutenant yet and have not attempted to. 2. Now that I have 2 lieutenants sieging and one on the way to siege and the campaign JUST recently turned to silver, the heroes (having only 1 silver treasure so far) can barely do enough damage to my lieutenants, especially Alrick with his 7 armor and ironskin. I have already razed one city, this will be a second and third if they don't kill them very soon, and then about 2 game weeks later I will begin a siege on Tamalir if I want to show no mercy. 3. In the beginning their strategy was unclear as it is our first playthrough. So they moved southwest immediately to a dungeon, but then they moved back to Tamalir and they continued to move without a destination for quite a few game weeks, which to me seems highly unwise as you should be picking a secret area or boss dungeon or city to head to. Or even hunting down a lieutenant so they can't cause so much damage and leave you in such a dire situation as they are in now with 3 active lieutenants silver class while they have no silver treasures. 4. They have only visited the tavern 1 time and got 1 rumor, though they completed it, it was not the best reward. The one to discard and put a hero to 4 wounds instead of dying, probably one of the worst really. If they had tried to do rumors more often it seems they would have had a chance for at least one of the better rumor rewards and improved their odds. Here are a few reasons I could think of why the overlord is ahead: 1. My first upgrade was Eldritch, followed by I believe Merrick and trap treachery. 2. The heroes have drawn many of the higher numbered dungeons, including 2 or 3 of the tomb of ice expansion ones. From what I've seen the higher the dungeon the more difficult it is, though this may not always hold true, it certainly does in many cases. Now on top of the dungeon levels being higher they have involved, more then not, eldritch monsters. Meaning the heroes have been pitted against silver mobs for a large portion of the copper campaign, and in some cases (at least 2 or 3) nothing but eldritch. 3. I certainly do not use poor strategies in most situations. But at the same time the heroes make few mistakes as well. In summation I believe that reason 1 and 2 for the overlord have been huge factors as well as the fact that the heroes never engaged or even chased down a lieutenant in the first 10 weeks or so. I would greatly appreciate any input on this situation as both the heroes and I are beginning to agree this campaign looks hopeless for them. Even if I weren't to siege Tamalir (which I wouldn't cuz I'm nice) they feel they cannot kill Alrick even with a proper supply of silver treasures. I don't know what to tell them, because I almost agree, it seems you would need perfect rolls and plenty of power potions to stand a chance against alrick at silver campaign level. Please tell me how these fights go as you have surely been through them and similar situations. The final thing that kicked the heroes down making them want to give up, was them hearing the silver stats of Alrick because when they finally wanted to encounter him it was 1 game week after the campaign upgraded to silver.
  7. Corbon said: Nothing in any of the plots indicates that the Lts must all converge on the OL's keep with the quest items simultaneously. There is no 'ruling' on this, because none is required. You've made up a non-existing rule - as it doesn't exist, FFG have no reason to rule on it! Although I think they should have made this a bit more clear, I agree with you and just wanted clarification from somebody. I appreciate your response and will play it this way.
  8. Hey, just wanted to bump this once and see if anybody knew for sure the ruling on this matter, thanks.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I was leaning towards Steve-O's answer. The only reason I thought you might need 4 lieutenants to each have an item is because it seemed like an easy way for the overlord to win. However this is my first playthrough so it is only speculation. We don't have SoB, though we probably will in the future. For now I suppose we will play with the way Steve-O has reinforced, but if anybody could input further it could certainly still effect our gameplay for the better.
  10. Julia said: I don't see anything against this. If you cross-check the core game rules, on pag 18 it's written: Spending Fatigue for Movement At any time during a hero’s turn, he may spend one fatigue to gain one movement point, even if he is currently taking the battle action. This may be done as often as the hero desires. Movement points gained in this manner are spent just like normal movement points. The key point I believe is that you generate a movement point, thus you should be able to perform all actions this movement point allows you to do. Generally speaking, it's an interesting action spending Fatigue to drink Vitality I wish I looked at the core rules, I've been so caught up in the road to legend and faqs and errata I forgot to get to basics. Thank you for pointin this out and thank you Steve-O for your input too, Both of you have made things very clear to me.
  11. Thank you for the clarification, I have heard mentions of the staff of the wild but foolishly never looked at the item, as I do not have the cards/boards at my house. I suppose that would explain the wording a little bit.
  12. It is poorly worded because in the question (which is written by the same people that answer it for further clarification) say in "A week's move" that means 1 weeks move, it does not specify multiple moves. This leads me to believe that they can pass THROUGH the location in A weeks move. But the 2nd response to my question is all I needed to know, I'm just defending my statement to you.
  13. This question pertains to The Road To Legend advanced campaign, sorry I left that out.
  14. This should be my last question for now x_x Can a hero spend a fatigue to drink a potion even though he has not made any movement actions? Example: (hero) battles, and makes 2 attacks then spends one fatigue to drink a health potion. Obviously this could take place in any order, but is it possible for the hero to do this?
  15. I'm 99% sure, based on what I've read, that during the game week when a party moves along the board that they are allowed to 'skip' over an explored dungeon (as long as they roll for all of the possible encounters they have crossed) and land on the next unexplored dungeon space or city. I base this assumption on this FAQ Q: Can the party land on or move through a dungeon location that has been explored using a week's move action? A: They may end on or move through the location. They may not re-enter an already explored dungeon. It seems that the answer is yes, they can move through the location (in a single weeks move action) But I would love some affirmation because I could also see that as a poorly worded (as many things are in these rulebooks) clarification that an explored dungeon is not a road block. Thank you for any input.
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