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  1. @The Jabbawookie vs CyborgNinja 1st Player: Jabbawookie Objective: Fighter Ambush Score: 189 - 263 Result: 7-4 Win to CyborgNinja (74 MOV) Thanks to @The Jabbawookie for a great, friendly final round to the tournament. His YT2400s had my squads and ships in a bind, and that was before the MC80 came in to tear my ships apart. Unlucky last couple rounds pushed it into my favor. (Maybe some photos when it's not 2am here...)
  2. @itzSteve vs CyborgNinja Initiative: itzSteve Objective: Fighter Ambush Score: 166 vs 341 (236 + 7 tokens); 3-8 Win for CyborgNinja with 175 MOV Thanks to @itzSteve for a fun, engaging game. Here are some key shots of the game: I deployed my squads to take out the comms net flotilla and limit Raddus's drop options. But as the round ended, I realized they needed to spread out in the middle to prevent Mon Karren from dropping right on top of my assault frigate. Flotilla survives on one hull, and my own flotillas are sweating bullets... ...because all of a sudden, a ton of firepower is ready to annihilate them. Jaina's Light double-arc murders the BCC flotilla, then speed 4's to the board's edge. Toryn Farr's transport just escapes, but the Mon Karren's long range Intel Officer shot on the assault frigate's rear nearly cripples it, and it sets up a good chance of killing it the following round. Meanwhile, Profundity effortlessly lines up a killing run on my corvettes, and the scatterless 1-hull flotilla survives another round... Start of round 3, Mon Karren goes first and is 1 hull away from swinging the game widely in itzSteve's favor. But the assault frigate just hangs on by 1 hull, gets to double arc the Liberty and command enough squads for the Liberty to die by the end of the round. Rest of the game -- Profundity murders the HIE90B, then ram-murders the assault frigate. Raddus's CR90 curves back into the fight, to help mulch squads (sooo much flak damage between the flotilla and MC75), but 1 lucky Scurrg hit and a last round Dutch shot manage to kill it.
  3. @stephen_harris70 vs CyborgNinja Score: 301 - 118 (8-3, 183 MOV), win for CyborgNinja Objective: Figher Ambush; 1st Player - stephen_harris70 Thanks again to stephen_harris70 for a fun, friendly game. Round 1: Not much action, just some Rebels cowering in fear as angry triangles approach. Round 2: Almost the same as round 1, except Hera/Adar manage to snipe down Tempest Squadron and an X-Wing takes out a leading tie fighter. A rogued Dutch and X-Wing try to burn down Dengar after he moves into the central squad blob, but they don't even manage to strip the scatter. Round 3: Pursuant starts the round murdering almost all the X-Wings, forcing the assault frigate to activate next to get some squad attacks in. That gives BTAvenger the chance to line up a perfect kill run on the frigate. It runs over the squads in the process, giving the Rebels some extra flak shots at the TIEs and interceptors. Dengar takes forever to kill. The Gozanti loses its scatter to the corvette attacks. Round 4: BTAvenger murders the assault frigate a little too good and can't count on a ram-death to keep it in a better position to kill the flotillas (who barely survive repeated ISD side/rear shots the rest of the game). Dutch and Hera manage to slow the Imperial squads enough to break ahead in the squad fight. Round 5: (Late-round image) Pursuant strips the shields off the HIE90B, which returns fire to strip off Pursuant's shields. The corvettes ram to avoid ramming the flotillas or getting too close to Avenger. Hera and the Scurrgs finish off the Quasar for a handful of victory tokens. Round 6: Howlrunner dies and the rebels are gratefully out of the ISD's front arc.
  4. @Cap116 Here are the colors - there was a probably-too-heavy dose of Nuln Oil, but it gave it the range of color I was shooting for. Base - Rakarth Flesh Accents - Baneblade Brown, Dawnstone, Doombull Brown, Gorthor Brown Mechanic Grey and Eshin Grey for the darker metal bits and near-black engines, respectively.
  5. Your best bet in FFG's forums is to upload the photo to an outside site kee imgur, then use the "insert other media" button and it should appear in your post.
  6. A friend and I made this before Wave 3/4 was even out, so our modest efforts at balancing it are probably worthless now, but it was a fun enough scenario to try out: Custom Scenario - Shipyard Assault
  7. Haha thanks. I might be about to tear the bridge section off a gladiator and replace it with one from a BFG Chaos Cruiser. Got all summer to figure it out.
  8. @dsnowak Any chance there will be a sub-competition for "most pirate-looking" fleet as part of the tournament?
  9. @darkknight109 Cap116 above is exactly right -- it's a couple DX9s in a fighter peg, with the 2nd Gozanti in the last fighter peg slot. I'll try to take a better photo of it for you, if you'd like. I got them from Mel's, and the model is really nice and detailed: https://www.shapeways.com/product/3JDGZWDA2/armada-6x-dx-9-stormtrooper-transport
  10. 2019 Regionals Fleet The painting came down to the wire, but I finished* painting this Ackbar fleet in time for the Virginia Regional at Huzzah Hobbies yesterday. I've been pretty happy with how this paint scheme has come out across the different ships, although now I feel like the MC40 could use some work to get it to match the later 2 ships. *The slicer tool on the front of the slicer flotilla needs some work, but I needed 6 hours of sleep before a 4-round armada tournament...
  11. Mel's MC19 Shout out to @melminiatures for a great original Mon Cal design for a small capital ship - I'm using the MC19 as a substitute for Jaina's Light in an Ackbar fleet (matching paint schemes below).
  12. Ha that's right! I'd like to think Dodonna put some valuable salvage rigged with explosives in that asteroid field, and Hondo was just too greedy to pass it up.
  13. Elimination Round: @clontroper5 vs CyborgNinja Clontroper5 picked 1st Player and Precision Strike CyborgNinja: very little (2 flotillas, 1 victory token) Clontroper5: Tabled plus lots of victory tokens CLONTROPER5 MOVES ON TO THE QUARTERFINALS!!!! Clon's great play had me on the run from early on - awesome job and good luck with the rest of the tournament! Here's a round-by-round breakdown if you wanted more... Round 1: Hook onto Demo's side or the ISD's side? Two equally terrible choices await the Rebels.... Round 2: ...And it all starts to fall apart for the Rebels. Early strong activations from Morna and Ciena knock out the lead X-Wing, leaving just enough room for Maarek (double tapped from Jendon) to scalpel out Jan from the Rebel squad formation. If that wasn't bad enough, Toryn's flotilla gets toasted by Demo's post-move attack (rolled double accuracy / double hit-crit...). With Demo's flank obstructed too, the Scurrgs come in to finish off Morna and Maarek after the X's whiffed pretty hard. Round 3: It's all downhill from here (or uphill, depending on the way you like to use the most ambiguous metaphor). The Rebels have to start hoping for amazing bombing runs on the ISD, which they definitely don't get. Demo wipes out the corvette you see it targeting below (but gets stuck back using the double ram to do it), and Avenger's flak is seriously laying into the Rebel squads that are left. Round 4: The assault frigate is just out of black range of BTAvenger this round, but its fate is sealed at this point --- no amount of side shots and mediocre bombing runs (Nym had 3 straight accuracy/blank shots along the way...) is taking down the ISD. Suppressor and Leia's Bomber Command Center decide to ram each other off the board this round. Round 5: Here come the boarding troopers! There's goes the space whale! Round 6: And there goes Dodonna, a sliver in black range on Avenger's front arc (although Demo had him lined up just in case the most epic of whiff rolls occurred).
  14. VWC participation cards are in! Everyone's receiving 2 copies of an alt art Hondo officer card. Of course you're free to do whatever you want with them, but @BiggsIRL and I thought it would be very Hondo of you to give the 2nd copy to whoever you're playing the first time you use your copy of the card. I still need mailing info from the following players so I can send their cards: @Dupy @OutboundFlight @Roquax @GiledPallaeon @PartyPotato @comatose @Bantha @The_tony_davis @Tokra @Dark Raver @MandalorianMoose Here's the link to the google form.
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