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  1. i was thinking of using it against durins bane (the balrog and its high armour class) now 2 stackable rivendell blades on the same character, knocking 4 off durin banes armour, would make this card worth putting in a deck however if its not stackable makes it still ok but not great what is it please great or ok?
  2. Hi thanks rich for the answer, sorry my original posting is a bit confused a combination of trying to send it with my 4 year old screaming in my ear and the internet playing up at my end
  3. sorry kids screaming in my ear as i was posting message. the card i refer to is "out of sight" which says "ememies engaged with you cant attack you this phase"
  4. sorry kids screaming in my ear as i was posting message. the card i refer to is "out of sight" which says "ememies engaged with you cant attack you this phase"
  5. sorry kids screaming in my ear as i was posting message. the card i refer to is "out of sight" which says "ememies engaged with you cant attack you this phase"
  6. apologies if this has been asked already but I'm sure I read somewhere that your heroes dont count towards any 5 dwarf triggers is this true or have I dreamt it. I've checked the new FAQ and I can'ty see it mentioned in there. cheers kev
  7. ah that makes so much more sense. thanks for the help. Love the game btw
  8. Hi all, I have just played this for only the second time and I'm wondering if I am doing something wrong. I was playing House Stark and there are a lot of cards in the deck, which seem to effect cards with a wolf head symbol. I looked up in the rule book and discovered that a wolf head symbol, is the symbol for Stalwart. Now I played these support cards and thought when these stalwart guys hit the table I'll be heaping a load of trouble down on my opponents. However there appeared to be only one card in the whole deck (apologies if there are more but I only saw the one when I checked at the end of the game) with the keyword Stalwart, Is this correct or am I missing something like maybe, all Stark cards are Stalwart cards. If there is only the one eligible Stalwart card in the deck, which can be effected by all these support cards then this is a pretty cynical attempt to make me go and buy some more Stalwart card before I've even had chance to experience the basic game. I'm hoping I have missed something and this isn't the case, otherwise it would appear the base Stark deck is pretty lame without the addition of some more cards and I will be selling the game pretty pronto.
  9. the way i play it is Thalin does his damage first and kills your dol goldor orcs before they can do their bit. q2 i think the answer is no. you have to exhaust Eleanor and resolve the effects of her ability ie the drawing and resolving of another encounter card. I have Thalin as a Hero that is committed to a quest. The Encounter deck reveals Dol Goldor Orcs.Thalin's text ( While Thalin is committed to a quest, deal 1 damage to each enemy as it revealed by the encounter deck). Dol Goldor Orc's text ( WHEN REVEALED: Choose one character currently committed to a quest. Deal 2 damage to that character) Does Thalin kill the Orcs BEFORE the When Revealed action takes place? Since they have 0 Defense and must take a wound I played it that way. But want to be sure. Also question number two: I had "Unexpected Courage" attached to Eleanor. The encounter deck revealed a treachery card with a "When Revealed" action. Eleanor's text allowed me to exhaust her to discard that card and draw another. Then another treachery card with a "When Revealed" action came up. I exhausted "Unexpected Courage" to ready her then exhausted her again to cancel that card. Is that the right way to play "Unexpected Courage"?
  10. yep i was playing dol guldor and mighty it's difficult
  11. I'm asking because my friend and I, have just played escape from dol guldur 3 times and lost 3. That in itself wouldn't be such a problem. After all, the first game we played went on for an hour before we lost. The last 2 games however we died in the first round following setup, due to some terrible treachery cards we drew, when setting up the guarding of the 3 objectives. I can't rememeber the details but one tapped all our heroes, so they were unavailable to quest and defend in the first turn. We were a hammer and anvil decks so we pretty muched threated out and then a hero was killed as we could not defend. A scenario in which you have effectivly lost the game during setup, seems broken to me and is exactly why I stopped playing MTG because of the daft overpowered decks people played. My mate and I were thinking maybe a house rule would prevent such ill feeling. (we discarded the scenario and chose another and I doubt we will go back to it again tbh) Maybe you should be allowed to increase your threat by 1 and redraw a setup card, if it equally game breaking you could discard and chose another with an increase of 2 next it would be 3 etc. Does that seem reasonable, I mean its only luck after all what comes out of the encounter deck during the initial setup after all. Anyone do anything similiar or have other suggestions?
  12. can you take it any time in a turn when an action is allowed or do you have to take it, during the questing phase.
  13. if i have sword of y'ha-tallo on a character and so the character gains a combat and terror icon and my opponent plays a binding, which states, until end of phase a character loses all printed icons, does this remove the additional terror and combat icons imbued by the sword? thx
  14. Why hasn't FFg killed this question flat by now unless they don't know themselves. i reckon, after all the mistakes with the game, they are rethinking whether it should be continued. i personally hope it will be but I also think, they should re-print all the errata and rectify all the problems with the game, with a complete revamp of the entire game. I've played the game half a dozen times and as a keeper you always have to hold off. I play the game as a DM would, in a RPG. I don't play it to beat the players but to have fun. I'd like to see a more balanced game, that keeps the basic mechanics of the game but acknowledging the suggestions from the gaming community. In future, I would like FFG to play test their games more, to prevent these problems occuring in the first place. If they kill this game off, it will be a pity and they will be killing a good game, spoilt by a rush to get it to the market, before they had allowed proper play testing. That wrong decision must lie with the people at the top of FFG and not the game designers IMHO.
  15. in the setup under question 3 it asks The magic words are found in the A master bedroom B Bathroom 1 Now in the seed card section it has Master Bedroom 3A Nothing of interest, ruby of R’lyeh, dark room 3B Magic Phrase, clue 2 Locked door Bathroom 3A Magic Phrase, clue 2 Locked door 3B Nothing of interest, ruby of R’lyeh, dark room Now, if I’ve picked that the magic words are found in 3A, which is the master bedroom. Shouldn’t that location have the Magic Phrase in it and not the bathroom? Are these seed cards the wrong way round? If so can I straight swap them? regards
  16. I've only played solo for the first time yesterday, having played the game maybe seven or eight times total, with my gaming group. You see, I'm the only one with the game, so we had played the pre cons that came with the game and whilst I was keen to play more, my other mates didn't want to invest in yet another card game. Anyway, I've kept buying the expansions, hoping they would change their minds, which unfortunatley they haven't, hence me doing the solo games last night. Now I put together 2 decks one tactics/lore and a tactics/spirit. I played Conflict at the Carrock, Escape from dol guldur, and was crushed by both playing 2 or 3 games of each. Finally I tried the first sceanrio, escape from Mirkwood and whilst this at least seemed winable I still lost. ( but it didn't feel impossable this particular one ) I just felt I had no way of beating the games. I mean those 4 unique trolls in Conflict of Carrock! One would have been bad enough but 4! crazy! The sacking effect too, If one of them comes out it was game over there and then! Also generally you just don't seem to acquire rescources to be able to do anything and the treachery effects cripple you. I had the charcter who could tap to cancel the treachery effect but it meant I couldn't use them for any questing or combat I didn't think my decks were to bad either I have access to 2 core sets and all the current expansions. I was very disappointed with the solo experience I'm afraid and with a lack of gaming buddies willing to shell out on anything but MTG I'm not sure if I'll get to play it much.
  17. How does Landroval's ability work? Can it return a hero from the discard pile or does it have tobe used the moment a hero is killed?
  18. it says on p12 of the rule book "During the Attack the Ancient One step, players roll dice as they did during the Resolve an Adventure Card step........ Investigators may complete the task any number of times during the Attack the Ancient One step (but only once for each time they rooll the dice)" Does this mean, that if an investigator is sucessful on his first roll he removes a Doom token and rolls all the dice again and providing he keeps being sucessful, he can keep rolling the dice until he doesn't have enough dice in his dice pool anymore? Thereby being able to remove more than one token in his turn theoretically if he was lucky beyond all odds and never failed a roll he could kill a ancient one in one turn? Or does it mean he just removes a dice each time he fails until he suceeds once, and his turn ends ie just like completing Adventure Cards? thanks
  19. hi i've sleeved the little ones but i was wondering if the big ones can be sleeved and if so where can i buy the large sleeves?
  20. is this $4 for a plastic painted figure or an unpainted figure? $4 for a painted figure and then postage is about passable but unpainted is just a rip off?
  21. hi can more than one team and staff upgrade be used per matchup? Are they only used after all the players have been committed or can you use one each time a new player is committed (assuming its not tapped)? Can I use several immediately after each other? thanks
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