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  1. Thanks dude. Is there a specific size from the FFS sleeve range i should be looking for?
  2. Thanks. I removed that middle bridge and I'm using the 2 boxes for monsters and my tackle box.
  3. Thanks pw Thats tru I'm struggling to find sleeves. Are the FFS sleeves the same size as MTG sleeve covers?
  4. Hey all I've just started with my first board game, Descent, and loving it! I'm looking for experienced guys to give me suggestions on what i can get to sort my tokens, look after your cards and boards and any other good tips. If there is already a post or guide please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  5. Hey Will Ultra Pro sleeves fit my Descent cards? Will they be to big or to small? In my Country (South Africa) bringing in FFS sleeves is just to expensive.
  6. Thanks a million! I hope this works on all the bent figures!
  7. Hey there. I'm totally new to the board game scene. I purchased Descent 2 days ago and noticed that some of the plastic on my monsters and hero figures are bent. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how i can heat up and fix the figures? Thanks
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