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  1. A little advice: Use ranged monsters and you won't have to worry about Marshal. Heroes have picked a hero with low knowledge for Marshal and therefore will not take By the Book skill which I find one of the most devastating in whole game. I would say that Leoric/Quellen as Steelcaster Marshal would have been much more annoying. And yes, you can just ignore Marshal himself - he is melee so he have to spend a lot of movement points to reach monsters. And his base hammer does not allow to recover fatigue from surges which also give you some help.
  2. I would say: 1. Lieutenants are monsters so they are limited as well. However all seals are accessable from adjacent tile so they still can break the seals easily. 2. Due to text I would say that literally large monsters can do so but thematically it is a severe abuse of the idea put into the rules. 3. Literally look like you cannot since whenever Splig is killed his card is put to the box. But thematically I would say that Splig's revvenge can be used only before Splig reinforcement and in case of Splig's revenge his card should not go to the box.
  3. Well, as people have mantioned, group's might is 3/2/2/2 which hints OL to take web trap 3/3/2/2 knowledge may be used in case you choose plot deck to pick up Twisted Soul deck. Whenever you manage to get Faithful Guardian + Summon Skarn + Unknown Origin (10 TT total) you may use Skarn in each mission - Unknown Origin will give you 2-3 TT to compensate 2 TT used to Summon Skarn, Faithful Guardian will compensate Summon Skarn card in case Skarn is killed.
  4. I don't like the absense of condition removal. As I've heard heroes really suffer from conditions in MoB.
  5. Though it may seem to be imbalanced reanimate has almost the same attck but a melee one. The only thing I hesitate about is the proccess of obtaining charge tokens. Getting two tokens (2 +red_die attacks) for a single action. It might be a bit fairer if base ability costed some stamina (1-2). But cannot say anything about thw whole class without testing. PS I find this class really interesting and more or less balanced.
  6. I don't know why people are calling berserker a bad class. He has one of the best AOE in the game. If a party has both berserker and common blaster (runemage for example) overlord will have to do tremendeous job to avoid splashing. Yes, you can go for strong minions. But when Berserker gets good act II weapon he easily kills any monster in 1-2 attacks with his free surge.
  7. I heard stories that sound like "as an Overlord I managed to win only the opening quest and the finale." I've also played one campaign as a group - we surrendered before the interlude. And I am currently playing as an overlord - have already won opening and 2 act I quests, lost none.
  8. By the way, there is a nice campaign of Shadows of Nerekhall which favors the Overlord player (especially if you play with plot deck).
  9. As far as I know a lot of Overlord cards can be played on a dark charmed hero (Dark Might, Dark Fortune, Critical Blow, etc.). But since Dark Charm does not give you activation you cannot play cards that can be played during activation (Frenzy, Dash, etc.)
  10. Also, agent cannot wield a relic and fails all tests.
  11. Well if your whole group is dead wasting 5 actions instead of 8 it is good, right? Also, spending 1 action to recover most health seems to be quite fair in comparison with other healing.
  12. It is supposed that Melody token is already on Song of Mending.
  13. Well, I see such a group: Spiritspeaker Serena (with Nature's Bounty and Cloak of mists). Bard Rendiel (Peaceful rest) Runemaster Quellen (Ghost armor, Quick casting) Wildrunner/Shadow Walker Jaine Fairwood. This result in an unfair situation: When the whole group is killed Rendield stands up and revives everybody with Song of Mending, recovering HP and fatigue. Serena rests. Performs an attack with second action. Recovers all HP and all fatigue. Quellen recovers 2 stamina, rests, makes 2 attacks, recovers 2HP and all fatigue. Jaine attacks and rests recovering 5 fatigue and 2 HP. Serena can resist 14 damage, Quellen - 7, Jaine - 8. Rendiel - 3 only. Furthermore whole-dead group makes 4 attacks as well...
  14. There is one more issue - some really good classes start with quite bad (someitmes terrible) starting weapons that is a part of balance (weapons for Skirmisher, Apothecary, Necromancer, etc.). And this moment makes game for heroes a bit harder.
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