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  1. Do you think they will be added? I know there are more important additions like online play and more expansions but frankly I lost hope on those fronts. Adding achievements though shouldn't be too much of a work. I'd also like controller support.
  2. I face this problem in nearly every deck I attempt to build: After setting aside all the cards I want in my deck, I realize I have to cut 10-20 cards from it. Not only is this really difficult for me as it's hard for me to discern which cards are least needed, but every time I cut a card a little part of me dies. So how do you do it? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Oh, I also know about Lord of the Rings LCG. What have I missed?
  4. I already know about Arkham Horror, Elder Sign, Gears of War, Ingenious and Red November. Are there more?
  5. Did you even read my post? I counter every card and checked with the rules that I have it all. Twice. I don't miss anything. The fact that you do is irrelevant.
  6. 1. Flying carpet says you can discard it to automatically succeed at a Botomless Pit or a Pit Trap test. Thing in, I've went through every card in the game and there's no such thing as a Pit Trap. And yes I have all cards, I counted them. Mistype? Refecernce to future expansion? 2. As it stands, Rune of Opening is strictly worse than Rune of Teleportation. There isn't a single thing you can do with ROO that you can't do with ROT. So I suggest the following wording: Discard after failing a test to open a Portcullis. Treat it as if you succeeded instead. Discard after drawing a Door card that isn't Door Opens. Treat it as Door Opens instead.
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