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  1. Yeah sorry, mixed the terminology. Anyway thanks for your answer!
  2. So, reading Leela's ability one thought came to mind: what will happen if I play Legwork and get an Agenda as the first card I access? My opinion is that I would have immediately to derez something (Personal Evolution activates immediately on stealing after all), but then what happens to HQ? Does the Corp shuffle it back with the new card in it, or I keep accessing, and just ignore or access the new card, since I know which one is it? Seems to me the Corp should shuffle, but it doesn't sound a normal thing to do while in the middle of a multi access.
  3. Loving the cards, of course, but not the idea of a deluxe dedicated to just 2 of the 7 factions. With 3 new identities each, I guess we'll see plenty of Shapers and Haas-Bioroid decks afterwards… and if AGoT is an example, it'll take a lot of time to have deluxes covering each faction.
  4. TheRealLeo said: As far as the art goes, I am a bit disappointed that the images for the two new Corp identities thus far use the same art effect, rather than having a different look that is unique to each Corp. Same here… I was especially disappointed by the Haas-Bioroid one. To do something different, they could introduce subsidiaries and companies controlled by the big Corps… like Mirrormorph for Haas-Bioroid or Kaguya for Weyland Consortium. It would definitely be more interesting than a different art of the same logo.
  5. Just for the record, saying to someone "you certainly did not think" is just ludicrous. For someone acting as the ultimate connoisseur, should be obvious that 8 credits are what's needed to break the trash subroutines of Archer with the most used Killer program (aka Ninja). The math is easily done: 6 creds to raise the strenght twice, 2 creds to break two subroutines. "So I gathered credits to reach 8 and run." And that's what I wrote, just scroll up. What do you think I gathered exactly 8 credits for? A hint was on the line before: "What could be the worst ICE for me? Archer." Then again, since you claim you know what I was thinking, I guess further discussion is kinda pointless. It also seems you're getting way too angry about this, and the discussion has been derailed enough anyway.
  6. How can Archer have been the worst ICE for you to face then when encountering it won you the game? Well but that's precisely the point I said you misunderstood. When I run, it wasn't anymore, because by gathering enough credits it couldn't harm me anymore. Do I have to point out how you said (twice now) that Archer would have been the worst for you in that situation? I said it indeed, because I didn't have enough credits to break it, nor I could bypass it. That's why I said that I made the right call, because I gathered those few more credits that made all the difference. I agree entirely with what you said earlier, about a wrong guess could prove catastrofic. But mine wasn't. How can, taking into account an ICE that could prove disastrous and thus deciding to get enough creds to survive and actually turn it to my advantage, be considered a bad assessment of the situation? The examples I made about Snitch may have been bad, but I didn't mean to say (or make them to prove that) Snitch is worthless. As it has been said by many including you the card has its good points. I am not so excited about it, because I don't see it as really necessary. Snitch allows you to avoid the worst case circumstances. Precisely. However, careful preparation of his actions and play experience basically does the same for a player. Snitch is just one more weapon in that direction. It's quite good against Replicating Perfection, though… since it allows jack out on the very first ICE. The card I like the most in the preview, anyway, is Test Run… search and install, plus the possible recycle. Will probably allow for very fast decks, maybe better if with Chaos Theory.
  7. I'll be using Bold for quotes, since the forum has already gone nuts, better avoid any more trouble. So how did you know he just didn´t install another asset (trap) over the old one to mess with you, oh wise one? This is something I myself have done a few times. Just every now and then it can win a game to get the runner convinced that he knows something That is indeed a good play, however having played with that guy for the previous turns I had enough reasons to believe that there was an Agenda there, not a trap of some kind. It had no advancement on it so far, so it could maybe have been Snare!, but I had enough cards to survive anyway. Plus, I hadn't much of a choice, with him being already at 4 points, I couldn't let him take any more. So, you have indeed made mistakes in your guesswork that led you to encounter ICE stronger, tougher and more dangerous than you can handle? You've already shown a wrong assessment of Archer earlier. I see we value right and wrong assessments in a different way. Furthermore, you failed to understand what I wrote. Or the order in which that happened, anyway. 1) I had to run there, as I said, since it could be the winning agenda for my opponent. 2) Thinking at which ICE would have affected me the most, I considered Archer the worst. 3) I gathered enough credits as to be able to break at least the 2 Trash subroutines on Archer. 4) I run on that server. 5) Archer is infact rezzed, and since I judged correctly, I had enough money to break two subroutines. Not the opposite. No stumbling. No mistake. The one assessment you consider wrong made me ultimately win the game. In your book, probably, that's not good enough.
  8. When I started playing my experience as the Corp was quite frustrating. I think the game as the Corporation is more difficult, in that it requires much more confidence with the game itself. More experience, basically. Syphus is right, playing as a Runner will definitely help you understand strenght and weaknesses of the Corp.
  9. Messenger, seems to me you kept making assumptions based on partial quotes of what I said, which makes it quite easy to twist or misunderstand the meaning. Here is an example: Paddosan said: Paddosan said: If you see an ICE that you can't break or that will kill you, you gotta jack out… but by doing so before it is rezzed by the Corp, you prevent them from spending credits. And that's what you got from it: Messenger said: Messenger said: However, you're missing out on what you yourself said: "ICE… that will kill you" (the Runner). It doesn't matter that the Corp has to spend credits to rez ICE if it's going to kill the Runner and win the Corp the game. Your last sentence is just obvious, and it is for anyone who played this game enough. But it's derived from a partial quote which changes the meaning of what I said. Messenger said: Messenger said: Um… If you "never test [your] luck on a protected server", then that installed Archer that cannot be rezzed does work as a bluff simply because it's out there. And a bluff that works is not a bad bluff. Again, partial quote. The whole phase was as follows: Paddosan said: Paddosan said: I never run just for the sake of it, never test my luck on a protected server. For the sake of it, which in this case would be (and correct me if I'm wrong, since I ain't am not a native speaker after all) "running for the sake of running" as in "running just to run", for no particular reason. I meant to say, and I thought it was clear (so please forgive me if it wasn't), that I usually run with a purpose. Thus, I judge by the amount of credits left for the Corp, the number of ICE on a server, the ICE he already rezzed, the influence I know he spent on other cards… stuff like that. And if it seems to me I can make it, I run, Archer or not. In a game of the last tournament, my opponent had 4 agenda points and I had less (don't remember, 2 or 3, I stole an Agenda from R&D). He had a server with 2 layers of ICE and an Agenda installed (I knew, because he installed it over an Asset). I knew it could be the end of the game, and I had to run there… but I also knew he could have some very bad ICE. What could be the worst ICE for me? Archer. So I gathered credits to reach 8 and run. He decided to rezz the first ICE and it was, infact, Archer. But he had to forfeit an Agenda (and he only had 2 AstroScript) for it. I paid 8 credits to break the 2 Trash subroutines, and ended the run. That move made me win the game, because he did score that Agenda, but it only brought him back to 4 and the last agenda he did, for 1 point, wasn't enough to make him win. Snitch would have helped me in that situation? I honestly don't think so. That's why I said "I'm not really excited about Snitch". I don't think it's a bad card either, since, as I wrote "it can save you from stuff", but as I said "I think that if you know the game, you don't need cards to tell you what's going on". That's it, agree or don't agree, that's still what I think. Messenger said: Messenger said: Lastly, the key word there is "guesstimate", which is not the same as certainty. Oh, but I'm sure your guesses have never been wrong… And there's no need for sarcasm either. Here is the complete paragraph of what I said: Paddosan said: Paddosan said: It's like Infiltration. When I started playing I found that kind of information really valuable, but the more I played, the less I relied on it. Because now I'm way more capable of guesstimate the risks on my own. Does it looks like I said I am never wrong, to you?
  10. Messenger said: Um… Your first scenario is running blind. Rather, what you're describing is being prepared for things you're likely to run into: unused clicks to escape bioroid ICE subroutines, to remove tags or to restock your grip. However, it neither accounts for the unlikely things you can still encounter nor for any severe or unusual damage said ICE brings. You're right, I used the wrong expression. What I meant is that I never run just for the sake of it, never test my luck on a protected server. Messenger said: As for your second and third scenarios, what you're referring to is how knowledge of what's coming up can deter a Runner. However, you're missing out on what you yourself said: "ICE… that will kill you" (the Runner). It doesn't matter that the Corp has to spend credits to rez ICE if it's going to kill the Runner and win the Corp the game. Any Corp player is willing to spend a fortune in credits if it will secure victory. From the Runner's perspective, the Corp not spending creds is nothing compared to the Runner directly and decisively losing the game. And even if the exposed ICE is not going to kill the Runner, the damage it inflicts can be destructive and disruptive enough to give the Runner a serious disadvantage, from brain damage to trashed programs to even emptying his grip of cards he can use. When I said "if you see an ICE that will kill you", I was talking of a Runner with Snitch. Thus, when he sees an ICE that will kill him, he has to jack out. Therefore the Corp won't need to rez the ICE because the Run ends. Of course any Corp will pay all her money to kill a Runner, but in my example it just can't happen, unless the Runner forgets his Snitch. Messenger said:As for gaining a safe server: that happens with or without Snitch. It's not Snitch's fault, or even the fault of any other card that exposes derezzed cards. Heck, within your example, knowing it's Archer, it may even be to the benefit of Archer to run there anyway, knowing the Corp won't or can't rez that ICE. That's at least one less ICE to break and at most a free successful run. The point of Snitch is that the Runner can spot these traps in order to avoid dangers that can hamper or even kill him. A Runner who sees danger ahead may have been deterred but at least he's neither crippled nor dead and can still go on to win later, while it's quite likely for the Runner who blindly walks into a trap to not survive at all. Why would the Corp NOT rez Archer if it damages the Runner badly? Didn't you just say that a Corp will pay for such things? And why would a Corp install Archer if it cannot even rez it? To me that's just bad play, or a bad bluff attempt anyway. If you get a Forged Activation Orders your Archer is gone for good… and that too happened many times to my opponents in tournaments. In my example I was assuming the Corp can rez Archer. And if the Runner is forced to end the run or lose, the advantage is on the Corp, which didn't waste an Agenda nor pay the credits. Snitch is not at fault, it saved the Runner, but it also indirectly helps the Corp on the specific case, that's what I was pointing at. And again, that only happens to Runners who go unprepared, because you always have to consider which ICE the Corp can have at her disposal. That quote from the FFG article, however, is not entirely correct in my opinion. Snitch does not help you run smarter, on the contrary, it helps you run wilder. Cause it can save you from stuff, but it can't give any kind of information in advance… you still have to make a run, and only when you approach the ICE, you can know what it is. It will help later on, but only if there was something you really needed to prepare for, otherwise it has no effect. If you keep running means you can take down that ICE, and you could do that with or without Snitch anyway. It's like Infiltration. When I started playing I found that kind of information really valuable, but the more I played, the less I relied on it. Because now I'm way more capable of guesstimate the risks on my own.
  11. Nerdmeister said: It sounds to me like you think it would be a greater loss to the corp than the runner, in the long run, if you don´t jack out in this specific scenario. If that´s the case then just don´t jack out. It IS optional. Well, it depends if the Runner can survive the loss of two programs, I guess. Forfeiting an Agenda might surely hurt the Corp in the long Run, but the loss of Icebreakers seriously hinders the Runner immediately. Not to mention the Run ends anyway.
  12. I'm not really excited about Snitch. Thing is… I think that if you know the game, you don't need cards to tell you what's going on. Not sure if I made myself clear. When I do make a Run, I hardly ever go blind. I usually know fully what I'm doing and why, plus I do have a certain idea of what to expect and I usually make sure to be prepared. Meaning I don't Run late in my turn when I expect to meet some Trace or Bioroid ICE, and I keep my hand full enough to survive a Snare! or Neural Katana… and possibly a Scorched Earth if I end up with a Tag. Snitch, moreover, might actually make the Corp life easier. If you see an ICE that you can't break or that will kill you, you gotta jack out… but by doing so before it is rezzed by the Corp, you prevent them from spending credits. Imagine Snitch VS Archer. You can't break Archer, and you sure as hell better not trash two of your programs just to make the Corp waste some Agenda points… so what do you do? You jack out. And the Corp keeps her credits and Agenda points. Plus, the Corp gains a safe server until you have the card(s) you need to take on Archer. And if you run there again, with the means to bypass Archer, the Corp might as well avoid rezzing it at all, it'd be a waste of Agenda points, wouldn't it?
  13. They obviously had to pick cards that could be useful to any player, and Crypsis especially is a **** good choice, as others already told you. Initially I felt the same as you about that card, but after becoming more experienced with the game I noticed all its good points and theadvantages it offers, especially in an Anarch deck. I still use a couple in every Runner deck. If nothing else, it offers an alternative when the main Icebreakers won't show up no matter how many cards you draw. It actually proved crucial in the first tournament we had in my hometown, in which I won 3 games for 6-0 and lost another for 0-6 placing third.
  14. ffaristocrat said: The rumors are true - the game night kits will have alternate art cards for Melange Mining Corp and Crypsis. Unless the Melange Mining Corp alternate art depicts a scene of an Harvester on Arrakis, I'm gonna be disappointed!
  15. Considering the current situation, the new HB identity seems (to me) weaker than the "original" one. Raising the strenght only of the Bioroid ICEs (there's just 4 so far, and one is Janus…) makes it pretty limited, especially when it's quite easy to disregard the strenght by paying clicks to pass. Morning Star seems quite useless when they have Corroder which costs only 2 credits AND can raise its strenght… you can't always possibly have enough tokens on Datasucker to lower the strenght of Barriers you encounter. Also, considering the frailty of Anarch's economy… 8 credits is a steep price to pay for an Icebreaker. Plascrete Carapace might be the best Runner card of the bunch, especially if the Trace mechanic will indeed be empowered in the following Data Packs. This one could become quite a common sight. Janus 1.0 is a monster, being impossible to pass just by paying clicks, it's indeed very dangerous to face… but the price makes it a LOT risky to play. If you place it without money to rezz him, it might get trashed (and there's Cortez Chip to help on that, now)… and using agendas to place it requires either a lot of time, or a careful planning (and Precognition too), which can't always be easy to obtain. All in all, plenty new options, especially for the Corps. Unfortunately none of the Runner cards has an influence cost of 1, but at least ZU.13 is a welcome substitute for Gordian Blade freeing 2 influence points that can be spent elsewhere… for another copy of The Maker's Eye for example!
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