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  1. Also note that there is a difference between "interstellar" and "warp-driven." You could quite easily have a small subwarp vessel that puts its crew into stasis for the projected few months/years that it'll take to reach the next nearest system.
  2. Fair enough. It was just a thought. Now I've got into reading it, it feels a little slow. I may have missed it at the start, but Marcus seems overly invested in digging through the tome for a reason that doesn't really connect with the reader. Which makes the narrative feel a little tedious - I've caught myself wondering "but where is this going?" Beyond the subtle hints of how Baphomael (apologies if spelling is off) connects to the rest of the narrative, it just feels a little plodding.
  3. I'll see what I can do. Hadn't really thought about it before you mentioned it. Ironically enough, after fudging with Calibre, it displays better as a PDF than a .MOBI, thanks to a glitch in the conversion... I really like the dæmon perspective section, taking an outsider perspective like that was a really neat idea. However, the other sections feel quite leaden on occasion, loaded down with exposition about what things are and where they come from. I'm not sure that it's all necessary, as it doesn't serve to advance the plot, just explain the general 40K setting and slow the pace of the passages down. Otherwise, it's quite enjoyable.
  4. Update on the politics below, with a finishing paragraph for the preceding section. It really needs padding out, and I'm not sure quite where to take that. It also needs some leading text to discuss things like Gormenghast and the factions apart from the Thorians, but I'm wondering where to fit it in. Read, enjoy, and any suggestions would be great.
  5. Just bumping this thread with a quick update - I have a faction outline for the Calixian Ordo Xenos that I'll be writing up in the next few days (sorry, really should have been last week but work's been busy). Also just need to reread some bits of the Thorian Sourcebook for sources on Gormenghast's friends... Also, would anyone have any wish for sourcebooks on Calxian organsations, like the history of the Skalen-Har Hegemony, Devayn Incorporation etc? I though these organisations could have so much more mileage and detail than the books currently give them.
  6. I would love to read this, but I just can't sit at a screen to read for ages as a book like this requires. Is there any chance of getting this in ereader form (I've got a Kindle so would prefer .MOBI, but .EPUB would be a good step)? Also, thought on the "you" format - it implies that the reader is male, which could put off female readers. I can't comment as I'm male myself, but I could see that as an issue. It shouldn't be a problem for those with a background in roleplaying, but for those unfamiliar it could be offputting.
  7. I'm a stickler for old fluff, and the War in Heaven is one of my favourite bits, so I'm going to point to a possibly-too-obscure bit here and say OY, DARKFORCE, NAAAAW! (to carry on with the obscure references...) The one hundredth Sword of Vaul was eventually completed and used in the fight of most of the other Eldar gods against Khaine, not against the C'tan, although the lines do blur a little (particularly where the Laughing god is involved). So the idea of there only ever being 99 is a no. Although the fate of Anaris (the one hundredth sword, which Vaul used to fight Khaine) could be an interesting window here - maybe Anaris wound up in the Calixis sector after the death of Eldanesh, and is the "Master Control Unit"? This just sounds like overkill to me. A thing mentioned only in one campaign string caused by a malfunctioning weapon is somehow worse than the fall-out from the millennia-long psychic gestation and birth of a chaos god? Apologies for the nitpicking, but I have a fondness for old Eldar fluff...
  8. An update on progress, this time the beginnings of an outline for the Calxian Ordo Xenos. Not quite finished yet - I want to say a bit more about the general Ordo operations before it's totally done. And then a section detailing the factional politics and a few xeno-archives before the overview is done. Then it's on to cataloguing past threats.
  9. Is it just me, or does a character's critical damage total apply regardless of location? In the example it states (p.201): Do characters seriously only have one critical injury total? If so, this allows ludicrous results like head explosions from a relatively light tap because their leg's been almost hacked off. Never mind that the head and leg are completely different parts of the body.
  10. Challenge accepted. When I get round to finishing the political structure of the Ordo Xenos in the Calixis sector. I have contrasting pictures in my head, and I want to include all three - the Czevak/Lok-equivalents who move in military circles and have all the pull of aristocratic orators, the scholars/archaeologists who accompany the explorator teams and muck around with alien ruins/the "frontier", and the shady ones who do stuff with the Cold Trade and similarly insidious threats, the direct X-files analogue. No reason why any given inquisitor couldn't do all three at various points, but we need institutions and outlines by archetype, I think. The first of these I want to set up almost as a landed gentry subclass, so that they can mingle with their own class of aristocrat to get results without the possibility of social exclusion. Lots of patronage and extravagance, and funding shady side-projects in evidence. The second IS those shady side-projects writ large, focusing on the down-and-dirty side of things and how the Ordo deals with syndicates and the covert war side of it. And then the resources the Inquisition provides to new worlds and the semi-explorator fleets of its own, to find new aliens to kill before they kill humanity. I imagine lots of Rogue Traders on the staff in here, or at least those connected to them. Does this sound like a good outline to sketch stuff around?
  11. I'd think about a few more non-beastlike animal-y xenos... not sure exactly what, but my template for "awesome nonsentient Xenos" is the Umbra from Xenology. I'd also happily elaborate on the Hrud, taking Xenology as primary source material. Sanctioned Xenos... are there really enough of those to go around? In terms of making them like X-files, most of the races can go that way if you limit exposure to them in the campaign, just leaving their traces everywhere. May be worth a GM's section somewhere discussing themes in an Ordo Xenos campaign. In the Xenovirals section, would it be worth including some form of low-key hivemind-type thing a la xenofungus from Alpha Centauri? I'd also put the Cold Trade somewhere near the back - introduce the actual aliens first, and then go on to describe the humans that deal with them.
  12. Looking good so far, although potentially a bit more about the Amaranthine Syndicate and the Ordo Xenos' relation to the Slaught might be an idea, to stop it just being regurgitations of existing canon. Looking forward to reading more, though!
  13. The water issue could actually be a serious point about the city... does it go for drinking before or after manufacturing? What effect does this have on the population? Mysterious diseases and so on could be a result of this, although this may not be the focus of your adventure it could be an interesting side-note to be explored later.
  14. First chapter(ish) of the background is below. I've stuck with the format in Dæmonhunters for the most part, although I've tried not to regurgitate the history too much, as it's not very relevant to the Ordo Xenos, who don't actually have that much do to with the Inquisition's history at large. If I need more of the general stuff, let me know. In order to give the Ordo a distinct place, I've added in some organisational creep after the Age of Apostasy, highlighted in red. I've tried to cast them as diplomats and organisers, which opens up plenty of political possibilities for Acolytes, as well as just alien-tracking, e.g. can the acolytes get some dirt on the general who's stalling the advance, and so discredit him in council, letting their master win the generals around to exterminate her pet threat? Right now it feels a little bland sauceish, let me know what you think, and I can get improving. Anyway... stuff! I'll be working on the Calixis implications and factions as applied to the Xenos this week, hopefully have it done by Friday. For now it's just getting tasters up and running, to slot the substantive ideas in.
  15. Depending on the inquisitor in question, it'll be less outright resurrection and more channelling portions of the Emperor, although resurrection could be on the cards too. Perhaps less for the Calixis sector than elsewhere, though. Atlas Infernal looks interesting, although it does rather contradict the old position of Czevak being granted access by the Black Library by the guardians, and the reasons for that could be a whole novel in themselves, but that's just me being an old stick-in-the-mud I imagine. I'll start work on the outlines over the next day or so. Hopefully have something up by Tuesday evening.
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