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  1. The Falcon is one of the most fun ships to play, as far as I'm concerned. You could always choose not to kit Han out into a typical Fat Han. Try some different things on him and see how it goes.
  2. I was looking at the C-ROC in a shop his afternoon, before I knew of this FAQ but I had heard about the missing line and decided to wait and see how they would handle it. To add something positive to the conversation, it is a really fantastic looking ship. Excellent paint job and great fine details like all of the shipping containers. FFG's art department did a great job. The Scyk looks good, too. Better than the original paint job at least.
  3. Was it? If you look at the preview article it's clearly missing. They even use that same component spread photo on the back of h package and you can see there's no blue line. But the rules booklet has the same section describing the blue line as every other epic ship. Clearly a goof-up on someone's part. That someone is probably not super popular at FFG HQ today. Still I do agree that it's not really a big deal. The single card huge ships don't really care as much which section takes damage anyway, since it all goes to the same place unlike the Corvettes.
  4. Yes it does. Someone posted a pic of the rules booklet and it has the same rules for the blue center line as all of the other huge ships, so...
  5. It would be an amazing failure of thematic game design if it wasn't allowed
  6. See, I disagree with this. The limited supply doesn't create a NEED to price gouge; it creates a TEMPTATION. There's a big difference. For example, there are at least two other stores in my area who continued selling their product at $2.99 and have never, as far as I know, increased them based on demand, although they could have and almost certainly would have sold out. What's funny is the store that was price gouging has been around for decades and is well established - charging above MSRP on Destiny wasn't a "keep the lights on decision" for them by any means. It was a choice to make quick temporary profit more important than the trust and respect of their customers. For the record, this particular store has gone back to $2.99 now that product is more widely available, although I'll probably be buying Destiny elsewhere going forward.
  7. Talked to the manager. They were price gouging because of the shortage. Sucks because I like the store and never expected to see that kind of thing from them. I wish FFG could get a handle on their supply so retailers aren't tempted to rip off their customers like this, but it's ultimately not FFG's fault. Someone made the conscious decision to be greedy and make a few bucks more at the expense of possibly angering longtime customers, and now they get to live with the consequences of losing some business. Oh well, there are several others in the area to choose from.
  8. That's a good point. I will ask them about it.
  9. I was in one of my local shops tonight and noticed that they had increased the price of boosters to $3.99. I'm curious, is this happening everywhere because of high demand/low supply or are they just being greedy?
  10. I imagine it also has something to do with his skill level
  11. I'm not sure this applies to the Worlds. It's a big field, yes. But a field consisting of the best players in the world. 4-0 there seems like a pretty big accomplishment regardless of the list.
  12. Agreed. Not like there's a shortage of scenes from the movie of Rey in the Falcon's cockpit... what a weird choice.
  13. Seems to me like cargo hold should exclude abilities. FFG seems to make at least some effort to keep things thematic in this game, hence a lot of the restrictions on upgrades. But now we can do things like have Rey put her Force Throw into a box and let a Rebel trooper take it out and wield it. I know the counter point is "Darth Vader and his Tusken Raider sidekick" or "mechanics > theme" and I generally support that but cargo hold seems like it's headed for an inevitable meeting with the FAQ hammer in the future. Or now they get to balance the game going forward around every character being able to use every upgrade and every unique character being able to be upgraded to elite for 2 resources.
  14. That Cargo Hold lets you disregard the restrictions of the upgrade being moved? Is there an official ruling on this? Feels too powerful/against the spirit of the game if it really works this way, since Training has a very specific set of restrictions for who it works on.
  15. I wouldn't mind a new core set that flips the factions by having two A-Wings and whatever TIE Advanced/fo ship Kylo Ren is rumored to be getting.