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  1. I imagine it also has something to do with his skill level
  2. I'm not sure this applies to the Worlds. It's a big field, yes. But a field consisting of the best players in the world. 4-0 there seems like a pretty big accomplishment regardless of the list.
  3. Agreed. Not like there's a shortage of scenes from the movie of Rey in the Falcon's cockpit... what a weird choice.
  4. Seems to me like cargo hold should exclude abilities. FFG seems to make at least some effort to keep things thematic in this game, hence a lot of the restrictions on upgrades. But now we can do things like have Rey put her Force Throw into a box and let a Rebel trooper take it out and wield it. I know the counter point is "Darth Vader and his Tusken Raider sidekick" or "mechanics > theme" and I generally support that but cargo hold seems like it's headed for an inevitable meeting with the FAQ hammer in the future. Or now they get to balance the game going forward around every character being able to use every upgrade and every unique character being able to be upgraded to elite for 2 resources.
  5. That Cargo Hold lets you disregard the restrictions of the upgrade being moved? Is there an official ruling on this? Feels too powerful/against the spirit of the game if it really works this way, since Training has a very specific set of restrictions for who it works on.
  6. I wouldn't mind a new core set that flips the factions by having two A-Wings and whatever TIE Advanced/fo ship Kylo Ren is rumored to be getting.
  7. Although we are almost certainly going to get a new A-Wing based on The Last Jedi, which could conceivably have upgrades that would work for both versions. Probably not until next year though, and A-Wings are in a pretty good place in the game right now. Rebel Aces gave them good tools, and they've been popping up in various configurations (5xCrack/Snap Shot, loaded Jake as a second Ace in the two-ship list).
  8. Sure, but two large ships at a total MSRP of $70. Wave 11's three ships are likely to come in at about $55. We've been seeing waves getting progressively larger and more expensive for awhile now. I'd personally be okay with a smaller wave, but I feel like something else is going to be announced to round it up.
  9. We don't really believe that Wave 11 is going to only be three small ships, do we? I'm betting they held something back for this week. Maybe Ezra's new ride?
  10. You broke Joe Boss's heart with this one, I think.
  11. I don't see them giving it to the Empire. Scum is here in order to have a place to put factions and pilots who have worked for the Empire in the past but aren't Imperials. They made that mistake once, with Boba Fett.
  12. Rebels has told us again and again what a great pilot Hera Syndulla is, but they couldn't give her an EPT slot on the VCX for game balance reasons. Same thing would probably have to apply here. Balance >Lore.
  13. It probably wouldn't have an EPT. Unless it had some other significant drawbacks like the Upilon's maneuver dial. Although I don't see this ship as having a terrible dial. Even though it's so big it's still a Mandolorian Starfighter.
  14. It seems inevitable now that we'll see Maul's ship from Rebels as a dual faction with pilot versions of Maul, Ezra and maybe another unique Mandalorian. Rebel/Scum with a 4 dice primary since Scum is currently lacking that.
  15. My daughter and I went to an event this afternoon, got three packs each and pulled Baze, Chirrut, Asajj Ventress, Aura Sing, Force Healing and some kind of villain pistol I forget which one it was. Also got Force Illusion which seems pretty useful unless you're facing a mill deck. Very happy with the pulls, especially the high number of characters. Only eight people at the event, which seemed low.