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  1. Not for nothing, though - blocking Defenders before this FAQ was still a smart play; PTL Ryad hates getting blocked. This change makes sense though; I always though that still getting the Evade token even if you get blocked felt off. I'm glad they did this, it's definitely the slickest change here - x7 is certainly still very powerful, but you have to fly a bit more carefully. The other changes are major power reductions.
  2. If these changes were in effect, your opponents probably would have been running completely different lists.
  3. I did play it without the Star Wars license. It was called Wings of War.
  4. I agree, but it seems to me that they've spent a great deal of time and effort thing to make ordnance desirable - Munitions Failsafe, Extra Munitions, Guidance Chips, and then stuff like the TIE Punisher with a system upgrade (for Fire Control's free target locks) and Boost (for pointing your ordnance more effectively). It's an awful lot of design space and game mechanics Aron's making one aspect of the game work, when giving them easy rerolls from the beginning might have accomplished it a lot sooner.
  5. I always thought that torpedoes and missiles that require target lock to use should also allow the target lock to be used during the attack. Computer-guided ordnance should have the best possible chance to deliver maximum hits. They've had to shoehorn so many things into the game now to get ordnance to be useful when I think that simple change would have made it playable a lot sooner.
  6. I did fly my list tonight. Omega Ace's ability is difficult to pull off, and it's even harder to do it with Swarm Leader. I managed one 4 crit attack and one 2 crit attack. However, I somehow won the match against Rey/U-Wing/Sabine TIE without losing a ship (the Upsilon had 1 hull left and a couple of my TIEs were also hanging on by a thread. I do really like Hux for his ability to hand out 3 Focus tokens regularly - maybe I should change the meme to Focus tokens instead. TIEs with Evade tokens and focus tokens, and also sometimes target locks from systems officer are pretty awesome. I think if I run this again I might try Hux on a Decimator (the Upsilon only got a couple of attacks in each match, and when it did the lack of dice mods usually saw poor results). I might even do something like Decimator/Swarm Leader/Hux and a bunch of TIE Fighters. I think that could be fun and potentially more effective than the Upsilon since the Decimator will be shooting a lot more.
  7. It's definitely unfair to have a situation where one player is building their list with full advance knowledge of what you've already built, I agree. Unless you give consent, of course. I've played casual matches and said "hey, I'm going to try this out, build something you think will be a good match against it." But otherwise, I'll keep my cards facedown and my ships in my box until start time. Problem avoided.
  8. Youngster's ability let's friendly ships use his equipped Elite upgrade, as long as it's one of the "Action" ones. Expose reduces your agility and increases your attack, so Omega Ace with Swarm Leader (up to two friendly ships can spend an evade token to add a die to your attack) with Expose from Youngster at range 1 rolls 6 dice. His ability let's him spend a target lock and a focus token (which he gets from the support shuttle) to cancel all of his dice results and turn them all to crits.
  9. Either Coordinate or Fire Control System/Targeting Synchronizer on the Upsilon. Hux for the Focus of course
  10. I'm going to try out a build with Major Stridan/General Hux and Omega Ace with Swarm Leader and a pair of Epsilon Pilots tomorrow night. I'm hoping it goes something like this:
  11. I think the real question is going to be, will Jabba or any other Scum crew have an ability that is as good or better than Zuckuss? If Scum gets an equivalent to the CR-90 or Raider, having the ability to force defenders to reroll defense dice on every attack made by the ship (fully loaded we're talking about ships capable of attacking three or four times per round) for 1 point is crazy good. Plus, huge ships don't care about stress so the only drawback to Zuckuss on small/large ships is gone when he's on a huge ship. Any Scum crew for huge ships is going to immediately get compared to Zuckuss until they errata him ("small or large ship only" would be my guess). Of course, there also might never be a Scum huge ship capable of making multiple attacks. Maybe they'll go in a different direction with them (Super Party Bus).
  12. Yes, all dice results are cancelled so the attack doesn't hit, no effects that require a hit to off, etc. It's similar to Wampa's ability to cancel all dice results and simply deal a facedown damage card to the target. Because it didn't hit, it would trigger cards like Gunner though. Right, and there's also the weird case of Lieutenant Blount, whose ability reads "When attacking, the defender is hit by your attack, even if he does not suffer any damage." So if he's attacking Countdown with a weapon that has a triggered on hit effect, like Assault Missiles, I think the attack would still count as a hit because of Blount's ability, even though the dice were cancelled and no damage was inflicted from the attack.
  13. Yes, all dice results are cancelled so the attack doesn't hit, no effects that require a hit to off, etc. It's similar to Wampa's ability to cancel all dice results and simply deal a facedown damage card to the target.
  14. Man, TLTs ruin a lot of otherwise good ships. I wasn't really thinking about them but yeah... any squadron with a couple of TLT Y-Wings will wreck "Countdown". Rebel Ys with Stressbots even moreso.
  15. So I picked up a TIE Striker today and I played a Pure Sabacc/Ryad/Vessery x7 list just to try out the Swarm Leader ridiculousness with him. He got one six dice shot off and then died fast, focused down in a hurry to remove the biggest threat from the board. His build was 27 points w/title, Swarm Leader and Lightweight Frame. So I'm looking at my next Striker build (I'm determined to love this ship and get the most bang for the buck out of it, and I'm thinking Countdown w/title and Stealth Device for 23 points might be not only the best loadout for him but also the best Striker build. Stealth Device always gives him 3 defense dice, +1 range 3 +1 obstacle, which is objectively better than Lightweight Frame which is usually bypassed by the range 3 and obstacle bonuses. Plus his ability guarantees that he keeps Stealth Device until he dies, and he's going to survive AT LEAST four attacks and probably more if you play conservatively and make use of his Evade action. Thoughts? Better loadouts for him? Better TIE Striker build ideas in general?