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  1. They kind of have to release expansions for incoming new players. Not everyone is converting existing collections, and 1.0 product isn't going to be around for long. I hope that they use the opportunity to give the Scum versions new paint jobs.
  2. If they follow the same upgrade strategy that they're using for Legion (which seems likely since Alex Davy is the lead designer on that game), then you'll be able to buy a single X-Wing faction if you want and still get every card that's useable for those ships. Which is good, mostly. It means that there will probably be fewer upgrades per wave since releases for every faction will get copies of a bunch of the same cards. But it should also mean that you won't need to buy ships from factions you don't play just to get a certain upgrade. For current players, there will be card packs released with each wave containing any pilots and upgrades that are new to that wave. TL:DR You'll get every upgrade you need even if you only buy one faction... eventually.
  3. We do know for sure that L3 has to be equipped in a crew slot first. It says on the crew side that it must be equipped with that side faceup. No room for misinterpretation there. So it's a no-go on ships that don't have a crew slot.
  4. pkreynolds

    Are you enjoying 1.0 more or less today?

    Much less. As a casual player who gets to play competitively once a month at most, going to store kit tournaments to play against people flying Nym/Miranda or Ghost/Fenn just isn't a lot of fun. I really hope that 2.0 manages to break through the meta of one or two OP lists that you either fly or lose against. Hopefully 2.0 makes a lot of different lists viable and can sustain that variation as it moves into future waves.
  5. pkreynolds

    X Wing preview

    It's poorly worded for sure. Especially now, when there are still a lot of unanswered questions about he ratio of generic pilots to dials included in the conversion kits, etc. With all of the 1.0 players out there, "another X-Wing" can easily read as "it included components for this and one additional ship." Bad choice of wording, sadly.
  6. pkreynolds

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    Doesn't the Falcon have forward-mounted guns? Do we know if Lando had them or if they were a Han Solo addition? I wonder if the title will give the ship a front arc only attack value 3, leaving the mobile arcs at attack value 2...
  7. pkreynolds

    Extreme Action preview - Saw's Renegades in 2nd Edition

    [deleted] posted in wrong thread.
  8. pkreynolds

    Extreme Action preview - Saw's Renegades in 2nd Edition

    Stay indoors on June 18th...
  9. pkreynolds

    Firespray 2.0 gets much needed buffs

    It'd be nice if the re-release of the Scum Z-95 was Binayre pirate themed.
  10. pkreynolds

    Future Cross-Faction Ships?

    I think clone wars era factions are just a matter of time with 2.0 now having an action that is specific to droids. Probably they'll wait a year or so until they get the re-issues of all or most of the 1.0 ships pushed out before getting into something like that, though.
  11. pkreynolds

    What New Ships Post-2.0?

    Resistance will get the RZ-2 A-Wing for certain. Now that First Order and Resistance are standalone factions we'll likely see it as part of wave 2. First Order doesn't have any kind of bomber so my guess is that FFG and Lucasarts will be putting their heads together and coming up with some kind of a TIE Bomber for them, much like they did with the Imperial Raider when they needed a huge ship that fit the scale for Epic. Betond that, I think the fact that Calculate is a droid-only action all but confirms that Clone Wars factions are coming. That would give us Jedi Starfighters, more ARCs Naboo N-7 Starfighters and a bunch of droid Starfighters. And Solo will give the Empire that weird heavy TIE that was briefly shown and almost certainly a Scum version of the Falcon if they don't want to use it to jumpstart a Smugglers & Scoundrels faction. In any case, Scum should probably incorporate at least some of the freighters already in the game into their ranks at some point. Maybe pilots for different factions in the re-releases of the YT-1300, -2400 and VCX?
  12. pkreynolds

    Extreme Action preview - Saw's Renegades in 2nd Edition

    I think some longtime X-Wing players are in for a shock with 2.0s upgrade distribution plan. They are following the same method that they're using in Legion - common upgrades available in every expansion that can use them in a wave. This will mean that you'll get every viable upgrade without needing to buy ships from other factions (a good thing) but probably fewer different upgrades per wave (because those common ones will be filling space across several expansions). If you're buying all expansions this means you'll end up with a LOT of copies of upgrades.
  13. pkreynolds

    Extreme Action preview - Saw's Renegades in 2nd Edition

    Kind of makes you wonder if there's a secret, unnannounced expansion included in wave 1. Maybe a Solo tie-in Scum version of the Millennium Falcon?
  14. pkreynolds

    Extreme Action preview - Saw's Renegades in 2nd Edition

    No, I'm not asking them to have all of 2.0 ready at once. 2.0 is going to encompass a whole bunch of new ships that weren't part of 1.0. They've been working on 2.0 for a year or more. The release schedule for the re-issued 1.0 content will be "as aggressive as humanly possible." They know what pilots and upgrades will be included. There's almost certainly a whole lot of 2.0 re-release expansions in production right now. I wasn't "nickel and dimed" for 1.0 content because it was new content. But as a casual player who has one or two of most 1.0 expansions, what I consider being nickel and dimed moving into 2.0 is being asked to spend more money for stuff that's being released in expansions I already bought once. Go back and listen to the way the conversion kits were described during the 2.0 announcement event. They very clearly make it sound as if the conversion kits include all pilots and upgrades that will be in the re-releases, and those kits have 150 or so upgrades so that doesn't seem like an unreasonable expectation. Also we need to keep in mind that 2.0 is going to follow the Legion upgrade strategy, which means that except for the faction-specific upgrades we're going to see a whole lot of repeat upgrades among expansions from a single wave. Which is a good thing, because single faction players won't have to buy outside their faction to get upgrades any more. So - fewer upgrades per wave. Anyway, this will be the single biggest question out of the AMA that the designers need to answer with zero ambiguity.
  15. pkreynolds

    Will FFG comment on the generics issue?

    It's unreasonable to expect FFG to include enough components in a single conversion kit to accommodate EVERY player in the world. There are people who bought twenty X-Wings, after all. However, a single conversion kit should contain enough components to field a standard list full of each ship type. So, four or five X-Wings, probably five A-Wings, etc. That's a minimum expectation for the limitations the designers have imposed on the "standard" format of their games. Loads of X-Wing players have enough ships to meet these minimum requirements. They drove X-Wing into the ground with their design decisions (and yes, the outdated limitations on the original design space) and they need to earn back our trust. Personally, I'm not 100% confidant saying that I don't see them doing it again in a few years with 2.0. power creep is real. FFG is a business and they need to find ways to get people to keep buying new stuff. I get the "secondary market" argument but that takes responsibility away from FFG to do the right thing. They can either build good will right at the start if these kits are fully satisfactory, or create ill will if they drop the ball on the starting line.