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  1. Different Contents

    They are doing this however it's better than it was before. All of the wave 1 vehicle expansions have the same upgrade card, for example. So if you're an Imperial only player you won't feel forced to buy an airspeeder just for one upgrade. Hopefully they'll continue this going forward.
  2. Best glue for the models?

    I'm using Gorilla Super Glue gel and it works great.
  3. Further expansions

    Well they are pretty much all in on the Endor battle theme with speeder bikes, AT-STs and rebel troopers in jungle camo, so I'd think a unit of ewoks is definitely a possibility. It also helps that Legion has fairly robust rules for melee brawls.
  4. AT-ST height and LOS

    True, but you're not spending 200+ points to put this thing in your army and then have it hide behind cover. With only 6 rounds in a game you want to get its destructive power into play as soon as possible. Seems like giving it the ability to see trooper units behind large cover that it wouldn't be able to see in a more conventional pose would be more advantageous to you then your opponent. I could be wrong.
  5. AT-ST height and LOS

    Based on the LOS rule of "looking from your miniatures point of view" is there any reason why you wouldn't pose your AT-STs with their legs straight up to add extra height/visibility so they can see enemies they wouldn't be able to in the normal "chicken walker" position? Seems like you could game the LOS rules by how you pose this thing.
  6. Further expansions

    Lots of potential for the still in revealed special forces unit type. I could see this incorporating solo characters who don't fit the commander role (Chewbacca, for example) as well as smaller specialized units (like a 3-man mortar team). I also wouldn't be surprised to see the special forces label include new unit attachment for existing units that move plans attack either as part of the unit or on their own.
  7. Coolstuff Inc Legion orders?

    Shipping on release day is fine. I'm more worried that they didn't get the quantities of one or more item they expected (not their fault but FFG/Asmodee's) and it's delaying my entire order.
  8. Coolstuff Inc Legion orders?

    Has anyone who pre-ordered from Coolstuff gotten a shipping notification yet? I'm starting to think it was a mistake to order from them. Their website still lists Legion stuff as in pre-order status today.
  9. New X-Wing model: articulated s-foils!

    Anyone else notice that in the preview article for Wave 14, the picture of the Saw's Renegades box has an X-Wing with the s-foils closed but they're open in the other pics? It has moveable s-foils, which is super cool and makes me wish FFG had ight of this with the original X-Wing design. It'll be a great visual reminder for which side that new dual card s-foil modification is showing during gameplay.
  10. New preview: save the dream

    Only one copy of Flight Assist Astromech? Unless that s-foil title makes Flight Assist obsolete that's a really scummy, greedy move. They know people want 4 copies of that card. This pack is the perfect opportunity to include a few more.
  11. Solo Falcon. Seriously why has no one said anything?

    I don't think you understand the meaning of the word "failing." The only metric by which any of the Disney Star Wars movies have failed is subjective opinion. You see them as failures. Disney, on the other hand, had already recouped the 6 billion dollars they paid Lucas for the property. By every single other measurable quantity, Disney's Star Wars films have been enormously successful.
  12. If every ship behaved exactly as it did in the movies X-Wing would be a very different game. TIE Fighters would destroy X-Wings and Y-Wings with one or two shots. The Falcon would be able to simultaneously destroy 2-3 TIE Fighters with a single attack, etc. And poor Resistance Bombers would be destroyed if any other ship gets destroyed anywhere near them, apparently.
  13. RZ-2 A-Wing (Resistance A-Wing)

    There's no way we aren't getting this ship. I'm surprised it wasn't part of wave 13 considering that TLJ only has a few new ships.
  14. Yoda! You seek Yoda!

    I don't know how anyone could make a Yoda dual card and not have the abilities be "Do" and "Do not." "Do" improves your attack in some way, "Do not" gives you an evade token and a weapons disabled token" or something like that.
  15. New Falcon? *possible spoiler* ?

    If we see a third Falcon for X-Wing it will be the spearhead ship for a fourth faction (Smugglers & Scoundrels). The intro expansion will contain the new Falcon plus components to use the original Falcon as well as the YT-2400 and probably a couple of small ships from the current Rebel and Scum lineups.