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  1. The two games share a genre - sci-fi spacefaring adventure from the perspective of smugglers, scoundrels and bounty hunters - and some broad gameplay mechanics - pick up and deliver primarily - but the actual details of gameplay are extremely different. To label it a “Firefly tip-off” is an insult to the people who worked very hard to develop, test and produce this game, which I’m guessing, you haven’t even played so you really have no ground to stand on for making such a claim. Go find another bridge to hide under.
  2. Discord Missiles are the biggest offender in Separatists. Only the Vulture Droids can take them, the faction starter has two Vultures but no Discord Missiles. Best way to get multiple Vulture if you’re looking to run swarms of any size is to buy multiple faction packs since you basically get a free Bellballub plus extra cards and tokens for the same cost as two standalone Vulture expansions. And - this is totally objective - the paint scheme on the Vultures in the faction starter is way better than the drab brown one in the expansion. Oh well. FFG has been doing this forever; they need to give us some reason to buy expansions we might not necessarily need or want. Overall they’re knocking it out of the park with Second Edition.
  3. Without the points we can’t know for sure, but based on the stats and the fact that FFG has limited ship count to 8 we can guess that Vultures will be cheaper than TIE/ln Fighters. If it’s possible to field 7-8x Vulture with Treacherous/Energy Shell that’s a pretty terrifying swarm.
  4. I'm not super happy with the new conversion kits only having two copies of Advanced Optics. You can run a 5x A-Wing list with copies on all five. I figured that there must be a copy in the A-Wing expansions but nope. Can't get five copies right now if you're a Resistance-only player without buying three copies of the conversion kit which is pretty silly.
  5. I totally missed that. Does that mean that cards like Zookeeper that let you put opponent cards into your archive, will let you play those cards after you pick them up?
  6. I think because of the unique game mechanic, many of not most decks will have some cards that are most less useless. Like, the deck I got at a pre-launch event has a bunch of cards that let me archive my own cards, but no other way to interact with or pull those cards back out. Which seems kind of silly. However, the deck is fun and it works well in other ways so I'm willing to accept that these decks are going to contain some "red herring" strategies until you figure out what does and doesn't work.
  7. That's a pretty dim view that ignores basically everything in my hypothetical scenario. Again, if the game becomes popular and the "banned name" decks become collectors items that people buy more decks to attempt to find, and then either hold onto or sell online... Players buy extra decks, players don't return the banned decks, FFG makes more money. All hypothetical, of course, and yes, if everyone who finds one of these decks sends it back to get two in return then FFG doesn't gain anything. But let's be honest, if you got a deck named "Wang, the Destroyer of the Wetlands" are you mailing it back to FFG or are you keeping it to show to people?
  8. he knows what he's doing, despite the age difference. The big issue is that I got a creature heavy deck while he got more of a control deck. Problem is, if he doesn't draw one of his creature wipe/mass stun cards then I can just reap 3-4 Aember per turn. Even when he does destroy all of my creatures I usually can get 2-4 back on the board on my next turn.
  9. Took my 8-year-old to an event in Michigan. Pretty chill, only 5 or 6 people there while we were. Kind of a bummer that FFG only sent components for one game so having multiple games going meant sharing some of the components and/or proxying. My kid loves the game and we quickly proxied up components to play at home while we wait for the official launch next week. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. It's pretty simplistic. Our decks feel somewhat lopsided. I got Mars/Logos/Shadows and he got Mars/Sanctum/Dis. My deck seems to gather Aember much faster, and thus win more easily. There's probably some trick to his deck that we haven't discovered yet.
  10. Someone posted a deck that had "Farmer of Racism" in the title. Which leads me to ask, how the **** did the word "Racism" end up as part of the random name generator in the first place? Seems waaaaaay too risky, even if they have some kind of context editor that would only allow for acceptable usage like "Destroyer of Racism." Why take the chance with such a charged word? Someone at FFG dropped the ball.
  11. I have a feeling some of them will become collector's items if the game becomes popular. Saw one posted on Twitter yesterday: "Wang the Suddenly Bruised." The cynic in me wants to think that this whole thing is a manufactured "mistake" by FFG to get people to buy more decks in the hopes of getting a "contraband" name.
  12. My guess is that there are lots of "card combos" that synergize well together and appear together in decks intentionally to help with game balance and playability. The Four Horsemen stick out because it's a popular and well known set of characters.
  13. They don't need that. With FFG introducing even more factions into the game I really want to see them moving away from complete homogenization instead of toward it. Each faction should have stuff that they're better at than the others. Rebels aren't great at flying in big swarms. You can do it, but it shouldn't have the same kind of tools as Imperial swarms get.
  14. I agree. The Devs talked an awful lot about how they wanted token stacking and fully modded shots to be rare or difficult but there are definitely quite a few ways to accomplish both of those things pretty easily.
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