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  1. Red looks great on the First Order ships.
  2. They can put Sabine in as many ships as they want as long as they keep giving her the pre-maneuver reposition ability. She's a lot of fun to fly. Now if only Rebels would reveal that she's actually a clone so I can fly Sabine's Masterpiece with Sabine piloting and also crew Sabine.
  3. My money is on an X-Wing/Y-Wing Heroes pack. With three or four copies of Flight Assist Astromech, titles for both ships (maybe two X-Wing titles? Red Squadron and Blue Squadron, with Phoenix Squadron from Rebels as an outside possibility). Pilots from Rogue One and Rebels.
  4. I think we'll see Thrawn if they ever make another Imperial huge ship.
  5. My guess is that they're all dead. We didn't see any sign of them in Force Awakens, and only heard their name once, when Snoke says to Kylo, "even you, the master of the Knights of Ren," in what could easily be interpreted as a mocking tone. Maybe Snoke had no use for any of them and killed them himself, seeing potential only in Kylo. That seems like a dark side/Sith/whatever Snoke is kind of thing.
  6. If you look behind Kylo in that scene you can see fire falling from the sky. I think it's a flashback to the destruction of Luke's Jedi school. We'll either get a straight-up flashback scene or it will be another force vision triggered for Rey by Luke's lightsaber, maybe with Luke guiding and stabilizing the vision this time so it makes more sense and shows a lot more of what happened. There are two other scenes of that event in the trailer - Luke's mechanical hand reaching out of the debris, and Luke with R2 watching the burning building from a distance. Hopefully whatever vision of the past that Last Jedi gives us, it will also tie into the other scenes from Rey's vision in Force Awakens to give us a more complete history of Kylo's uprising (and quite possibly Rey's lineage as well).
  7. I don't think that scene is between Rey and Kylo. It's cut together to make it look like it is, but I'm thinking Rey is talking to Luke, asking for guidance, while the Kylo scene is a flashback to his betrayal of the Jedi order, and he is offering his hand to Luke, or an apprentice we haven't met yet (or possibly a young Rey).
  8. If you add a bunch of rules like "no useless upgrades" then it shouldn't be called "worst list." To me, a worst list squadron would be pilots with useless abilities (Kavil without a turret, for example) loaded with useless upgrades (Extra Munitions with no ordnance, Targeting Computer on ships with Target Lock, etc.). Ban those options and you make it impossible to build a "worst" list. It just becomes bad lists.
  9. An anti-bomb upgrade would be nice, but would they really include it in a two-ship wave that features a $40 ship that is all about dropping bombs? "Look at this great new bomber guys! It launches bombs from long distances and can carry 4 bombs on one card and oh also the other ship has an upgrade that makes bombs completely useless against it. Enjoy!"
  10. I like the sound of that "Debris" whatever Elite upgrade. I'm hoping it gives Evade tokens based on the number of debris clouds and/or asteroids at range 1-2 of your ship. Maybe it'll suck in practice and the old days of arc dodging aces will still be getting bombed and TLT'd out of existence, but the thought of piloting a highly maneuverable Hunter through a tightly-packed obstacle field, gaining extra defense dice because of the obstacles plus evade and autothrusters, and then punching back with carefully-aimed FCS-aided shots is exciting to me. This is the kind of X-Wing I want to play.
  11. Resistance needs more ships, especially if that B/SF-only title or mod we can see in the spread does indeed give it a bonus based on specifically Resistance ships flying nearby. Of course, that might also be our second upgrade of the "IG-2000" variety, encouraging squadrons of multiple Resistance bombers by giving them some sort of cumulative bonus (and of course getting people to buy multiple $40 ships). Still, First Order has the TIE/fo, TIE/sf, Upsilon Shuttle and soon the TIE Silencer. Resistance has the T-70 and soon the bomber. They need another ship or two. And if the reason we're waiting on an A-Wing is that Luke is a pilot, I'm 100% okay with that. Give me Luke with his X-Wing ability in an A-Wing please!
  12. I still can't believe that Force Speed made it through playtesting with a zero resource cost. That's a ridiculous oversight to me for a die with a 50% chance to grant 2 extra actions per round. Consecutive, unstoppable actions are huge in Destiny.
  13. I guess my initial reaction that it's "worse" is a bit off the mark. It was based on the fact that the original starters at least gave you one elite character, which gave games with a single starter some punch. It does appear that the overall card mix in the new starter is better, especially some of the upgrades. Still would like to see FFG release a complete, competitive deck. Maybe some day.
  14. That's true, but it's getting worse and worse. As primarily an X-Wing player, I've been seeing more and more expansions with single copies of cards that really should have had two or more. I understand the "buy 2 or more of everything to get what you want" policy makes sense from a business point of view, but it doesn't mean I need to be happy about it. $60 for a basic card game with some custom dice is steep. Compare to Ashes, which had something like six complete decks plus 40(I think) custom dice for $50 in their base game. No need to buy anything else to play the full game as intended, several complete decks for high replay value out of the box, $10 cheaper and a much better value overall. I likw Destiny as a game a lot. But I really dislike everything about the business model they've chosen for it. It would be nice, and would garner some goodwill from players like me who hate the collectible model, if they would at least periodically release 100% complete ready to play 30-card decks with everything necessary to play the full game.
  15. Single die for all characters. What a garbage move. FFG is getting stingier and stingier with what they pack into their products in order to get people to buy multiples.