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  1. I agree that the Auzituck doesn't really fit with the Rebels, in the same way that Boba Fett should never have been added to the Imperials. Sabine's TIE however, fits. It was a stolen ship that the Rebels used against the Imperials. If you want to rule it out your have to also rule out the Y-Wing since Rebels made it canon that they were all stolen from the Empire also. I think there's a chance that we'll get a land-based extension to X-Wing. We already have TIE Strikers and U-Wings, and pretty much everything currently in X-Wing is capable of atmospheric combat. Adding ground units would let them bring in airspeeders, cloud cars, T-16s, AT-STs, AT-ATs, tanks and turrets/cannons. Maybe even ground troops. The episode VIII trailer shows what looks like a speeder vs walker battle along the lines of Hoth so that could be a good tie-in for a ground war addition.
  2. All I know is that if they don't bring a Smugglers and Scoundrels faction into the game there's a good chance that we might be getting Scum Han and Scum Lando next year.
  3. X-Wing has been around for 5 years now. Some kind of 2.0 or update wouldn't surprise me at all. I think the OP is thinking along the same lines as FFG would if they were to attempt something like this. Faction update kits could cost as much as $30 and probably not raise too much ire as long as the changes make sense and the contents can create excitement for the game among both those who have quit, or are thinking about quitting, as well as those still playing regularly. It would be a huge job and the play testing would need to be needle in a haystack thorough. If they dropped the ball and let something like the Contracted Scout make its way into an update kit, it might kill the game.
  4. The guy who runs X-Wing events at one of my LGSs was talking about a similar event just last week. His idea is to have everyone bring the worst list they can think of, and each round after pairings you trade lists with your opponent. So you'll always be playing against your bad list, but you'll play a different list each round. You still want to win, so there's incentive to bring the worst possible squadron you can build.
  5. Outer rim smuggler loaded up with worthless high cost upgrades. Alliance&d=v4!s!33:31,21:40:27:U.113,m.1;45:0,21:3:2:;225::46:16:U.200,U.-1&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  6. Until they get one-shotted because your green dice fail you
  7. I'd be very surprised if Guns for Hire isn't at Gen Con.
  8. Thr wording on the title means enemy ships will benefit from your reinforce tokens. Unless you intended it to work that way, but I'm guessing not since you have it costed at 5 points.
  9. I wonder if this thing is going to be unique to Kylo Ren (in the movies) or if it will be the standard ship for the Knights of Ren. If the latter, we might get an Imperial ship with only unique pilots, like the ARC-170. It would be cool to field a squadron of 3-4 Knights of Ren. Maybe they'd get something akin to the IG-2000 title where they are stronger with each additional pilot.
  10. Just because we haven't seen the same pilot with two different abilities within the same faction yet doesn't mean that there's a hard and fast rule preventing the designers from doing it. I really hope that the Kylo we get piloting this ship - obviously an arc dodger - will have a higher PS and different ability.
  11. Do TIE swarms really need a fix? I think they've done okay, they don't get seen a lot because they're extremely difficult to fly well. The only fix for that is practice.
  12. I think it would be fun to run Sol and Emon. Bombs everywhere! maybe Sol with Bomblets, advanced sensors, title and genius, and Emon with Cad Bane, Slae 1 title, 2xProximity or 1 Prox and 1 Cluster, extra munitions.
  13. Could it possibly be time for a fourth faction? Smugglers and Scoundrels? There is a movie just over the horizon starring the most famous scoundrel in Star Wars. Easy conversion materials for the YTs, new versions of Han, Lando, Chewie, Dash. Maybe even open the door for some kind of limited cross-faction squadron build rules, letting the Rebellion bring in a Smuggler ship and the Empire bring in a Scum ship. Possibly in the form of contract cards that would have a point cost but also grant the squadron special abilities. ... or maybe they're going to announce Old Republic and Sith subfactions.
  14. I think the "Kyloceptor" is coming a lot sooner than you might think.
  15. I wouldn't read too much into the status of X-Wing expansions. FFG knows what's out there in the wild, in what quantities, and what they'll need more of sooner rather than later, better than any of us. I do think that we'll get some major X-Wing announcements at Gen Con, though. Wave 11 is out and the only announced and unspoiled content currently is Guns for Hire, which is cool but also a long-predicted fix box for two of Scum's weakest ships. They need something to stir the legions of X-Wing fans into a frenzy. I'm fully prepared for a one-two punch of major Gen Con announcements plus Force Friday content dropping a week later.